After Hours
After Hours
HBR Presents / Youngme Moon, Mihir Desai, & Felix Oberholzer-Gee
Harvard Business School professors discuss and debate current events that sit at the crossroads of business and culture. Youngme Moon, Mihir Desai, and Felix Oberholzer-Gee engage in a spirited discussion on a range of topics torn from the headlines — from Facebook, to free trade, to the #MeToo movement. Informed by their unique expertise as professors at one of the world’s leading business schools, their takes are always surprising, unconventional, and insightful.
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Eagerly Awaiting Season 4
Huge fan of HBS After Hours and really missing it now. When are Youngme, Mihir and Felix coming back for Season 4?
Great Brain Food
I love this podcast! It reminds me of the varied and extensive conversations we had back at HBS as students, although our hosts are more knowledgeable than we were!!
Where can I find next season
Love this podcast so much!! Looking forward to next season! Can you please let me know the name of channel for the new season? Thanks!!
I savor every episode!
Love the breadth of business discussion coupled with your camaraderie, humor and recommendations. Thank you Mihir, Youngme & Felix!
Suparna Chhibber
The best podcast ever!
This is definitely my go to podcast. I can hardly wait until next Wednesday for a new episode. Fresh and invigorating ideas. I love everything about this podcast.
Thoughtful and Entertaining
Love hearing thoughtful commentary about all sorts of things, from the biggest headlines to random recommendations. Great addition to my podcast lineup.
Life's a marathon
Climate change all the time
This podcast is getting almost worthless to listen to with climate alarmism being brought into almost every episode.
All of them
I love the respect they show each other even when they disagree... I look forward to every podcast with anticipation and delight!
Absolutely delightful
I learn a lot from each episode!
Abhas Jha
One of the most engaging podcasts out there right now
A show that continously makes me re-evaluate my understandings and underlying assumptions about much of the modern era. The hosts handle pretty complex concepts with a relaxed and charismatic interest.
Thoughtful, Relevant Discussions
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Youngme, Felix, and Mihir clearly like and respect each other. Their positive relationships allow them to have stimulating conversations on current affairs that are infused with insights, humor, and healthy disagreement. They close each podcast with recommendations that span levels of sophistication and taste. Highly recommend this podcast!
I eagerly wait for new episodes to come out on Wednesdays.
William of Palmdale
My favorite podcast!
My favorite podcast! Intelligent and thoughtful conversations about topical complex business or economic challenges, with some equally-entertaining light culture topics thrown in. The hosts are perfect. Great communicators that really explain issues. They often have varying or contradicting opinions but have elevated conversations that aren’t about who is right or what is a popular response. This is how we should all discuss complex issues, frankly. Pure smart entertainment. Give me more!
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Brilliant and fun!
Not only do I appreciate the intellectual articulation of the current issues and the interesting insights, I am also delighted by the chemistry and friendship of the 3 hosts that allow them to tease and challenge one another in an authentic and fun way.
Valerie red
My favorite podcast
The best analysis of business and current events out there. I look forward to it every Wednesday.
Everyone can be comfortable
Probably the only podcast today in this over politicized world that I know I can listen to and discuss with all my friends and family. It doesn’t matter what party, religion, or sex, this podcast can help you comfortably learn about larger issues in the world without there being a one side bias.
My favorite podcast!
I look forward to every episode of this podcast. These are 3 very smart people talking about the events of the day, mostly business but not always. I love the different perspectives they bring, and their joy. They’re a delight to listen to. Seriously though, less British Baking Show.
Elevates Your Mood
I never ever use this word - but it’s delightful. Is it weird that I now say I have a few Harvard business school professor friends? You’ll laugh out loud at their jokes and expand your thinking with their views. Don’t judge it - join it!!!
Super thoughtful, engaging, and interesting!
This is a high signal podcast, that does an excellent job being both very entertaining and simultaneously thought-provoking! I highly recommend!
Great Topics, Intellengently Explored.
