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Advocate Like a Mother Podcast
Advocate Like a Mother™ Podcast
Welcome to the official Advocate Like a Mother™ Podcast with Michelle Sullivan, Illeana De Sosa, and Andy Lara. We're here to empower and motivate you to use your voice.
Episode 30 - Larkin O'Leary and Harmony Harvell of Common Ground Society
Today on the show we have Larkin O’Leary and Harmony Harvell from the Non Profit, Common Ground Society. They are both former educators and are both raising a child with a disability. We love the work these ladies are doing and we know you will too! CONNECT WITH LARKIN & HARMONY COMMON GROUND SOCIETY CONNECT WITH OUR SHOW INSTAGRAM | @advocatelikeamother TWITTER | @advocatelikeamom EMAIL | --- Send in a voice message:
Jun 7, 2021
1 hr 3 min
Episode 29 - Guest Host Amanda Garzon of the Hydrocephalus Association and friends!
Guest host Amanda Garzon, Chief Operations Officer of the Hydrocephalus Association, is joined by Eileen Rodger and Melenie Dailey, mothers of young-adult children living with hydrocephalus. Bringing twenty years of their shared experiences navigating the medical system with their medically complex children, Amanda, Eileen and Melenie share stories and lessons learned on advocating effectively with doctors and in the hospital setting. CONNECT WITH AMANDA HYDRACEPHALUS ASSOCIATION CONNECT WITH OUR SHOW INSTAGRAM | @advocatelikeamother TWITTER | @advocatelikeamom EMAIL | --- Send in a voice message:
May 25, 2021
59 min
Episode 28 - Down Syndrome and Organ Donation Law with Jayci Dalrymple
Today we have Jayci Dalrymple who is advocating for people with Down Syndrome to be able to receive Organ Transplants. She lives in Montana with her family and on Feb. 8, a bill nicknamed “Griffin’s Law” passed the Montana Senate 50-0. The bill is named for Griffin Dalrymple, whose mom, Jayci, right, campaigned for legislation that would ban physicians from denying an organ transplant based solely on a patient’s disability. Read More here: CONNECT WITH JAYCI JAYCI ON INSTAGRAM CONNECT WITH OUR SHOW INSTAGRAM | @advocatelikeamother TWITTER | @advocatelikeamom EMAIL | --- Send in a voice message:
May 21, 2021
54 min
Episode 27 - IEP Lawyer and Self Advocate Allison Hertog, ESQ
Today on the show we have Allison Hertog, an attorney and former special ed teacher, is passionate about advocating for students with disabilities because she was once one, herself. before becoming a lawyer, she earned a masters degree in special education and taught children with varying special needs.  Allison’s experiences as a special needs student and as a teacher make her a highly unique lawyer in the field or special education. She’s won or settled every case she’s filed. Allison shares about her diagnosis journey, she offers us plenty of advise for navigating assessments whether your child is a part of the public school system or charter homeschool and much more.  Also, California parents can sign up for a free consultation at, so check that out. CONNECT WITH ALLISON OFFICIAL WEBSITE CONNECT WITH OUR SHOW INSTAGRAM | @advocatelikeamother TWITTER | @advocatelikeamom EMAIL | --- Send in a voice message:
May 11, 2021
1 hr 3 min
Episode 26 - Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and a "Ray-a" Light in the Darkness with Raya Horcher
Today on the show I sit down with Rachel who goes by Raya Horcher. She is a mother of  two, a certified holistic resilience coach, and advocate for the rare Elhers-Danlos Syndrome, and her mission  is to walk with, educate and provide resources as people journey into and through their vulnerabilities and find their own light and joy to live a life that feels good. You can learn all about her and more at In our conversation we talk about her families rare diagnosis, how she makes herself available as a safe space to process through the dark times and hard seasons, and she reminds us of how life takes place one breath at a time as we navigate the challenges and uncertain when raising a person with a disability. CONNECT WITH RAYA OFFICIAL WEBSITE RAYA ON INSTAGRAM CONNECT WITH OUR SHOW INSTAGRAM | @advocatelikeamother TWITTER | @advocatelikeamom EMAIL | --- Send in a voice message:
May 6, 2021
36 min
Episode 25 - Child Abuse Prevention Month with Lindsey Strickland of Worth the Conversation
