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The ACS & Candace Interview is AMAZING
I listen everyday and enjoy all of it! If you’re not listening you’re missing out.
Back to the charlatans.
Tnx C.O, T.C. and Ace for helping me realize what a victim I am as a customer-gender white man. Total garbage
Owens, Carlson, Whitlock lineup
Wow. All three were outstanding. Tucker and Whitlock, in particularly, really showed their down to earth side...
Love the pod
Love the pod. Love the crew. Gina and Bald bring balance to the pod. I agree with 90% of what Ace says and the other 10% is when Gina or Bald balance the argument out. The Gina and Bald hate is confusing.
Daily listen
Love the show, need more Gina and her witty banter please!
Thanks Aceman!
It’s great that this show exists.
Alison Rosen Missed!
Alison added cleverness, intelligence and super quick witty comments. What happened? Show was much better with her. The improv on the show is PAINFUL. CEASE AND DECIST. PLEASE. Gina steps on every sentence. Please quiet down, you yenta. Let the air breathe. Isn’t your radio gig enough talking? Save it!
Swallowing sound
Like the podcast. Over the last 2 weeks have been hearing a swallowing sound when Adam drinks and it is really annoying to the point I shut it off. This also happens on reasonable doubt and shutting that off as well. Can you do something to turn down the mics, I just can’t listen.
sister lucine
learn to use went or gone
Less Gina!
Her constant fake enthusiasm is cringeworthy! The show should be good, but her corny morning zoo routine ruins it. Sorry Ace, but you need to up your co-host game.
Jim F. in Tampa
Love the show❤️👏🏻
Still best podcast of all👌🏼👍🏻🥂never disappoints!!!! I Love both Gina and Balled and they guys behind the scene Dawson and Maxipada!! Can’t wait to see you when you come back to Tempe!!! Love you Adam!!!
Katie from AZ
Used to love him but he lost me when he went white supremist
I listened daily from day 1 to last year. Went to live shows, bought the terrible mangria, the whole shebang. Realized I was happier without hearing what the less-successful half of the man show had to say on race relations. He discounts 1 star reviews so I’m giving it two.
Woke idiot Bryan
Bryan, great comeback against Adam about the capitol rioters. You sounded like a mumbling stumbling idiot you scared woke a•• bi•••!!! “ Ahhhh, ummm ahhh lots of people died ummmmm ahhhhh ahhhhh uhhhhh uhhhh never mind just forget about it”. Get the marbles out of your mouth you woke liberal. You sure shut up when adam mentioned BLM you fool. You need to quit and see if NPR radio is hiring marble mouthed idiots!
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Hunter "crook" Biden
Good stuff
Always fun
Laugh out loud funny
Adam is straight up funny. Gina Grad and Bald Bryan are great sidekicks and/ or foils. Mike Dawson is a somewhat hidden gem that has been increasingly uncovered over the years. Great stuff, both irreverent and sophomoric as well as thoughtful and philosophical. Plus, the sound quality is pristine.
The Gina Show
I’m sorry that her pops passed away. But she’s WAY too involved in the show lately. And she’s all jacked up on (fake) over- enthusiasm and fake laughing. And she’s way too loud in the mix. Let the record show that the podcast was infinitely funnier and more listenable during her hiatus. Sorry, just the truth.
Once great
Used to be a super fan but the show has lost its touch the past year or so. Ace has lost a little off his fastball, Gina has never really contributed much other than to remind Ace of stories he’s told and is quickly turning into Robin Quivers (IMO the Rosen era was the and funny). Bald used to be so quick and funny but now he just sounds like an angry and unlikeable snob. Not smug Baldy, angry and unlikable. You think you’re smarter than everyone in the room, and that echo chamber you live in isn’t helping. Check out Carolla Classics to see how epic this pod used to be. That said, I will continue being a daily listener. Update: Can disagree but if you’re not likeable I don’t want to listen. Gina’s “sing song” delivery is grating and Bald has become even more pompous and boring. Bald Used to be funny.
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Douche LaRue
Best pod.
March Madness madness is epic.
John Kitzhaber
Rachel Uchitel
Yesterday’s podcast with Rachel is a must listen show ! Great interview. Never a dull moment in her life!
Love your show!
We love your podcasts and your wine! ❤️❤️
Erika Petersen
Good listening!
Robert Henry Holtz
It’s a political show now... Fox Commercial
Once used to be a funny show.... it used to remind me of growing up in S CA.. now it’s mostly Adam and his political views... he’s turned into one of those characters from days past... life is little more negative with Adam in my life.. so I don’t listen much. When I do, I’m reminded why I don’t..
Thought provoking and so funny
Adam and the gang keep me company every morning on my lengthy subway commute to work. Adam’s pragmatism and wit are like no one else. Gina and Bryan, Dawson, Chris all feel like family. I just love the show !
