A Winner Is You
A Winner Is You
A Winner Is You
Episode 50: Game of the Year 2022
2 hour 31 minutes Posted Jan 8, 2023 at 4:44 am.
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Show notes

Let's close the 2022 book with an awards ceremony for games that almost exclusively weren't released in 2022! It's the AWIY way, folks.

That's right, our GOTY awards are focused on games we've covered on the podcast in the last year, which means we were pitting the likes of Elden Ring and Scorn against a weird and wonderful mix that includes games like Wario Land, Diddy Kong Racing and Wolfenstein 3D!

Our awards this year are Best Story, Best Gameplay, Most Bullshit, Best Surprise, Worst Game, Outsider Award for Non-pod Game, and Game of the Year. Have a great 2023, everyone!