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20221129 Second Annual ACB Audio Description Awards Gala, November 29, 2022
This podcast is the Second Annual Audio description Project Awards Gala aired at 7:30 PM November 29, 2022. Press Release follows: American Council of the Blind Salutes Audio Description Award Winners Nov. 30 2022 — The American Council of the Blind (ACB) would like to thank all those who participated in the 2022 Audio Description Awards Gala that premiered on November 29th on and Pluto TV. “We are proud to host the second annual Audio Description Awards Gala to recognize excellence in audio described content and celebrate the growing commitment to accessible media for people who are blind and low vision,” said ACB’s Executive Director, Eric Bridges. ACB thanks host Thomas Reid and Audio Description Voice Talent Nefertiti Matos Olivares as well as our special guests who lent their talent to the event and support for accessible media for all, including Stevie Wonder, Ewan McGregor, Nesta Cooper, Camryn Manheim, Shayla Brown, and the cast of iCarly! This year’s honorees have been carefully selected by a diverse group of leaders from ACB’s Audio Description Awards Committee, who have identified recipients as both audio description content leaders and media industry game changers.  Award Winners Outstanding Audio Description Visionary - Larry Goldberg Audio Description Game Changer: Innovation - Microsoft Audio Description Game Changer: Inclusion - Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Audio Description Game Changer: Education - Described and Captioned Media Program Outstanding Achievement: Live Events - Paramount Global Outstanding Achievement: Spanish Media (USA) - Telemundo/Hearst Outstanding Achievement: International Media - AMI Audio Description People’s Choice Award - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Disney+/Lucasfilm/Audio Description by Deluxe) ACB President Dan Spoone, added, “And finally, thank you to our sponsors: Silver Star Sponsors — Amazon, Disney, Microsoft, Paramount Global, Warner Bros. Discovery and our Bronze Star Sponsors — Charter Spectrum, Keyword Studios, Fox, as well as the National Association of Broadcasters.” The Audio Description Awards Gala celebrated the inclusivity and accessibility of media by recognizing those in television, streaming and the film industry’s achievements in audio description for accessible media for blind and low vision audiences. For more details visit The American Council of the Blind is a national member-driven organization representing Americans who are blind and visually impaired. For more than 60 years, ACB has become a leader in national, state, local, and even international advocacy efforts. With 68 affiliates, ACB strives to increase independence, security, equality of opportunity, and to improve the quality of life for all people who are blind and visually impaired. For more information, visit  You can help!Make a secure online donation today       Find out more at
Nov 30, 2022
1 hr 4 min
20221129 Audio Description Project Awards Gala Pre-Show
This is the Second Annual Audio Description Project Awards Gala Pre-Show broadcast on ACB Media immediately preceding the Gala. Featured are clips about the Gala from Tuesday Topics with Paul Edwards and Sunday Edition with Anthony Corona, Both ACB Media weekly programs. Also featured is the full last ACB Community Call before the Gala. During the Pre-Show, you hear from Kim Charlson and Carl Richardson, ADP Project co-chairs, Dan Spoone ACB President, Thomas Reid, the host of the Gala and Nefertiti Matos Oliveres, who was the Audio Describer Voice Talent for the event. Find out more at
Nov 30, 2022
2 hr 26 min
20221022 ACB Board Meeting (1)
Oct 22, 2022
3 hr 11 min
20221022 ACB Board Meeting (2)
Oct 22, 2022
1 hr 36 min
20221022 ACB Board Meeting (3)
Oct 22, 2022
1 hr 56 min
20220828 ACB Membership Focus
20220828 ACB Membership Focus Originally Aired August 28, 2022, on ACB Media 6 How can we bring what we learned at convention back to our affiliate members? Several affiliate leaders shared tips on getting out the great information. Sponsored by ACB Membership Committee Find out more at
Aug 28, 2022
53 min
20220701 02 ACB Board Meeting.
Broadcast on ACB Media One 2022 ACB Preconvention Board of Directors Meeting Friday, July 1, 2022 Staff Reports A. Executive Director: Eric Bridges B. Advocacy Director: Clark Rachfal C. Interim Resource Director: Bill Reeder D. Manager of Member Engagement: Cindy Hollis E. Chief Financial Officer: Nancy Becker Financial Narrative for 2022 Year-to-Date:**** David Trott, ACB Treasurer Review and Approval of The Code of Conduct Process Procedure:**** Patrick Sheehan, David Trott and Jeff Thom Board of Publications (BOP) Report:**** Penny Reader, BOP Director Discussion on The Draft ACB Media And Affiliate Engagement Policy:**** Dan Spoone and Rick Morin Approval of Document Retention Policy:**** Clark Rachfal and Deb Cook Lewis Discussion on The Length of the 2022 ACB Conference and Convention:**** Entire Board 17. Committee Reports (as needed):**** ACB Officers and Other Committee Liaisons 18. Adjourn Find out more at
Jul 1, 2022
3 hr 16 min
20220701 01 ACB Board Meeting July 1, 2022.
