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Gives real advice
1.21 gigiwatt
Too many snowflakes
I can appreciate the fact that you say what you want to say. I’ve seen way too many sheeple in reviews that give you a one because you “hurt” their feelings. Keep on keeping on. #meholife.
dexter and baxter
Hella good
Frank Stallone having to interact with “Sly” made me spill my coffee.
Low hang
Huge fan and sorry
Big fan of the show. Proud Trump supporter and recently banned from twitter. Wanted to say sorry for losing it on Bryan and Gina Monday...was going to say so but got banned before I could. Hard to not be infuriated with what I feel are very uninformed and pointed comments but I apologize for losing my temper. Meant no harm whatsoever. I’ll continue listening and wish they’d be more informed when they fire of political heaters. Tense environment right now for the 90M of us that feel cheated. Take care, Ace man. Long time fan. I won’t make the OKC show bc I’d have to go to okc. Follow up: Gina is dumber than a rock still.
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Champ $tyle
I don’t always agree with Adam
But I’m an adult that can handle my personal philosophies and politics being challenged.
Ryan ◡̈
Back to Funny
Easier and more enjoyable now that Ace has gone back to comedy. Enjoyable!
Loved the Jason Whitlock interview
Loved the Great conversation Thanks
P. Munro
Carolla, do the states best!
Adam should be banned from itunes. His crazy takes on freedom and personal responsibility need to stop. We need only collage educated people like Bald Bryan to dictate what the masses can hear and do. Gina is hilarious and her laugh is awesome. I love her impressions. The stories she tells of her personal life are incredibly interesting. Eat your feelings is a brilliant segment, I actually play them at 1/2 speed just so they last longer.
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charles bronsons stache
Confirmation bias
Hearing you make excuses for your audience members storming the capitol whilst you pretend antifa is the real threat every other show is hilarious
not a persuadeable
is Adam stupid or a liar?
Adam, Shame on you for not speaking out against Trump and his MAGA cult followers rioting at the Capitol Building, but instead just blowing it off and comparing it to when a department store is looted -and then quickly trying to change the subject. Shame on you too, Bryan and Gina, for remaining silent and not challenging him on his indifferent and ignorant stance. So, again Adam are you stupid or a liar?
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Not bothered by it.
So there you have it. When asked specifically what his take was on the violence at the Capital, Adam announced he’s “not bothered by it”. That says it all. I’m out.
Not worth listening anymore...
Adam has “jumped the shark” I used to listen and enjoy... I have better things to do with my time...
I transcribed Gina’s last show: That’s right Yep Yep Yep Yep that’s right Yep Yep Yep Yep Yep that’s right Yep Yep that’s right that’s right Yep Yep that’s right that’s right that’s right Yep Yep Yep Yep Yep Yep Yep Yep Yep Yep that’s right Yep that’s right yep that’s right That’s some real talent!
Jim F. in Tampa
Chet Waterhouse
The GOAT in the announcer field
Great show
I love you guys!!! But would you PLEASE fix Gina’s microphone?
Carols has jumped the Shark
Used to find Adam to be very entertaining. He’s unlistenable now, total right-wing nutjob
Eric Norris
No Longer Listening
No longer funny when politics kills people that you support.
Peaceful monk
Comparing abortion clinics to a hair salon. Now that is some quality entertainment. Time to move on
Corolla has gone full trump cult.
Every single time something negative about trump comes up Corolla instantly changes the subject. He has gone full trump cult. Yeah, don’t discuss the biggest news story of the week, trump telling Georgia to find more votes for him, talk about Vegas residencies instead. He does the same thing on reasonable doubt. It’s large Adam, and makes you look like just another idiot trump fluffer who will sell their soul for their next paycheck.
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Adam is the BEST
Love you so much!
Buffalo to
Smart and fun radio
Love the show and in particular Gina. Smart radio, showing my age as it’s a podcast. Uppity was great. My uncle drove TransAm then, so I met Willie many times. Always kind. Can’t wait to see you on both Jan 15 and 16 in Naples. Living in a Red State makes me sad for those who live in Blue States. America and Adam First:)))
chicago/Naples Chris
Longtime listener
I’ve been an Adam Carollo:) fan since I was working 3rd shift and listening to loveline to get me through the night laughing. Great pod! Love the no Pc truth talk. You and Rogan are a daily listen at work. Thanks for keeping it real
Awful..the dumb CANADIAN LAUGH WEED GUY...guarantee..won’t make another movie..Adam wow..y know this loser is not funny at all..yup
Madison is awesome
Ace Awards
Really Guys ..... Gina over Kyle Dunnington for Best Impression
Sell out like Kimmel
John Schneider/interview
John Schneider was my sweet teen crush. I love him even more today. What a solid man.
