Afro y Latina
Afro y Latina
Afro y Latina
If you like a good mix of funny, crazy, and good vibes- this podcast is for you! Tune in as this unlikely pair of friends learn how to navigate life the best they can as they cover topics like entertainment news, pop-culture, dating, and relationships!
Grillz Me Please
On this episode of Afro y Latina, Allexis and Isabella do a quick Q&A session. While this is not typically our normal routine, we figured we would give you all a sneak peak into our lives and see what kind of crazy adventures we've gone through....
Jul 30
35 min
Engagements or Entanglements?
In this week's episode of @afroylatina, Lex and Issy cover hot topics such as entanglements, the education system vs COVID 19, and much much more. This episode we are also highlighting, King Randall, @newemergingking- who is hosting an all encompassing...
Jul 16
44 min
Lettuce Not Be Homophobic Please
We are covering topics ranging from getting rejected to highlighting two UTSA Alumni who are making a difference in the LGBTQIA community in Pittsburgh, PA. If you would to help donate to their community housing project- below are the platforms to do...
Jul 2
41 min
Girls and Boys at the Party....with a Splash of Basura
This week we talk about why we're the life of the party!
Jun 17
46 min
No Justice, No Peace
We are talking about why we're your favorite unlikely duo and why Black Lives Matter! If you're looking for ways to support BLM, go to . Tweet us your receipt of your donation using hashtags #afroylatina #BLM so we...
Jun 4
52 min
Babygirl, what's your name? *T-Pain's voice* (S1:E1)
This episode contains a brief overview of what this podcast will be about and the segments that we have in store for y'all.
May 19
3 min