My biggest problem is that if I listen when I'm driving I often want to write down the names of a recommended book or someone that's been mentioned. Well done.
The Garden Lady
Great content
I look forward to the content every week. I love the variety from business topics to current events to pop culture and media. The show is very colorful and provides fresh perspective. Very much love this podcast!
My favorite podcast!
I listen to a lot of business/news/technology podcasts. And this one is definitely my favorite!
Great content, charming hosts
I look forward to this podcast every week. I’ve made fantastic stock picks, avoided some bad decisions. I’m generally the most well informed person at the cocktail party thanks to my three amigos of economics I know about TikTok, facial masks, corporate governance, British Baking, the human condition and how scare resources are efficiently allocated. When’s the newsletter coming out?
Absolutely love it!!
I have been listening to this podcast for about a year now. I started listening to know more about business news. I absolutely love how they breakdown very current topics to make it easy for everyone to understand. The chemistry of the hosts makes it very entertaining. I look forward to new episodes everyweek!
Smart and Witty Business News
I enjoy listening to After Hours for intelligent and fun discussions on business and culture news. My only complaint is that they haven’t yet released their promised episode on the history of PVC!
Chester Heer
Yes and No
I just listened to the October 30th episode. First of all, yes to British Baking Show-all things British baking! Also, yes-be cautious with apps such as Tik-Tok. I personally know preteen children that have gotten into scary sexual and legal trouble using apps such as that...strangers finding them and trying to check them out of school, etc. Parents need to be parents and not allow everything under the sun simply because it is available.....including smart phones. 😬***stepping on toes, I know*** Anywho, interesting podcast! 👍🏽
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Great insight always
I’ve been listening for about 2 years now. Probably have missed a few episodes since I deploy, but man I really enjoy these guys. Even when the episode highlights look like something I don’t care about, they always make it a great/informative topic! And actually I end up liking those episodes sometimes more than the ones I thought I’d like based on the highlights. Keep doing this podcast! You’re too good not too!
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Unique takes and always substantive
Three amazing professors just talking about current events. What makes this podcast great is you’ll always learn something. The hosts always come prepared and the editing is first rate. The result is the most substantive podcast that actually teaches and provokes and finally - entertains.
Wikipedia meets NYT and drinks with Buzzfeed?
There are very few podcasts or even videos that make bite sized edition of highly intellectual content across tech, pop culture, fintech, business, marketing, and oh god Great British Baking Show!? I feel like I’m listening to a courtship of nyt with buzzfeed in the best of way. Their voices are audio friendly, their sentences and eloquently designed, especially Prof Youngme Moon. Prof Mihir Desai is as goofy and dad like as he’s a contrarian in the best possible way. I listen to these podcasts as soon as they are released. Best podcast to date!
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One of the best podcasts out there!!
What’s not to like- the super smart hosts, their ability to dissect a topic, their banter, humility, choice of topics, the perfect length , the picks..everything! Thursday morning commute is my favourite because that’s when the episode drops! Good job guys and best wishes for 2020!
Ahana mullick
Thank you
Well balanced, informative, funny, free. What more can I ask for? Thank you so much for providing, high level, thought provoking content.
Dark Indie
Yes, a podcast with economists is one of my must-listens. :-)
I love this podcast. I learn a lot, and the hosts have great chemistry. I always enjoy their weekly picks of things that each host finds useful, enjoyable, and delightful.
6 stars
Probably the only podcast that I consistently listen to. Every episode is thought provoking and enjoyable. I like how the topics that these three talk about are very practical and recent. Keep up the good work!
Stephanie Hlaing
Wow! Truly educational and breathtaking
It’s so great to listen to these HBS professors who talks about life and educates you about finance/tech is exhilarating.
Premium and fresh
First time reviewer. Humble and the conversation is shared with perspectives. Great chemistry. I’d love to work with team like this.