2022 ACB Preconvention Board of Directors Meeting Friday, July 1, 2022 Broadcast on ACB Media One   10:00AM CT – 4:00PM CT   Call to Order:**** Dan Spoone, President Roll Call and Introduction of Guests: Denise Colley, Secretary Review and Approval of Agenda:**** Dan Spoone, President Review and Approval of Minutes:**** April 1, 2022, Telephonic (Hybrid Convention) and May 19, 2022, Telephonic (Special for Code of Conduct Process), Denise Colley, Secretary Mission Moment:**** Dan Spoone and Eric Bridges ACB Applauds the Hybrid Convention Broadcast Team: ACB gives a huge “shout out” to the convention Broadcast team that has been meeting for the last 90 days with special weekly meetings to plan and organize our first ever hybrid convention. Special thanks to Rick Morin, Janet Dickelman, Deb Cook Lewis, Jeff Bishop, Larry Gassman, Cindy Hollis, Jo Lynn Bailey-Page, Nancy Marks-Becker and Kelly Gasque for all of their tireless hours of commitment. Also, thanks to the members of the convention committee, the convention programming committee, the convention steering committee, the special interest affiliates, the ACB committees, ACB staff and our member volunteers for their countless hours of extra work to bring this event together. It is truly a complete family event. Hip, hip, hurray! Consent Agenda:**** Dan Spoone A. 2022 YTD - Financial Statements: Nancy Becker B. Braille Forum Editor’s Report – Nutshell: Sharon Lovering C. Advocacy Update Report: Clark Rachfal D. 2022 Resource Development Report and Introduction: Bill Reeder E. Membership Services Report: Cindy Hollis F. Executive Director Employee and Revenue Report: Eric Bridges Convention Report:**** Janet Dickelman, Convention Committee Chair President’s Report: Dan Spoone A. ACB Resolutions (3.0) and Voting Task Force (3.0) Ad Hoc Committees Will Be Extended B. ACB Media Support Committee Will Be Formed C. Mental Health Awareness Committee Will Be Formed D. Auction Committee Thanks Board for Donations E. ACB Leadership email List Launches Formal Monitoring Guidelines Beginning in August – Dan and Deb F. Next Telephonic ACB Board of Directors Meeting Scheduled for Wednesday, August 31 at 8:00PM ET 9. Lunch Break Find out more at
Jul 1, 2022
2 hr 42 min
220305 03 Hawaii Association of the Blind 55th Annual Virtual Convention Part 3 of 3
The Hawaii Association of the Blind Celebrates its 55th Annual Virtual State Convention Theme: “Traveling Thru Barriers” Saturday, March 5, 2022 General Business Lead by Art Cabanilla Electing of Ifficers and new board members Alaska Airlines-How Alaska Air has made travel accessible for the Blind- Ray Prentice Door prizes Tribute to Landa Phelan New Landa Phelan Award introduced by Art Cabanilla In Memory of Landa Phelan Letters of proclamation. US senator - Mazie Hirono Senator Donald Kouchi Mayor - Rick Blangiardi Door Prizes Award Ceremony - Art Cabanilla Library for the Blind and Print Disabled Ho’opono Services for the Blind DOE By Districts Keynote address given by David Trott, ACB treasurer Special Awards/Recognition-Lead by Art Cabanilla HAB Sighted Support Member Volunteer award, will be read by Mona Yamada. Art Cabanilla will present this Award to Beth Flormata Eva Smyth Award will be read by Mona Yamada. Art Cabanilla will present this Award to Natalie Barrett. Thank you gift: Art Cabanilla presents Ukulele to David Trott Closing Remarks - Art Cabanilla “Hawaii Aloha” Sung by: Kamehameha School students Meeting Adjourned Find out more at
Apr 19, 2022
3 hr 3 min
220305 02 Hawaii Association of the Blind 55th Annual Virtual Convention Part 2 of 3
The Hawaii Association of the Blind Celebrates its 55th Annual Virtual State Convention Theme: “Traveling Thru Barriers” Saturday, March 5, 2022 I can connect Leah Neumann “Tips and Tricks” Presentation Amy Downard, Chloe Rose & Leah Neumann HAB Blind Travelers panel Discussion Panelist: Natalie Barrett, Onkar Nerurkar, Vickie Kennedy, Dr. Onder Islek, Crata Mizutani, and Skayboy Sonis. Questions to Adults on Panel: When traveling what obstacles did you have to overcome in order to get from point A to point B? How did you overcome those obstacles? What resolutions did you come to? What advocacy issues do you currently face? What stage of resolution are you currently in? Questions for our Youths on the Panel: Other than going from classroom to classroom, do you use your cane when you’re outside of your school or home? If yes, what types of obstacles have you faced when navigating outside of your school or home? In school have you faced any barriers when using technology? If yes, what are they? Are you the only blind student in your school? When covid-19 hit Hawai’i shortly after spring break were you given access to assistive technology that you were currently using in school? If not what steps if any have you taken to request for access to assistive technology? ACB National Report, ACB Convention treasurer, David Trott Door prizes HAB Commercial Love is Blind HAB Who We Are Commercial HAB radio PSA HAB Blind Youth Commercial Find out more at
Apr 19, 2022
1 hr 40 min
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