Above & Beyond: Group Therapy
Above & Beyond: Group Therapy
Above & Beyond
Group Therapy is the weekly radio show from Above & Beyond also known as ABGT
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Ben b remix
I have been following him for a while spectacular remix also true faith remix off the hook.
Great positive beats in a tough time
During tough times like we are all experiencing right now, we all need an escape. ABGT is that amazing, exhilarating, and thoughtful escape. I really look forward to every episode guys. Thank you so much for what you do! Cheers!
Columbus Ultra Man
Love it
This podcast is and always has been amazing. Love me some ABGT.
Running Against the Wind
Never lets me down ! Always keeps me dancing as well as keeping me up to date with new music ! Top notch.
Anjunabeats 1
👌👍👍👍👍 It reminds me of my dad
snakes are cool 666
your songes fun too edm fame
Professional High Quality Mixes
Consistently high production quality and track selection keeps this podcast at the top of my podcatcher for the last 6 years. Runs, long drives, workouts, everywhere. Warning: May result in spontaneous dancing in public. Much love for the anjuna family.
The best set of music for my workout!!!
With ABGT, I don’t know how my workouts would be as energetic as this!
Goood 👍🏼
Good 😎👍🏼
chivitas 69
The best
ABGT has been a constant in my life for years now. Incredibly high quality, commercial-free music with nothing but good energy, positive vibes, and #WholesomeContent. Nothing but love for the Anjuna Family!
kk dice
Simply the best
Uplifting and lively music brought to you by accomplished legends every single week for years without fail. Everything on their label and all of their shows and events are magic but this is the original source 11/10 thank you so much for making my life and this world better!
What’s not to love
Uh it’s free, quality, commercial-free music every week. Without fail for over a decade.
A melodious bliss
One of my all time favorite podcasts. I get lost in they tunes. Very relaxing. Been listening for years 💚💚💚🤍
1Bag of Chips
Long time listener
Been listening to A&B/Oceanlab since 2004, TATW and now ABGT keep me focused, I love the podcasts, every Friday at noon EST I get a notification that it’s ready for download. I save all of them both TATW and ABGT, I have all 840 episodes saved! Thank you!!! Keep up the excellent work! Much love from Massachusetts
Love Each One
These sessions go with me everywhere!!!! Awesome mixes!
I love these guys. There music and all the artists they introduce me to change my life.
Best podcast!!!
Listen to new episodes every friday/sat.
Always the best!
Through thick and thin, ABGT never lets you down. Cheers!
Long live A&B!
A&B thank you ❤️❤️
I have been a huge fan of this group fir the past 5 years and they have changed my life completely :) By going to their shows in person The late nights after work on a Friday night just melt away for me it got me through my ups and downs And I am do ever grateful for the music they put out into the world And it fills me up both happiness and sadness and all sorts of emotions. And meeting friends along the way I love the anjuna family ❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭👟
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Keeps our ER moving
I’ve been following these guys since they were putting out trance around the world! The nights I’m in charge of my ER, I play ABGT to keep everyone’s spirits up during this Covid crisis. Thanks for the beats guys!
I cherish ABGT Friday’s
It’s the end of the work week & a perfect kickoff to the weekend. The tunes grasps my soul and fills my heart. “Press that Button!”
Been listening since Episode 00
I’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning. The absolute best podcast for trance music out there. However, the talking between every single song drives me absolutely insane. I end up just skipping through it. I would love if there would be 2 versions of this, one with commentary and one without. Please consider either talking less or editing out commentary for us dedicated listeners who just want to listen euphorically without the interruptions.
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Every Week a New Fantastic Show
Love listening to this show whenever I need a pickmeup - crush some chores or drive long distances - dance with your friends and family! - have fun! Love
Consistently entertaining, uplifting, and inspiring.
Listening to this every week gives me life.
Hosts and guests alike, so much talent!
I can’t wait to go see them. Check out their live acoustic versions on video.
