Advisor Talk with Frank LaRosa
Advisor Talk with Frank LaRosa
Elite Consulting Partners
Advisor Talk with Frank LaRosa offers unfiltered guidance and advice for financial advisors, wealth management professionals, and entrepreneurs alike who are interested in maximizing both their business and personal potential. Informed by Frank's unique insights and his personal conversations with industry leaders, the dynamic discussion topics of Advisor Talk include business ownership, leadership, practice management, transition and recruiting, marketing and branding, as well as a host of financial services related topics related to wirehouse, regional, and RIA advisors, firms, and teams. Frank’s goal, and the goal of his team at Elite Consulting Partners, is now as ever to be the go-to resource for actionable information and trusted guidance to elevate you and your career at whatever stage you may be.
The Future is Now - Plan Ahead for a Successful 2022
You can only get where you want to go if you plan how to get there. This is the important message Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and COO Dale Dempsey share with financial advisors in this episode. Frank and Dale get granular on the topic and provide specific and actionable insights advisors can use in Q4 to ensure they realize a productive - and profitable - 2022.
Oct 14
23 min
'Tis The Season To Hit The Bid
There are more advisors transitioning than ever before and Q4 is a time ripe with lucrative financial deals for advisors making a move. Listen as Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and COO Dale Dempsey discuss why firms are sharpening their pencils now with transition bonuses and financial deals at record levels and how financial advisors can capitalize on the opportunity.
Oct 7
17 min
Entrepreneurial Explosion - The New Advisor Mindset
During the last year and half, a decided change has emerged in financial advisor thinking. What started as a taste of independence due to COVID-19 restrictions has grown into a full-blown mindset revolution as advisors eager to flex their entrepreneurial muscles are evaluating their private practice options. This entrepreneurial transformation within the advisor community is the subject of the discussion between Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and his COO Dale Dempsey, where they dive into what it takes to be an advisor as entrepreneur and the positive industry impacts the trend is generating.
Sep 9
23 min
Power Podcast - Practice Growth by CPA
We have an important message for advisors in private practice. There is untapped potential when it comes to leveraging relationships with CPAs. In fact, one of the best strategies private practice advisors can use for generating lead flow and potential new revenue streams is through the acquisition of a CPA practice. In this episode Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and COO Dale Dempsey dive into a fast-paced discussion to open advisor's minds to the untapped potential found with a CPA.
Sep 2
20 min
Wirehouse Wave - Why W2 to W2 Moves Are Increasing
There is a lot of activity as of late when it comes to advisors moving from wirehouse to wirehouse. In fact, it is a trend Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa predicted three years ago in an episode of The Advisor Talk with Frank LaRosa podcast. Why advisor moves between wirehouses are gaining momentum, what impacts this will have on the industry, and how advisors can capitalize on the opportunity are all topics covered by Frank and his COO Dale Dempsey, in a conversation that digs past the surface to get to the core of the W2 to W2 transition trend. Take-aways from the conversation include: *the importance of wirehouses recruiting talent as the most efficient strategy for increasing overall AUM. *why it is financially advantageous for advisors to use transition opportunities to recapitalize themselves throughout their careers. *what questions an advisor needs to answer to evaluate whether making a move is the right decision. *how a dual-monetization strategy can maximize and advisor's succession payout when moving between wirehouses. *protocol vs. non-protocol predictions for the years to come. There has never been a better time for an advisor to consider their transition opportunities. This holds true whether an advisor is considering a move to independence or from W2 to W2. The key is to learn what options are available, what the potential upside of those options are, and then deciding to act. It's time to make a move.
Aug 26
21 min
RIA Boom - An Interview with Nathan Stibbs, President & CSO - Continuum Advisory LLC
The shift of advisors moving to the RIA space and away from the W-2, Hybrid, or even IBD space, has reached unprecedented proportions. Why this shift is occurring and how it will revolutionize the financial services industry in the years to come is the basis for the discussion between Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa, and President and CSO of Continuum Advisory LLC Nathan Stibbs.
Jul 29
24 min
Build Your Business For Success - An Interview with Michelle Seiler Tucker, CEO, Seiler Tucker
One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make is working in the business instead of on the business. In this episode, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by Michelle Seiler Tucker, CEO of Seiler Tucker, recognized M&A expert, and multiple, bestselling author, in a conversation that guides entrepreneurs on how to bust through their own business blocks to create a company of maximum value and success.
Jul 15
34 min
Road Warrior - An Unfiltered Financial Services Discussion
In this week's episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa takes his podcast on the road and shares his candid and insightful viewpoint on the latest news impacting advisors in the financial services industry. Frank's discussion is broad-ranging and includes topics such as:*What exactly is going on at Merrill Lynch and the negative impacts of their private banking strategies which are causing their large advisor teams to leave in droves.*The upwards of 2x greater income potential for an independent vs. W-2 advisor, with a detailed crunch of the numbers that prove this monumental financial upside no matter how you slice it.*How firms can optimize their business structure to achieve greater scale and empower their advisors to provide a higher level of service to clients.Frank's conversation is real and raw. His informed take and concise analysis of the most important trends in financial services leave the listener with actionable insight and illustrate why he is regarded for his position as an industry thought leader.
Jul 8
23 min
HAVE FAITH - An Interview with Vaughn Kohler
If you take the time to consider the one trait every successful entrepreneur has in common, you inevitably arrive at the simplest of answers - Faith. Faith means different things to different people. It can represent a higher power or the universe but ultimately it reflects a belief system that a greater good is working on your behalf. In this episode, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by business and success writer, speaker, and former pastor Vaughn Kohler for an energetic and dynamic conversation that explores the dimensions of Faith and its resounding impact on life, business and entrepreneurship.
Jun 10
45 min
Independent Thinking with Bill Walsh - Regional Market Manager, Senior Transition Consultant
Experience brings insight and this certainly holds true in financial services where legacy professionals offer a unique ability to see the matrix and understand the past, present, and future of the industry in a way only they can. In this episode, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by Bill Walsh, Regional Market Manager and Senior Transition Consultant, for a conversation that puts their more than six decades of combined industry expertise to work analyzing the financial services industry now and where future opportunities lie for advisors.
May 20
24 min
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