Jeri fro
Another rich person that expects their friends’ Go Fund Me accounts will be funded by the fans. How about the multimillionaires step up & take care of it themselves!
G in CA
Always great
Adam, Gina, “Bald Bryan, Chris Laxamana, Mike Dawson & the rest of the team are fantastic/ hilarious. They make It so very funny and the professionalism is seamless.
Hi Guy!
Get it on
Love the current format
Love, love, love the ACE man! I enjoyed ACE and Brown Sugar! But please, bring back Bald, and Gina with the news. (Sending love to Gina and her family) ❤️ Thanks. Get it on!
DMax 51
Love Adam
Loved Adam since Loveline and love his rants.
Too much whining
A lot of whining and rants about how stupid everyone else is. Loves to be outraged. It was painful to listen to the rant on how much he hates school teachers. Has some surprisingly interesting and articulate guests.
Patrick in Miami
Entertainment for junior high boys.
Enough with the covid rants
It’s getting too repetitive and too whiny, Adam just goes on long annoying rants about covid and how much he hates California, ok rich man, move... I love the rotten tomatoes game and the other games and the news segment but when Adam takes over and throws a tantrum I skip the episode. You’ve made your point about covid. We all know.. move on.
Love this podcast
Love the show!! Adam is a comedic genius. Really enjoying Chris being more on the show. Love Adams stories.
Logical: caveat -3/21
Great discussions. Love the camaraderie March-19-2021 Gina, So Sorry for your Loss. Sending positive thoughts to you and your family❤️
Great Show
I loved Pete Holmes guest spot
P. Munro
Ads after show run time counter reaches 0
Stop messing with the show run time. The ads at the end should not be placed after the official show run time count ends. I realize it is to prevent people from fast forwarding past the last commercials but it is really messed up. Worse than splitting one day’s podcast into two episodes to get higher episode counts.
Adam, please run for Governor.
You’re the man.
California Titans Fan
Played out & overrated
What do you call a human laugh track that is built like a dairy cow?
The best
Been with Adam since day one! Never miss an episode. Best in the business!
Grad is great!
Love the whole show. Love Ace, BB, and GG. Minnesota mom is brilliant. Kyle Dunnigan’s impression of Joe Biden was hilarious. Keep it up, and get it on!
Pirate ship sunk
Love Adam but why do I have to listen to so much Gina? Also it seems starting in late October 2020 Adam has been watching what he says to ensure he stays within what main stream media deems acceptable. Or maybe it’s pressure from his buddy the now unfunny Jimmy kimmel. Please go back to not giving 2 f’s Adam..and enough with Gina already don’t need her cringey impressions or her libtard attitude and comments about what you say.
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Best Show Ever
Love the Team......please best Bald on the Rotten Tomatoes game. Bought an Air Fryer today to make Gina’s onion rings. As an FYI, the Hammer is a fantastic movie. We need a Uni-cycle update on Sonny. Cheers Adam and Thank you!!
Robbie CG
Best podcast
Love the live podcasts. The show is very original and well thought out!
Las Vegas
Is a great show minus Gina’s baby voice. Please lower it or fire it!!!
Bobbie in Vegas
Used To Be Better
Bald Bryan is tired and smug and Gina is a step down from Allison Rosen. Ace is still good, but the show would benefit from new sidekicks. The News is the best part. I often just forward straight to that segment.
Ya know
I tried to listen to a few shows but can't stand all of them constantly saying 'YA KNOW', especially Gina. She says it the worst. A very unprofessional sounding bad habit.
Gina is terrible
I use to listen to this show daily and looked forward to turning it on. Now I can barely listen and it’s because of Gina. She’s been there a couple of years and that’s when the show started to go south for me. I listen to the show now about once a week, maybe less.
Radio junkie IV
Too much Grad!
Way too much airtime for Gina,her stories are uninteresting and not funny.C'mon Adam pull back onher reins a bit please.
Great podcast with one glaring drawback.
I love this podcast, it’s a daily staple, but is there anyone less funny than Kyle Dunnigan? How someone as funny as Adam can find humor in anything that comes out of Kyle Dunnigan’s mouth is beyond me. Not only that but I can’t think of a worse impressionist. None of his voices are even remotely close. Maybe that’s supposed to be the joke and it went over my head but he’s unlistenable. Beyond that, I never miss a day and love Adam’s rants along with the chemistry he has with Bald, Gina, Max, Daws and all.
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I love Adam!!!
I have to agree, with a new year, the best shows r now the solos w Chris Laxamana!!!! Dawson is hilarious too!!!
D the reviewer in my own right
Despite Its Drawbacks, Adam Remains a Podcast Original
As long as you have the ability to skip large portions of the show when he spends 10 minutes on airline snacks, this show should be a staple in every sane person’s library, with occasional glimpses of true genius.
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