Lindsey Strickland of Worth the Conversation joins us this month in observation of Child Abuse Awareness month. Lindsey spends her time with us sharing abuse prevention tools and strategies, the type of circumstances we should avoid and be aware of, and the types of questions we should be asking caretakers or organizations when placing our kids in their care. Lindsey is an adopted mother to her child Ben who has Down Syndrome and raises her family in Washington. LITTLEST WARRIOR | Say it loud with our inclusive Tee’s! PROMO CODE: ADVOCATE - CONNECT WITH LINDSEY WORTH THE CONVERSATION WEBSITE LINDSEY ON INSTAGRAM CONNECT WITH OUR SHOW INSTAGRAM | @advocatelikeamother TWITTER | @advocatelikeamom EMAIL | --- Send in a voice message:
Apr 27, 2021
57 min
Episode 24 - Getting Cameras in the Classroom with Grammy Nominated Artist, Breggett Rideau
Today we have Breggett Rideau, who is a mom to her son Terrance, grammy nominated vocal Jazz artist, and pioneered legislation in Texas to add cameras to the classroom. Breggett Rideau had been lobbying the Texas Legislature for several years to require school districts around the state to install and operate video cameras in some special education classrooms if requested by parents, a trustee or a staff member. Connect with Breggett directly at Also, check out the Cameras in Special Needs Classrooms Facebook Group here: CONNECT WITH BREGGETT EMAIL BREGGETT CONNECT WITH OUR SHOW INSTAGRAM | @advocatelikeamother TWITTER | @advocatelikeamom EMAIL | --- Send in a voice message:
Apr 21, 2021
1 hr 12 min
Episode 23 - Advocacy Using Your Body, Noonan Syndrome, and Virtual Community with Elisabeth Parker
Today on the podcast we are joined by mother and advocate, Elisabeth Parker. Elisabeth lives with her family in Portland as a Noonan Syndrome Advocate, she is a yoga instructor, and also the founder of @Move2Advocate that provides Rare Disease Mamas, Advocates and Friends with inspiration, accountability, and empowerment for self-care through all things movement. CONNECT WITH ELISABETH ELISABETH PARKER OFFICIAL ELISABETH ON INSTAGRAM MOVE 2 ADVOCATE CONNECT WITH OUR SHOW INSTAGRAM | @advocatelikeamother TWITTER | @advocatelikeamom EMAIL | --- Send in a voice message:
Apr 14, 2021
41 min
Episode 22 - Managing Expectations and Business as Advocacy with Ben, Laura, and Jonas Harrison of Jonas Paul Eyewear
Ben and Laura are the founders of Jonas Paul Eyewear and join me for a conversation about raising their son Jonas who was born blind, a result of a rare eye condition called Peters anomaly. We discuss life before and after diagnosis, how community changes with family changes, and they offer some advice if you’re thinking about starting an organization or company in response to your child’s diagnosis. In addition, Jonas himself takes a moment to join us on the show and you don’t want to miss what he has to share with us! A couple house keeping items, for those of you that have submitted to be guests on the show, hang tight, we are actually still catching up as we’ve received a TON of requests. We will be in contact in the next couple weeks to get you scheduled. IF you are a company or a business who is looking to partner with a podcast to showcase your product or brand, please head over to our website to inquire. This week's episode is sponsored by Littlest Warrior. Use Promo code: "Advocate" at checkout for a discount! CONNECT WITH BEN & LAURA JONAS PAUL EYEWEAR JONAS PAUL INSTAGRAM CONNECT WITH OUR SHOW INSTAGRAM | @advocatelikeamother TWITTER | @advocatelikeamom EMAIL | --- Send in a voice message:
Apr 6, 2021
1 hr 3 min
Episode 21 - Sharing Vulnerability with Guest Hosts Sinead Quinn and Melanie Dimmett
Host of the Finding Happy Podcast, Sinead Quinn and Author of Special, Melanie Dimmett, take over the show today for our Guest Hosted episode this month! They discuss the dynamics of grief, how vulnerability plays a part in the early stages of parenting, and how they continue to find motivation in their ongoing advocacy efforts. **THIS WEEK'S SPONSOR | MINILAND DOLLS Children’s toys and products made for a more open, inclusive and diverse world. Buy now on Amazon! CONNECT WITH SINEAD & MELANIE SINEAD ON INSTAGRAM MELANIE ON INSTAGRAM SINEAD OFFICIAL MELANIE OFFICIAL CONNECT WITH OUR SHOW INSTAGRAM | @advocatelikeamother TWITTER | @advocatelikeamom EMAIL | --- Send in a voice message:
Mar 30, 2021
39 min
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