Where’s 250, 300, and 350 all sets?? Cmon Duncan and Gareth
I’m tired of using youtube to listen to my favorite sets as I cannot close my phone without it stopping playing. This kills my battery. Please upload all the artist sets from ABGT 250, 300, and 350 broadcasts. Love from America.
My how long it’s been
Have listened to A&B from the time they came on the scene roughly 20 years ago. Even listened to the first episodes of Trance Around the World streaming on early the version of iTunes Radio when the platform just launched. Can’t say how much I love them along with so many of the Anjunabeats/Deep artists and don’t see that changing anytime soon. Will most likely end up being the grandpa going to shows until I die. Appreciate all the memories, Tony, Jono, and Paavo!
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No matter what the noise is out there in the world this show always brings me back
The Best Trance Music Podcast!
Global sensation pulls people together weekly for group therapy. Recapping moments from live sets, words the ajuna family choose to share with their loved ones, the hottest tracks and remixes... does not get better!! Mmph!! Listening weekly (and sometimes more to catch up on older releases) since I rediscovered this podcast. Thank you A&B 🔥🔥🔥
All Love
For group therapy 🤟
Non game playing male
Love this podcast
It reminds me how awesome Trump is and how easily he will win again in 2020
trump is ur prez
ABGT May Have Saved My Life
Born in 1950 and growing up gay in “Smallville” Tennessee, I have been a student of government and politics since my university days. I’ve seen much good governance and many genuinely great politicians over the course of those many years, and though the pendulum always swings back before it moves forward again I have witnessed an overall positive march towards human enlightenment. However the current leader of my country has caused me to doubt my belief in the inherent goodness of mankind. My heart was broken, literally. During my recovery I eschewed the daily news from the un-drained Washington DC swamp. ABGT is now the soundtrack for my life, fills me with joy and has renewed my belief in the beauty within the beast. Thank you!
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Love ABGT and the family it’s created. Consistently well curated weekly playlist of new and old trance and mellow, groovy, house. Practically all my knowledge of trance comes from this podcast.
Greg Luckert
Group Therapy is the best
Above and Beyond are just amazing. It really don’t get much better than this.
ABGT is the best!
I’ve been following you guys since TOTW EPI 64. You guys and your label write, compose, and produce the best music in the world. This is the podcast to listen to If you want to exercise the mind with complex melodies and optimistic uplifting music that will improve your quality of life.
The Best!!!
ABGT has become my favorite trance podcast. I wish there was more than one episode a week as I look forward to hearing them. I hope nothing changes and they keep producing amazing EDM.
Soundtrack to life!
Never disappoints. Music that speaks to every emotion. Press play every week and don’t look back.
TylerG- Indianapolis
Longtime listener :)
I have been a listener since the end of Trance Around the World and the launch of Group Therapy. Thank you for producing consistently excellent music mixes. Very fun guest mixes as well. Cheers x
Feels like Home <3
Very high production quality and happy uplifting vibes! Thank you from the USA 😊
Every episode gets better!
By far Episode #346 sings to my soul, and guest DJ Moon Boot knocked it out of the park...well played!
Dance Tracks
Always seems to soothe my soul, thank you guys!!
ABGT podcast
My number one music podcast, this music calms my mind and helps heal my soul. Thanks for all the hard work! Peace and love! ✌🏽
Consistent Quality
A staple in my music and podcast queue. The week wouldn't be the same without group therapy. Thanks for the hard work!
Patrick Flinn
Just what I need for work
Thank you above and Beyond!!!!
Blow your pants off good
Absolute perfection!
Above and Beyond manage to bring out the best of electronic music and make a perfect blend that captures the essence of the human soul and transforms our plane existence into a ethereal landscape. They truly redefine trance and progressive and continue to pioneer its course like they have for the past decade. They reign supreme in their music, absolute legends!!!
I have a problem with the family who want GH to be guilty. The motivation is quite clear: money. Therefore, arguments, especially the surrealism - related ones are lame at best and malicious if they are made up deliberately.
I would love to submit a shoutout, how do I go about this?
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