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Welcome to the new home for Adam's rantings and ravings. This is the #1 Daily Downloaded Podcast in the World. GET IT ON as Adam shares his thoughts on current events, relationships, airport security, specialty pizzas, politics, and anything else he can complain about. Five days a week and completely uncensored, Adam welcomes a wide range of guests to join him in studio for in depth interviews and a front row seat to his unparalleled ranting. Let's not forget Bryan Bishop (Bald Bryan) on sound effects. Check it out as Adam hangs out with some of his pals like: Larry Miller, David Allen Grier, Dr. Drew Pinksy, Dana Gould, Doug Benson, and many, many more.
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A whiney spoiled child jabbers
I’ve just given up on this podcast. It’s gotten boring. He’s got many opinions but not much in the way of common sense. Miss the old days, but I can’t take the man-boy anymore.
Veronica Camelbile
I was there, right when it all started...
I was into podcast early and got on Adam right when he transitioned his radio show into the podcast. My first thoughts were "Man Show guy!!" and "he needs to replace that sound efects guy, his speech is really garbled" (I'm now a devoted Film Vault guy). But after 8 years or so of being a faithful listener Adam has really lost me. I get it, you are rich now and don't think you should have to pay taxes. But I pay taxes -40% of every dollar I make. Then it was the constant pleading for money for your documentaries. But after I give you $$ you turn around and buy Paul Newmnas' Datsun for $4.4 million? Wait, was that my donation that help you pruchase that? Wait, why did you need my money again to make the documentaries if you have $4.4 million to buy a used car?? You would think you would have learned something on your really extraordinary journey but instead you are just now a rich jerk complaining about how hard it is to be rich. I'm no longer listening...
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manayunk wall
Adam means well, his guests not so much...
When Adam is focused on comedy, he can’t lose. Unfortunately, the show has been stuck in the mire of one-sided politics for quite some time now, and the show has suffered because of it. The constant parade of right-wing pundits he has on the show only serves to underscore how lopsided the show has gotten. While I truly believe that Adam is the epitome of logic and benign intention, I cannot say the same of many of his right-leaning guests, and the lack of voices from the other side is having the effect of painting his whole enterprise in the worst possible light. Please encourage actual debate and stop preaching to the choir.
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Not enough ads
Would be better if Adam spoke less! Perpetuating hate. Employees earn a wage from hatred. Absolute Trash people
Funny and intelligent
I appreciate adam’s opinion on current and past moments of culture. I also enjoy his ranting.
Better when this was a comedy podcast
Same content and rants as when the podcast started 10 years ago with the added bonus of right-wing rants. His interviews are more about getting guests to agree with him than anything else. I stopped subscribing after hearing him berating a disabled vet for being concerned about COVID. Miss the jokes...
Alison Rosen Missed!
Alison added cleverness, intelligence and super quick witty comments. What happened? Show was much better with her. The improv on the show is PAINFUL. CEASE AND DECIST. PLEASE.
Love this podcast
This is one of my favorite podcasts. So much common sense. If only Adam would run for president...
Common sense!
Thank God Adam talks about common sense and the fact that no one understands math anymore. I thought I was going crazy with all the nonsense in social media. Everyone wants to be famous for nothing and have their food delivered to the door via magic. It's not going to end well and LA is the canary in the mine.
Funny AND informative
I listen to Adam’s podcast to stay up to date on current events without getting in a bad mood. He’s hilarious and I love his honest commentary.
Stupidity Abounds
Adam Carolla is a dumb man’s idea of what a smart man is so he resonates with the dullards among us. He’s a Trumper but also a coward because he won’t actually admit that he is. Just own it dude. We know you’re an alt-right nutbag. What I don’t understand is how Gina and Bryan can continue to work for him. Have they no self respect or conscience??
John Campion
It’s never good to loose someone like that. I wasn’t aware of him but I can tell you thought highly of him so I’m sure he was an amazing man, Godspeed to him
Favorite African American!! LOL
I love how Bald Brian just said Cherize Theron is his favorite African American! Technically correct!
Scotty 1972
Interview battle of the bulge
So amazing Adam.Every word from that man’s lips poured into my ears.Thank you Adam.You are a true patriot.And there is only two of us left.....oh and Prager equals 3
Megyn Kelly
Today’s pod was an awesome one. I listened to Megyn’s interview of Ace last week, and I loved how got into it with him. Today, the roles were reversed and Adam definitely opened Megyn up to stuff I didn’t know about her beforehand. I look forward to hearing on again in the future.
Ryan Nez`
Great WW2 interview with Frank Sisson!
I’m an everyday listener and this one takes the cake! What a phenomenal interview! Ace award for sure!
So glad I stopped listening to this guy.
I mean he can’t influence my thinking. Never could, but as with the rest of the right wing conservatives, it’s just exhausting and pointless for me; a waste of my time and not why I originally listened to him in the first place.
Great Scotch!
I’ve known Adam since his early days in KROQ. The guy is funny as hell! Lots of talents and one of the originals. Great that he did turned in to be like his buddy Jimmy. Don’t you ever be like Jimmy...
Santa Catalina wi
WTH happened?
Way too right wing for me now. I’m not a liberal but I do have morals and his guests and some of his posts on social media are over the top. As much as I love everything else, I just can’t listen anymore. Poor Gina and Bald...
Gina is still unbearable. Eat your feelings is the lamest segment ever developed by humankind. the five stars is just for adam
charles bronsons stache
Original listener... not anymore.
I watched the man show and listened to love line for years, listened to Adam’s show on KLSX radio. I was happy when he started the podcast... but when he had Donald Trump Jr on, that did it for me... he has every right to have on whoever he chooses, but giving the condition of the country, looking at how divided we are, I chose to stop listening. Why would he give these people a platform? Oh well... good riddance.