Too Angry For Me
I listened every day for years, but I stopped in 2017. I think Adam is incredibly funny, but the tone of the show became too angry and divisive. It was ruining my mood. I’ve checked back in a few times since and it seems to have gotten worse. I’ll always appreciate Adam for the old times, but it’s just a different show now.
Best podcast
Relatively new to podcasts. Joe Rohan, Scott Adams, Dennis Miller, Greg Gutfeld. This is the best: Carolla has a brain without being preciously intellectual, strong cast, good production and fun bits, Dawson a standout with his voice and broadcast chops.
Casino Ratt One
dunnigan Sly Stallone worst EVER
I literally thought it was some retarded guy on doing a bit. Love the show though!
Ralphy's Red Ryder
All Grown Up
I’m happy to see that Adam is finally using his platform to speak Truth. The brainwashed leftists who think “safe spaces” are a real thing, the mask wearing sheep who have been crippled with fear by Never-Reddit and MSM will not agree, but it’s really good to see that Adam is all grown up!
Adam, please run for President!
Run with Dan Crenshaw or Jocko Willink as VP!
California Titans Fan
Yep, gina sank this show!
With so many leftists all but hurt over Adam’s right turn, I’d like to listen again but gina makes it impossible. Eff gina and her fake laugh!!!
Thank you
Thank you for entertaining us and for all the laughs and common sense the world lacks these days and the daily companionship. I savor this hour or two a day where I can listen to non politicized common sense wisdom.
My days with Adam and friends!
I started listening to Adam’s podcasts from the very beginning. I had my teenage son listen to him too. Next thing you know they are looking up every bit of comedy by Adam they could find. They spread the podcast to their friends. Unfortunately my friends don’t seem to see the beauty as I do. I have learned insights into men’s minds, enjoy the comedy, games and the entire gang! This mom thanks you for the daily hours of entertainment and the shows I brought my boys to in St. Louis! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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One more celebrity blow hard narcissist
Gina and Brian (aka Teresa 2.0 and Charity Case) add nothing but annoyance to the show capped by Dave Dumbasheck and the on and on skip this bit portion of the show. Jesus, shut Gina and her impressions up and the show will go from one to four and from there to five is Brian will stop talking.
Awesome Podcast!!!!
Adam, host of the Adam Carolla Show podcast, highlights all aspects of comedy and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Once a big fan, not anymore
I listened since the begging and loved the show. Many years and thousands of episodes, listened every day and even supported his spinners. It was once a great, funny podcasts that would make me think. Now it’s an angry Fox News-ish podcast with mostly conservative guests who never face any challenging questions. But worst of all, it’s just not funny (or fun) anymore. Adam consistently comes across as an angry bitter man yelling and hostile most of the time. Who wants to listen to that? It’s sad what’s become of Adam.
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Disapointed 19
Awesome show ,really talks about the facts of life... with a twist , ha ha ha Adam for President 2024 🇺🇸 p.s let’s go racing
Was a listener since the beginning...
...but unfortunately now had to stop. His show has become nothing more than a forum for some of the ugliest ignorant people that been give any time on a microphone who simply just feed his Brillo-haired ego. Everything from his guests (think c-level Fox News guests that just barely straddle the modern gauge of inappropriate racism/perversion of conservative views under the guise praising this country and promoting what they perceive to be “free choice”), to how hypocritically spoiled his family is and his complaints about them, to his out of touch repetitive rants. To be quite honest, Adam has turned into the epitome of a out of touch uneducated American whose only qualification is to entertain at AARP conventions in towns with simple minded folk that help his ego. Seriously dude you are one tall Pabst blue ribbon away from chewing hay while sitting in front of your overpriced la quiñada front porch thinking about “how great it is to own that there land”. Yes he’s wealthy and smarter than the average person (that’s not saying much), but he’s definitely not smart enough to carry this show on the same material and rant about his out of touch generalized views...which consist of him occasionally traveling to New York and small towns and two to three times to urban Europe...which is the intellectual equivalent to taking a greyhound to one museum in Chicago and declaring yourself an expert in art. From the treatment of his staff (who aren’t bright), to his complaints and old stories that he’s told dozens of times, to thinking that he’s seriously “smarter” because of his generalized uneducated views simply because he has lackeys around him that help, the show has become terminally ill. Combine that with the few negative experiences he’s had, no effort in education, and his ability to turn a phrase, and you have an ignorant old man who surrounds himself with yes people and guests and thinks the world of himself (a poorer Fox News with a hint of Chevy Chase). The extra star is for his wit.