Biggest Money Mistakes Episode
Thank you for bringing this segment to us. Particularly poignant was the discussion about “life planning” for all - the earlier the better 🤗 This is my life’s passion - proactive planning while sobering is empowering! Bravo 👏
The Living Planner
So enjoyable you forget how much you’re learning
I learn so much from this podcast. Refreshing to have such a nuanced look at business (and the British baking show :). )
Alex Pedersen
Consistently Great Pod
Live the banter and informative info. My favorite part is the recommendations at the end. The personal finance episode was fantastic, I’d love to see more content like that! Actionable advice for your average consumer.
Social media President
Listening to you from Guatemala. On your last show “Biggest money...” you talk about the first US President that will be a social media celebrity. Check out how the current President of El Salvador was elected. His campaign was fully in social media. Love the show!
Guate MD
Educational, thought provoking and fun!
One of the best podcasts out there. Super insightful and thought provoking. And Mihir, The Great British Baking show definitely merits a dedicated episode 😊
The death of local news?
Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed your discussion - this time about the future of media. I was in Ann Arbor recently for a nostalgic visit with my wife (who had never been) and as a proud alumnus I learned that with the demise of the Ann Arbor News the student paper Michigan Daily is now the go-to media source for locals. And the city has even given them funding so they have been able to hire more staff. As a business professor at Rutgers I also read our student paper Targus which covers a lot of local news around campus and New Brunswick. I, and I think many others, am especially interested in local politics and police activities. I wonder if this is a trend across the country in college campuses with large populations.
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Something to look forward to!
This is a fantastic podcast. The 3 hosts have great chemistry, seem genuinely interested in the exchange of ideas, and are all experts in their fields. I love the intersection of high brow and pop culture. They have awesome nuggets of knowledge every week, and really fun recommendations. I look forward to this podcast every week.
Intellectual individuals
I thoroughly enjoy listening to these three. They all respect each other, which makes them more willing to have divergent opinions but still appreciate the other two’s perspective.
Patrick Hackett
Must listen
I've never reviewed a podcast before. I feel strongly enough about this one that I redownloaded iTunes solely to review it. Three smart people talk about stuff, and it's amazing.
The most interesting and enlightening podcast!
I am completely addicted to this podcast where interesting topics are being discussed and disagreed in a refreshing openminded way. I learn and am entertained at the same time in a way that I didn’t realize was possible. Only one request: don’t ever take the summer off again! 😉
Snow Viking
Absolutely love!
The 3 hosts, while disagree sometimes, are completely respectful of other opinions and are just around entertaining. Most of it is banter, but really insightful and on topic conversations. Highly recommend!
Amazing podcast!!
It’s funny, entertaining, and informative. The hosts have such a great chemistry, and their discussions provoke some real thinking on he listeners end! It is always timely and current. I feel smarter at the end of every episode and I love the recommendations at the end too! I’ve discovered maybe shows, books, wedsites, etc from them that I both hate and love! Something for everyone for sure. As an added bonus, this podcast helped inspire me to go to business school and I couldn’t be happier in my program!
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Absolute favorite podcast
This is my absolute favorite podcast. Their coverage of current business events, subjects matter and trends is the type of discussion that we should be having more to really understand topics behind the headlines. I feel like a lifelong learner and simply love their banter and candor.
Best business podcast
You feel informed after listening to this show— and in a really unique and satisfying way. Topics you may have heard about are debated from a business/economics/social impact and put in broader context. But what’s truly amazing is that these three are obviously, genuinely friends and have a rapport that is infectious and draws you in— yet they disagree! Where can you get that in today’s media of echo chambers and polarization politics? Youngme, Felix and Mehir are an example we should all try to follow— the world will be a better place! All this in a cheerful and lively —but extremely compact 20minutes— it can’t be beat! I listen to it in the morning instead of depressing news and I start my day feeling positive and empowered.
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Angela SHS
Thought provoking, yet accessible. These hosts are brilliant and charming. It’s a mental 360 on hot topics. We should all approach every analysis this way.
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