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Adams ranting is getting old
Sick of his political talk constantly Very one sided
blackface jimmy
Sure grad is built like a dairy cow but that doesn’t mean she’s hot.
Thank God for Adam
Common sense talk. Upsetting all the snowflakes and libtards. Fantastic Candice Owens interview. Real, honest truth about our community. We need to solve our own problems...not the government or bleeding heart libs.
Honest conversations
Finally some real talk
Funny show. Awful political commentary.
Adam is lightning quick with his comedy, however he has become a complete apologist for Trump and all of Trump’s awfulness. His recap of the first presidential debate was hard to listen to. He even let Trump off the hook for failing to disavow white nationalists, that the FBI has listed as the biggest domestic threat to our democracy. Domestic terrorism by right-wing white supremacists have killed more people than any BLM or Antifa related violence. Please call Trump out for being a bad person and a terrible president.
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I was hoping Trump would nominate you to replace RBG. We need diet and exercise. Common sense.
Former fan...
I just can’t listen anymore! I’ve tried to hang on because Adam’s comedy could usually offset Gina’s terrible contributions. But she has taken “annoying” to a new level and the bad now outweighs the good. Very sad… It was a great show and has gradually gone downhill since her arrival. I hope Adam replaces her so I listen again!
Jim F. in Tampa
Wrong Day
Part 2 Has it as being released Sunday but that’s not correct as it’s part 2 of Monday’s show which is today. I don’t know why it says Sunday when it was just released today.
I have no idea why corolla is even still relevant
I’ve should have known better
I haven’t listened to the Adams podcast for about four years because of his boarder line racist rants he creeps up on. So I decided to see what has changed and he has Bill Orilley on and bill is saying how he doesn’t like how history is being taught nowadays and how the 1619 project is misinforming our youth and Adam doesn’t even challenge him but agrees with bill. So I’m done and I will not be listening to this podcast again. I’m done.
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Common Sense
Jay Mohr as “coach tony Bennett” is as good as it gets.
worlds okayest officer
Used to be a big fan
Did the last be shows, mangria etc. But at this point he needs to join Fox News and do his trump love there
I lost you now I found you. Love this show! I had to subscribe again. I hate to miss a single Episode.
Speak Out
I too have listened for many years. I appreciate Adam’s willingness to take on the Hollywood left, even if it’s just airing opponent’s viewpoints. That is currently a crime against humanity. Keep it up Aceman.
Great podcast!
Thankfully I can listen to the whole podcast after cutting good sports! I could not stand Dave Dameshek’s voice and attitude. Adam’s always good for a fews laughs to get me through the day.
Don’t know what Soopah_Troopah’s talking about, but Good Sports is an enjoyable show. Dameshek and Carolla play off each other perfectly. Unlike Dr. Drew, he has a knack for not stepping on Adam’s punchlines. I also like Gina and Bryan, but you would think some of Carolla’s hyper-vigilant common sense would have rubbed off on them by now.
Podcast of the year
Just simply AMAZING!!!! I listen everyday, what Adam says just makes sense!
Ace mans friend
Today’s show Adam began his bit about a bit where he had no bit; for the 30th time because blah blah blah. It’s cool with the pod where his brain repeats (also it’s free), but a live show? Ok .
queti m. porta
Bryan with a y
Brady gets more insufferable every show. Not surprised he likes cuties.
Dave Rubin show part 2
Love the show, but the sweeping generalization about university faculty not working (because of tenure), 90% being liberal, etc. etc. is way off base. I've been at my current university for the last 24 years; I am a full professor with tenure. I f-ing grind every day. On saturdays and sundays, I get to work half days (12 hours). I would be happy to enlighten you someday.
It is hard to witness Adam become a right wing political hack :(
I have loved the Podcast since it started..... In the last year I find it hard to enjoy ALL Adams podcasts. We all have an opinion, but Adams guests and personal views have overpowered and have drifted from my personal politics..... I do not like to listen and cringe his right wing point of view. I used to look forward to my daily entertainment, now I have to see who the guest is. It’s not a good place to listen to your podcast hero become a right wing political hack ;( There are plenty of podcast out there. There is a reason I don’t watch Hannity or Carlson.
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Thank God!
All Balls All Sports is better than that weasel Dameshek with Good Sports. Couldn’t stand that guy, listening to Good Sports was CRUEL AND UNUSUAL.
I’m here because of perez Hilton. Sooo let’s hope this podcast dosent disappoint. To be cont...
Bald Bryan opinions on politics
In the news segment, Bryan’s reach to put a positive spin on the protesters blocking the hospital made a 5 star podcast a 3. I like him, but he needs to keep his closeted liberal stupidity to himself. Not good.
Roger Allen 62
Larry Elder and Adam were amazing
Thought provoking convo that needs to reach more ears!
jackie erin
Larry Elder!
A name I will remember, great discussion between the both of you. Please have Larry back, so good!
No longer a fan!
Have been a listener since day one but no longer. Maybe I’m just sensitive, but as an older adult with underlying health issues it’s apparent Adam feels seniors are dispensable and has no compassion whatsoever. Guess he feels we’re all useless like his parents. Sounds like he’d be happy if the vulnerable would just move to an island somewhere so he and the rest of society can get on with their lives. I have been in isolation since my cancer diagnosis in January. Can’t even be with my grandchildren who live down the block. And now I can’t even listen to what once was my favorite podcast. Sorry Adam, your best isn’t good enough. You should do “my best” and have some compassion.
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All Balls
Love the new segment
One Reeview
Broken nose
Got a nose bleed, adam Carolla will cap it
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