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Have been going through Norm clips on youtube and found him and Adam analyzing Kenny Rogers “Coward of the County” loved it! I wish they would have done more of those. Would have loved to hear them do Ronnie Milsap’s “Stranger In My House”
Malcolm Gladwell
I’m psyched you had Malcolm Gladwell on! I listen to Your Show and Malcolms show and you guys are both great. It was awesome hearing you guys talk!
Cuomo Interview
9/28 9/29
Really like this format with a fill in news person with Elenor . Pod had great flow !!
Sell out like Kimmel
My favorite podcast over any other
I love the show, and I Realllly loved Eleanor on the show!!! I think she should become a returning guest or sit in w show more often!!!!
D the reviewer in my own right
The Adam and Gina show
Listened since the beginning but now I’m done.
I love the three of them together
The way Gina, Bryan and Adam each bring their own perspective to topics makes for a balanced show. They are all very funny and thoughtful, but they each have had such different lives so they bring their own unique value to each episode.
love adams shows
Great interview
I haven’t enjoyed a podcast more than this one. What a great way to spend an hour. Thanks guys
P. Munro
Growing Old
I've been listing to ACS for nearly 9 years and what was once a funny comedy podcast that I listened to daily, with fun games, fun guests, and comical takes on the news, has become a bloated, commercial laden, politically predeictable rant-fest, where I pick and choose episodes and skip through to find the segments I can muster some enjoyment out of. Ever since they started splitting the daily episodes into 2 parts, it feels like they quadrupled the ad count. Here's a pro tip, skip the first 4-5 mins of every episode because it's all promos and ads. Then there's at least 5 more minutes of live reads and ads within the show, then it ends with another 4-5 mins of ads in each 50-60 min show. I understand it's a business but at this rate it'll be like old terrestrial radio within 5 years with 30 mins of ads every hour. I do like the crew, Adam, his hyper vigilant point of view and his comedic fortitude, but what used to be insightful, out of the box, funny takes on our society and politics have become predictable, one-sided, repeative rants. For every "woke" topic he despises, he defends or completely ignores the equal absurdity coming from the extreme right. I miss the Adam of yesteryear that hated on everything equally in the most hilarious way possible.
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Gina makes the show
I did not expect to see so much Gina bashing here. Especially from an audience that detests mob intolerance. Shame on all of you. Gina, Adam needs you there as the “straight man”, the female “victim” and the brilliant one-liners and voices you do. I am impressed and I hope you don’t take some of these stupid comments to heart (except this one). Love Brian and Dawson and the whole group - even Adam- can’t stop listening.
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She is so horrible
Gina is an awful co-host and person in general. She has destroyed the show.
Gina is insufferable. I’m going to have to take a break from this podcast because of her. She continually hops on every “woke” opinion. Ugh
Love the show
Sad that rude people have opinions about Gina and Brian. Love the show. Thanks for normalcy, Ace. Love ya Gina!
Love this show!
Obviously love Adam! Feel like the show isn’t the same when Gina’s not on, so happy it was only one day without her this week!
C8 Hanson
Good show
No problem with Gina but please please stop the Nancy Grace imitation. So annoying!
Eric denwa
Gina is a breath of fresh air
Gina is a great compliment to Adam and Brian. She has great comedy timing, improvisation and an ear for voices.
No more one on one interviews
Please stop only having Gina and Brian in the first hour they add so much to the show.
Less Gina please!!!
She’s unbearable! 😩
Jim F. in Tampa
Blah blah blah
Go the 1:1’s are so terrible. So terrible. Pleas tell him he is shock jock not Howard Stern.
Show was better without Gina
Love the show and Adam’s rants but cannot stand Gina.
Love Adam!
I love Adam and the rest of the gang. I can’t start my day without listening. Keep up the great work and thank you for starting my day off with a laugh. Subscribe, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Ace!!
The best
The show flows and I enjoy the different prospectives of all the shows personalities. Seems that Adam is open to listen and is also open to sharing. Great back and forth and it’s a humorous listen along the way. Thanks guys and gal…Gina we ❤️u too
Great Job Guys
Really enjoyed the Meta Peace Interview, great job Adam and team
Gina schock?
Got excited when I read the header, thought it going to be good news about Gina - leaving the show!! One can only dream of the day but until then…. Thanks Ace?
L.A. Jay
Adam means well, Some of his guests not so much...
The show is always best when he’s focused on being funny and when he has interesting guests on like comedians, or people who have accomplished something unique. The show goes instantly downhill when he has boot licking, right wing, dog-whistling pundits on, which wouldn’t be so bad if he had someone from the other side representing the left for balance.
Adam I love the show but please lay off the politics.
