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Kasujja is a rare spicie
The reporting is incredibly professional, authentic and deeply from the caring soul of someone who masters his subject matter and respect AFRICA without malice or arrogance . What a Genious !
Imuka Singers
Mr. Kasujja
You are a gem. A true journalist in the midst of the wreckage of the industry. I am just someone who wants to learn more about Africa. Thank you for the professional, informative work you do. You respect the intelligence of your listeners, and that is such a rare thing .I hope young people listen to your example and carry on this important work.
Great voice with great stories
Honestly, the best Africa coverage the BBC does. Far better than the sometimes arrogant, ignorant, unselfaware reports some UK born correspondents send back… My only suggestion would be that since it often sounds like the people being interviewed are on a phone line, you often have to concentrate much harder to understand them… if they were more often able to record their conversations from their end, using a different phone or something, then send that recording in for mixing, the audio quality would probably be improved. But it might not be worth it, and I know not every interviewee would be able to do that. The podcast is great though, and I really appreciate it! Thank you Alan and all the rest of the team!
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21/7/2022 episode Tour de France
I always look forward to the African Daily which is why I feel inclined to share my disappointment n the Tour de France episode. It began with the reporter informing us that she despises cycling. Not a very positive note to begin on. She missed reporting how Italy and France view bicycling as a way of life and all bicyclists are given the right of way on public roads. A societal respect for cycling should be more universally promoted which plays a large part in creating professional cyclists. Best of luck to Pasio In France!
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T Drinker
A staple
What a show! Alan introduces me to the most unexpected topics, and with his excellent interviewing skills, always brings out interesting information I would never have stumbled into on my own. I do not see any equivalent podcast on African issues that can compete. It has become a staple.
Naba at Nazziba Rise
My new favorite
Alan is my favorite BBC journalist. He's is an incredible interviewer with regular people and state leaders alike, and always asks meaningful questions. I'm a devoted fan from way over here in the Midwest of the U.S.!
Crashes immediately
Great African Insights!
Love and look forward to this podcast!
Great stuff
Informative and wide-spanning content
Frequent listener 55
I love this program. It’s both entertaining and enlightening. Keep doing a great job! Thank you.
vancouver, wa 55
A part of my daily Routine!
Alan Is absolutely incredible at delivering relevant information about Africa. I listen to this podcast every morning. Keep up the amazing work.
This is a fabulous, stylish podcast for anyone looking for an in depth review of current news from across the African continent. It can be hard to find news coverage of countries like Nigeria that gives a smart, lengthy analysis. Much needed and appreciated. Thank you, Alan!
Thanks for keeping us posted on what’s happening on the continent!
I am an African citizen living in the Bay Area of San Francisco, that’s not really important; but thanks for being versatile in your stories. I came to know the show through the COMB, but since then I haven’t missed an episode, and the best part of it is I can’t predict what the next episode would be like! I like how all episodes end; That Kasujja with two JJ 😂
Rwandan Dude
Excellent analysis and perspective delivered in a world class stage voice. Everyone should listen
Tommy D from Cali
Africa like you NEED to know!
“Alan! Besides the imposing clear timbre to that deep baritone..more importantly a concise & daily review of life in Africa from the boots up! I’m a retired American white guy living in the Philippines..and this podcast in shallah..will prepare me for a post Covid trip across the continent thanks to this excellent podcast. If you care about emerging markets & the wonderful African will tune in like me!”
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Creative, edgy, and well-researched.
California Admires Ruiz Tizon
Fills in my world view
As an American midwestern, it’s hard to get in depth stories on Africa. Alan always gives a complete yet easy to understand account with the help of his expert guests.
A real treat
I always listen to the new episodes right away. The production and the variety of topics is very nice. You could not find a better host. He adds just enough personality to the show to make it feel personal to the listener and his voice is beautiful to hear.
When You Want Accurate Credible African News
Africa Daily is a must if you’re looking for credible, accurate news and insights about the African continent. The wit and wisdom of Alan Kasujja create the type of daily program seldom heard in the podcast marketplace. Bite size nuggets just waiting to be consumed. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who wants to rise above the stereotypes.
Super useful, high quality reporting
Thank you Alan, I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen in North Carolina to follow your show.
Two J’s
Alan has quickly become a staple in my line up of must listen to shows. Unique perspectives in a variety of topics and his relentless professionalism while interviewing is unparalleled. This is not just fluff he goes in on the hard questions too. Incredible show!!!
G Laugh
Great content
Love the Africa centered view of things! This century will see Africa exponentially rise, and I’m excited to see it happen
Great informational and insightful podcast!
Love listening to Alan and hearing from an underrated continent. Thank you!
New subscriber
I love this show! So much so that I made a point of catching up on all the episodes, since I’d just heard a recommendation for it this past weekend while listening to another podcast show. Have two people in mind who might be interested in taking a listen. I am learning SO much, and in such an enjoyable format—bravo!
I’ve been waiting for this!
Wonderful host, important topics, and great guests. I’ve been waiting for a podcast that focuses on the Continent. Only wish they were longer; can’t get enough of Africa Daily!
Keep up Allan and team, I’m loving this new podcast
Found this due to a reference in a another podcast. I liked Alan’s voice (not ghe best reason to choose a pod cast) and then looked it up. Listened to 2 episodes and plan on staying subscribed BTW. I have no Africa connection, just want to learn
Form over Function?
This show is clearly produced with great care but I can’t figure out who the intended audience is or for what purpose. Personally, I looking for a “daily,” an informative summary journey around the continent, drawing attention to important stories falling between the persistent gaps in so-called “world news” reported elsewhere but in two attempted listenings, I have’t managed to finish this show. These voices are certainly important, unquestionably valid, but it seems that a “daily,” covering a vast and uniquely young and diverse continent, should have a bit more urgency and maybe save the longer form narrative audio mashup storytelling for a weekend edition. Will check back in case I got it all wrong.
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Gratitude Y'all
I just heard about this and I am giddy with excitement. I am looking forward to hearing more of Alan’s detailed reporting from all corners of the continent. I wish you all the best of luck in bringing the stories that need to be heard to light. I will tell everyone I know about it.
Siwel Moneypenny
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