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A Winner Is You
A Winner Is You
A Winner Is You is a video game club podcast from the UK presented by Alex Aldridge (Sega Mania Magazine) and David Smillie (GoombaStomp.com). We specialise in deep diving into the biggest and best games, both old and new, and deliver it all with irreverent banter and British humour.
Episode 47: 20 Years of Metroid Prime
It's party time! We're throwing a podcast birthday bash for the wonderful 2002 classic GameCube gem that is Metroid Prime. We talk about the game's, at time sordid, development history (looking at you, Spangenberg), its importance and legacy, what we love and don't love in terms of gameplay (and no, we're not going to moan about the scanning), the music, the map - the whole lot, basically. You know how we do. Stick on your power suit, set your coordinates for Talon IV, get your x-ray visor ready and let's get down to discussing just how good Metroid Prime is. RELEASE PRIME 4, NINTENDO, YOU COWARDS.
Nov 17
1 hr 55 min
Episode 46: SPOOKTOBERFEST ’22 - Scorn
More spooky, scary gaming for you to cram mercilessly into your sound receptacles, as we conclude Spooktoberfest 2022 with Ebb Software's H. R. Giger-influenced biomechanical grossfest, Scorn. We chat about knobs for the first part of the episode, because Scorn's phallic imagery corrupted our tiny little minds. We also discuss the game's confusing beginning, its puzzles, its combat, its ending and a whole load more. We also have a debate on what actually constitutes a horror video game. Does it have to be scary, or can it just be horrific like Scorn? Let us know over on Twitter @winnerisyoupod.
Oct 27
1 hr 42 min
Episode 45: SPOOKTOBERFEST ’22 - Luigi’s Mansion
It's October, you know what that means! A Winner Is You presents the second annual Spooktoberfest, where we celebrate the spookiest, scariest, kookiest horror(ish) games during the season of scares. First up this year is the flagship title in Nintendo's GameCube launch line up, Luigi's Mansion. Yeah, okay, it's not very scary but it's definitely spooky in tone if nothing else. Plus, it's fantastic, and that's what counts. We have a right ol' laugh at the story of the game and whether Luigi is, in fact, the bad guy in everything. We also chat about the vacuum mechanics, our favourite ghosts in the mansion, our frustrations with the controls, the launch of the GameCube and whether Nintendo may regret not having a Mario game for it, and loads more! It's a banger, honestly.
Oct 16
1 hr 35 min
Episode 44: Summer of Resi pt.3 - Dino Crisis
Hey, it's not officially Autumn yet, so Summer of Resi rolls on into September with Shinji Mikami's beloved sort-of-spin-off, Dino Crisis. We've moved on from Survival Horror into Panic Horror as we take down the dino dickheads that mysteriously inhabit Ibis Island. Before we go into the game, we talk about the overall state of Resident Evil in 2022 - including the recent Netflix series.  We then tackle the meat on the dino bones, discussing the story, action, puzzles, choices and endings of this criminally underrated game. Come on, Capcom, give it the remake treatment, you cowards!
Sep 11
1 hr 44 min
Episode 43: Summer of Resi pt. 2 - Resident Evil Zero
More survival horror to get you through the real life horrors of summer, as Summer of Resi continues with the 2002 prequel to it all, Resident Evil Zero. We chat about the controls, the story and acting, its place in the greater Resi canon, the character-swapping gimmick, the endless backtracking, those damn monkeys, and more! Warning: This podcast contains discussion about a game that features scenes of explicit violence and gore.
Aug 22
1 hr 35 min
Episode 42: Summer of Resi pt. 1 - Resident Evil 5
It's time to beat the heat with some good ol' survival horror! We're spending our summers hiding from the sun in darkened rooms playing Resident Evil, as we're sure you are too. We begin our journey with that one you probably played loads with your mate, look back on as a being a bit rubbish because it's not proper Resi, but would likely still enjoy if you played it again now - Resident Evil 5. Join us as we recount our adventure in the first co-op Resi, the first Resi to drop an f-bomb, and the first Resi without Shinji Mikami. Make sure you come back throughout the rest of summer as we'll be diving back into this wonderful Capcom franchise.
Aug 13
1 hr 28 min
Episode 41: Prey (2017)
Weeeeeeee're baaaaaack! Much like the stifling British humidity, you'll never get rid of AWIY, lads! This episode we celebrate the underappreciated brilliance of Arkane Studios' 2017 sleeper hit Prey. We chat about the game's swerving, mysterious story, the stunning mega dungeon of TALOS I, the various neuromod powers and abilities, bugs and nonsense we encountered, and much more. This game really needs to be played to experience this podcast to its fullest, so go out and get playing, and then enjoy retreading those steps again with us.
Jul 14
1 hr 35 min
Episode 40: DOUBLE FEATURE - Super Mario Land 2 & Wario Land
More BOGOF podcasting glory from AWIY, as we take you for a ride on the Dot Matrix Highway for Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins and Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 for the Game Boy. Mario Land 2 is one of the most underrated games in the Mario franchise, and it still stands up beautifully today, especially if you play the DX version romhack. Check that out at romhacking.net/hacks/3784/ Wario Land is a different beast altogether, and to be honest it's a madness that it actually carries the Mario Land 3 monicker, but that doesn't mean the game is bad. Far from it, as there's plenty of inventive stuff in this one too. Don't forget to get in your questions or game requests to awinnerisyoupod@gmail.com
Jun 6
1 hr 18 min
Episode 39: DOUBLE FEATURE - Wolfenstein 3D & Medal of Honor: Frontline
Ah, it's time to relax and you know what that means. A glass of wine, your favourite easy chair. And, of course, this podcast playing on your home stereo. It's the first of our double feature episodes - two smaller(ish) games with a tenuous link crammed together for double the listening pleasure. In May 2022, ID Software's seminally splendid shooter Wolfenstein 3D turns 30 years-old. For part one of the episode, we discuss its cultural impact, its development, its relevance today, and whether it's still worth playing. The second birthday this month is that of EA's (boo) Medal of Honor: Frontline, as it hits the big 2-0. We had a surprisingly refreshing time with this one, as it feels very of its time in a good way (mostly). There's still plenty of time for gripes, but the importance of this game is not to be dismissed. Don't forget to email in any questions/requests/insults to awinnerisyoupod@gmail.com
May 29
1 hr 36 min
Episode 38: Elden Ring (pt. 1)
Elden Ring is a sprawling, fantastical and relentlessly punishing video game. So much so that it can make you go a little crazy, and that seems to have been the case with your intrepid hosts here. Let's just say we're filled with piss and vinegar for this one! Just a warning, this podcast will not cover the lore of these games, especially as many people on YouTube have already. We will, however, chat about the builds, the mechanics, the overall gameplay, the bosses, the areas and much more! Part one of this two-parter sees us journey through the Lands Between up to the end of Caelid and into Nokron, Eternal City - which is where we'll pick it up later on.  Enjoy the show, fellow tarnished, and don't forget to email your thoughts/questions to awinnerisyoupod@gmail.com
May 2
1 hr 55 min
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