AACN COVID-19 Support Podcast Series
AACN COVID-19 Support Podcast Series
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
Coping with the changes and challenges of COVID-19 affects nurses on many levels and in many ways. AACN’s new podcast series features intimate conversations with guest nurses whose COVID-19 experiences and insight help support, guide and inspire.
Episode 6 - Beyond My Comfort Zone: A New Nurse’s Take on COVID Care
Meet Emily Shands, a new critical care nurse who volunteered to work in her hospital’s COVID unit less than a year out of nursing school. Emily, an ICU nurse at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, shares how the opportunity to learn and contribute as part of a COVID care team outweighed her fears and pushed her to stretch beyond her “new nurse” comfort zone. She also talks about lessons learned, shifts in perspective, having more autonomy and gaining a deeper appreciation of teamwork.
Jul 8
Episode 5 - Leadership at Its Best: Supporting Staff Nurses in a Pandemic
The vital role nurse leaders play in maintaining a healthy work environment becomes even more critical – and complex – in times of crisis. In this podcast episode, we welcome New York neurosurgical ICU nurse manager Kishun Moolsanker, who led his team through the COVID surge in one of the nation’s early hot spots. Kishun relates his experiences adapting to new realities, innovating creative solutions and supporting his team mentally and emotionally during the pandemic.
Jun 30
Episode 4 - At the Bedside: Teamwork and Flexibility During COVID-19
As critical care nursing moves toward a post-surge “new normal,” it is natural to pause and consider where we have been and where we are going. Join direct care ICU nurse Niki Raymond as she reflects on facing challenges and overcoming barriers at the bedside along with her nurse colleagues during the height of COVID-19. By sharing her experiences of uncertainty, doubt, fear, hope and support, she demonstrates the strength and perseverance of all nurses through the most chaotic of times.
Jun 23
Episode 3 - Moral Distress in a Crisis: What, Why and How to Cope
Nurses face complex ethical decisions on a daily basis, making us susceptible to moral distress. The risks and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic have intensified this distress. In this episode, nursing ethics leader Cynda Rushton talks about moral distress: what it is, why it occurs, and how it affects us physically and psychologically. She also explores shifts in thinking that can help alleviate distress, and offers her insights for building moral resilience during difficult times.
Jun 17
39 min
Episode 2 - The Silver Lining: COVID-19 Care Teams and Cross-Training
Adrianne Edlund, nurse educator at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York, returns to share her powerful story of units coming together during COVID-19 to achieve optimal patient care and staff satisfaction. She discusses preparing staff for a COVID surge using a team-based model, and leveraging technology to rapidly develop “just-in-time” education. Her ongoing efforts to cross-train nurses have increased retention, enhanced collaboration and facilitated more nimble processes.
Jun 3
26 min
Episode 1 - Agile COVID Education: Adapting Nurse Orientation & Residency
Nurse educator Adrianne Edlund talks about her experiences onboarding nurses new to critical care and adjusting nurse residencies – both before and during COVID-19 – at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York. She shares lessons learned and best practices for adapting educational content and delivery to the current environment. Adrianne also touches on staying emotionally connected to nurses despite social distancing, and reflects on the unanticipated benefits of new ways of working.
Jun 3
25 min