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former fan who grew up
I don’t want to play pirate ship anymore
I’ve been listening to ACS since the beginning. Over the last few months the tone has changed and, sadly, I no longer find myself part of the target demographic. I’ve grown weary of the diatribes of the titular red-hatted curmudgeon. Adam has firmly clarified his once vague position on political issues, and I came for the sarcastic humor not a politics-centric show. The sidekick, Brian, has become a sycophantic yes-man in fear of losing his job for expressing his once-dissenting opinions. Best wishes for a continued positive prognosis. The “news”-reading Gina is a just-as-unfunny copy of Howard Stern’s news reader, Robin Quivers who she ironically attempts to imitate on the show. Gina’s (AND Robin’s) insincere, exaggerated cackle is cringe-inducing every time. When will the listeners be treated to Gina’s Alison Rosen-ing? I’ll have to read about it because I’m leaving whatever has become of the former pirate ship.
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Find real honesty here.
Find real truth and honesty about our lives right now. Great interviewer too
Get back to the funny, please!
I’ve been listening to Adam since 1995, near the beginning of his Loveline days. For my taste, he’s at his best doing improv with other comics. These days it’s far too much repetitive commentary on COVID, politics and social issues, and it’s rarely fun anymore. Carolla Classics is much more enjoyable, since it’s curated by other folks and seems to focus more on entertainment than half-baked commentary.
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Sometimes good
Can’t dive for the phone fast enough to fast forward when they improve.. unlistenable. I’ve been a fan since Adams loveline days on MTV. Love his humor, but the repetition gets OLD. Getting to the point where I read the description instead of blindly listening. The show is getting rough to listen to during covid.
Granny loves it
Time stamps for subjects
Love Adam but as a woman he talks about a lot of stuff I don’t care about at all cars , sports etc I wish you have the times of each subject so I can easily go to subjects like other podcasters have.
Used to be good..time to move on....
I have decided to no longer listen to this podcast or the Adam and Dr. Drew podcast. I grew up listening to Loveline and until about 2 years ago enjoyed this podcast. It used to give me a great start to the day. Unfortunately I feel his ego has gotten too large. I feel he only thinks his opinions are correct. I kept trying to continue to listen, but I can't listen to someone who thinks its not important to wear a mask during a pandemic. He only seems to care about his own risk and not others. He has become political and seems to no longer do what he used to do best and that was comedy. If you also feel the same, the best thing I did was quit listening and start listening to other podcasts such as Smartless, Armchair Expert, Sarah Silverman, and Joe Rogan. If you have the same complaints as mine, you might be happier with those.
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His wife was kicked off a Southwest flight.
But it was not her fault. HIs kids order the lobster in Hawaii. He resents them for it. His mother never listens to the show. He thinks that is her problem. His father doesn't want to drive the jaguar Adam provides him. HIs father is ungrateful. He provides beer to his employees. They pay him back by not finishing the beer. They are horrible employees for this. They need to ask Adam for vacation and time off. Adam likes people who finish their beers.
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Mister Rpederso
Unlistenable, I’ve been listening since the beginning, it used to be entertaining, but sadly Adam has turned into one of his Hollywood jack off buddies that he used to complain about, and swore he would never become one of them because he had a Pirate ship. Now it has become an hour of predictable rants.
XXL Historian
Great discussions. Love the camaraderie
Keeping Corona real
I drive a lot and discovering ACS this year makes me want to drive more so I don’t miss out. Part 1 of today (1/2/2020) was gotdamn genius. Thanks for keeping it real and getting it on
ACE says it how it is.
Common sense plus humor. I listen everyday.
blink is back - who needs Tom
Right wing puppet
Been listening for years, can’t do it anymore. Sorry Bald and Gina. Unfortunately Adam has lost his ability to see nuance and call balls and strikes regardless of political affiliation or ideology. If you’re right wing, 4 stars, you’ll love it. He’ll parrot exactly what you you want to hear from Fox news and Trump. If you’re independent, he’ll just yell at you and tell you how stupid you are. Sad what he’s become.
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