A.D.D. Comedy with Dave Razowsky
A.D.D. Comedy with Dave Razowsky
Dave Razowsky
ComedySportz Founder Dick Chudnow
1 hour 6 minutes Posted Aug 20, 2017 at 9:07 pm.
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Show notes

Today’s guest on “ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky” is Dick Chudnow. In 1984 Dick created and licensed the ComedySportz improvisational comedy format and the world has never been the same. There are now over 20 cities with licensed ComedySportz franchises in the United States including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Not bad for someone who thinks they don’t communicate very well. We had a probing, frank, honest, and fascinating chat. We covered everyone from Viola Spolin to Keith Johnstone to Del Close. If you’re a fan of improv, comedy, business, or just being a mensch, this is the interview for you. After all, how do you argue with someone who also thinks that farts are funny. Recorded during the ComedySportz World Championship in San Jose, California. Enjoy