Definitely listen
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Adam ⭐️⭐️ Gina ⭐️ Brian ….Adam is hilarious, his analogys are great and his rants are spot on. Gina is good, she has an whiny voice and is an ok pair to Ace. She’s not very good at the improve they do. I don’t know what Brian adds to the show, other than he is a movie nerd/buff. He isn’t funny or interesting so I’m confused as to why he is on the show. But if Adam likes him then so be it.
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Chilli Mack
No more Brian please!
Love Adam, but hearing Bryan talk makes want to unsubscribe. Would be a 5 star show if Bryan did not talk.
Tipsy Adam
Lol. Whiskey sipping Adam…. To funny!! We are the same age so his memories from the 70’s and 80’s take me back!
I have been listening since the radio days and have never laughed as hard as I did today- why haven’t you all been getting wasted on the show more often?
jen doskow
I’m a loyal listener but
Can we keep the one on one interviews to a minimum? I realize it’s sometimes logistically motivated but I don’t really care for them. There’s a million other pods that specialize in these types of shows
Never lets me down
I have been listening almost every day for 7 years. This podcast l love especially because Adam and I are about the same age but I went to South Pasadena High School and I love comparing our experiences growing up in so cal at the same time. Supporting cast is wonderful and equally interesting. I was the manager of the Rialto Theatre in south Pasadena while in college and Rotten Tomatoes is my favorite regular segment. If you every come to indianapolis I’d love to be your driver. I too am a contractor and would love to share 35 years of customer nightmares.
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Adam Carolla defines sanity in this world.
Very smart, rational, and a healthy outlook on the work. Give it a listen and you will be hooked.
Raised by a vending machine.
Just discovered you during COVID. My in laws were like your parents- decent but no interest in their kids or the world. Pittsburgers who never took my husband to any sporting event and probably didn’t know what a Steel Curtain was and this was the 70s. Only people I ever met who had nothing to do on Christmas, birthdays were a ten dollar bill and a Betty Crocker cake with not even Happy Birthday on it. I think what you have accomplished is amazing and you’re a wonderful dad. I love your docs and keep up all your good common sense. We need it. Cathy- former Floridian and going back someday.
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postal cat
Boomers being boomers
If you've ever heard a story that starts "In my day" you've heard this podcast It's my day now, adam, go get your prostate checked, maybe ben shapiro can do it for you, and keep your mouth shut as you age into further obscurity
Just another mol Eliza
Top Notch
nibble nuts
Favorite Podcast
Been listening for years. Maybe 10? I dunno. I get worried when there are changes to participants or bits, but Adam always comes through. Love Brian and Gina. MORE DAMESHEK Thanks.
Makes me laugh
Great podcast. It’s topical, pulls no punches, and is hysterically funny. Highly recommend.
I heard it on Adam
Music, politics, relationships, comedy - there's nothing missing! My first.
Sorry so late!
I found this podcast over a year ago and sorry it took me so long! I listen most times during the middle of the night when I awaken and sometimes I laugh so hard I wake my husband when the bed shakes! I often have to play the podcast again after I fall asleep and finish it in the morning. I can’t stand to go a day without Adam, Bryan and Gina (and Mike). You really all are the best!
This podcast has gotten me through so many rough times
It’s funny, thoughtful, intelligent, and just what I always need. It’s “good pod” as they say.
Love it…but…..
Bald Brian’s voice is AWFUL. He stutters, he’s raspy, he’s high pitched….please kill his mic. He’s a nice guy but that voice is the worst.
Funny, smart, wise and entertaining
Adam is always good, and occasionally, like when he interviewed Newsom or rants against idiocracy, he is epic! Gina is a huge upgrade, and continues to get better and better. Bryan…well Bryan is Bryan.
Ace man
Keep telling it like it is Adam. More common sense and logical thinking then just about anywhere. A real person who has been ahead of the curve when quickly speaking to seemingly complicated subjects and telling it like it is, period. He has been doing for over 20 years and unlike most has not taken different positions based on which way the political winds are blowing, such as a-lot of the societal problems can be boiled down to the absent father. Nobody talks about it but the Ace man as it is the third rail in which the politically correct crowd will not touch. Thanks Adam for all the great content, keep it up.
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A Man with a Brain!
It’s so nice to listen to an American man with a brain. Rational thinking at its finest!
Almost 12 years of listening and it’s time for me to move on. I used to like Gina but in the last year she has become intolerable. She cannot stop talking and over laughing. I spend more time fast forwarding then listening.
Can’t have..
A marble mouthed side kick and an ADD news person and expect people to listen regularly. Refresh please 🙏
Podcast gold today By the whole cast 5stars every day
Love love love!!!
A Complainer, a huge puss, and a fat girl that thinks she’s a 10 = greatest podcast ever!
Not enough ads
Would be better if Adam spoke less! Perpetuating hate. Employees earn a wage from hatred. Absolute Trash people
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