AAU Murders
AAU Murders
Layered TV
Virginia Collins’s perfect life is disrupted when she falls for a handsome coach who promises to take her son's basketball skills to the next level. But as Virginia falls deeper in love, her family disapproves and they get entangled in a complex web of love, denial, abduction and ultimately death.
In Too Deep
Bryson Phenomenal, Virginia's best friend, stages an intervention. When things go haywire, Virginia has to wrestle with the question, "Who did I marry?"
Jun 10
51 min
All in the Family
Liam Cambridge, a promising athlete with a bright future suffers a gruesome injury that sends him down a path of destruction until he no longer resembles the guy his childhood friends knew him to be. The Liam they knew was driven, hard-working, smart...
May 27
40 min
Love is Blind
Virginia Collins, a successful executive at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY, meets Liam Cambridge, a young basketball coach that’s half her age. When Liam promises to take her son’s basketball game to the next level, she barely bats an eye blowing him...
May 27
43 min
The AAU Murders: Trailer
Layered TV presents The AAU Murders coming May 25th
May 26
1 min