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A Winner Is You
A Winner Is You
A Winner Is You is a video game club podcast from the UK presented by Alex Aldridge and David Smillie. We specialise in deep diving into the biggest and best games, both old and new, and deliver it all with irreverent banter and British humour.
Episode 56: Titanfall 2
Let's just take a moment to pay respects to an incredible video game. Alex finally managed to convince David to drop everything (mostly Apex Legends) and play through the campaign of Respawn's marvellous 2016 shooter, Titanfall 2.  We discuss the, ahem, story and the relationship between Cooper and BT, the gunplay and Titan loadouts, the movement mechanics and level gimmicks, the game's development, its critical and commercial reception, and loads more!  Don't forget to give us a rating on your pod platform of choice, and come say hi over @winnerisyoupod
Mar 15
1 hr 40 min
Episode 55: Dead Space 2
We couldn't help ourselves. Once you go full Necromorph, you never go back. Well, you do go back... to Dead Space. Specifically to its sequel, as we set virtual sail for Titan Station in 2011's blockbuster (except in terms of sales) Dead Space 2. A much more linear, action-heavy game than the original, it doesn't stop Visceral's efforts from still feeling as satisfying and scary as it did 11 years ago. We chat about the ongoing trials and tribulations of Isaac Clarke after he awakens in a mental hospital aboard a space station on one of Saturn's moons known as The Sprawl, and the endless nightmare he endures thereafter.  How does the story hold up? Is the combat still great? Is the game scary or just relentlessly full-on? What weapons did we use this time? We answer these questions and many more in typical AWIY deep dive fashion.   Don't forget to leave us a review on your pod platform of choice, and head over to @winnerisyoupod on Twitter to get in touch!
Mar 4
1 hr 34 min
Episode 54: The Video Game Draft 2002
We're back on the clock for another Video Game Draft special! This time, it's what we believe to be the greatest games of 2002 that are under the spotlight.  As with before, we are joined by KDB from the Gears Intel and First Aid Spray podcasts (among many others), and once again the three of us take turns to draft 10 games each, then find the Metacritic score for all the games, add it all up and the person with the highest total score at the end wins.  There are some real corkers to choose from 2002 - Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, GTA: Vice City, Urban Yeti!, Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, Jazz Jackrabbit, Resident Evil REmake, and Go! Go! Beckham! Adventure on Soccer Island.  Alex is the current reigning champeen. Can anyone stop his march towards greatness, or will he storm into a 2-0-0 lead?  Don't forget to tweet us @winnerisyoupod or email awinnerisyoupod@gmail.com - and give us a rating on your podcast app, yeah?
Feb 25
1 hr 19 min
Episode 53: Dead Space Remake
Our first new release pod of the year is the bone-chillingly fantastic Dead Space Remake. We're huge fans of the original game, and this remake is the goldest of gold standards on how to do it properly.  We chat about the story, gameplay, world design, and highlight the changes between this and the original game. We loved our time with the game so much that we've decided to dive straight in to Dead Space 2 for the next episode!  Tune in next time for that, and don't forget to tweet any questions or feedback to @winnerisyoupod or email us at awinnerisyoupod@gmail.com
Feb 12
1 hr 57 min
Episode 52: The Video Game Draft 2001
Welcome, one and all, to the inaugural Video Game Draft! We're doing something a little different in 2023 with this bonus new episode type. We got our buddy KDB (@K_D_B_) from the Gears Intel podcast (which also includes the two of us) to join us as we look back on the year 2001 in gaming in a fun and competitive way. The basic premise is that we determine a draft order and then each take turns picking 10 games, one per round for 10 rounds, from everything released in 2001. Once we have our 10 games picked, we then look up the games' individual Metacritic critic review scores, and the person with the highest total for all their 10 games wins.  It starts off pretty easy, as there are a number of huge games from 2001, but as you get down the pecking order and into the later rounds, you're left with more niche or potentially underrated titles. We aim to keep this going for as long as it remains fun, so we'll be keeping a running tally of winners.  We used the Wikipedia page for 2001 games to draft from, so here it is if you want to follow along. Don't forget to tweet us @winnerisyoupod if you want to request a game for us to cover, or just to chat! See you next episode for some Dead Space Remake!
Jan 28
1 hr
Episode 51: God of War Ragnarök
The first game club podcast of 2023 is a game that we properly shafted by not finishing quickly enough for our 2022 GOTY awards! God of War Ragnarök is the very definition of a AAA video game - polished, beautiful, long, engrossing... but is it truly memorable? We talk about the game's mechanics, the story, the cast of characters, the ending, and more! Tie on your Chains of Olympus, load up your wolf-powered sled, make sure your son hasn't disappeared into another realm behind your back, and get ready for A Winner Is You! Don't forget to give us a sub and a rating if you like what you hear (it really helps), get in touch with us on Twitter @winnerisyoupod - we're really friendly if you say nice things about us - and look out for a new feature episode next time around, with a special guest to boot!
Jan 21
1 hr 50 min
Episode 50: Game of the Year 2022
Let's close the 2022 book with an awards ceremony for games that almost exclusively weren't released in 2022! It's the AWIY way, folks. That's right, our GOTY awards are focused on games we've covered on the podcast in the last year, which means we were pitting the likes of Elden Ring and Scorn against a weird and wonderful mix that includes games like Wario Land, Diddy Kong Racing and Wolfenstein 3D! Our awards this year are Best Story, Best Gameplay, Most Bullshit, Best Surprise, Worst Game, Outsider Award for Non-pod Game, and Game of the Year. Have a great 2023, everyone!
Jan 8
2 hr 31 min
Episode 49: 20 Years of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Merry Christmas, y'all! Your gift from AWIY comes lovingly wrapped in slightly damp paper, as we've been sailing the Great Sea in Nintendo's all-time classic - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, now 20 bloody years old! Enjoy chat about the game's fascinating development, reveal, and reception, as well as our own opinions on the visuals, game world, challenge, dungeons, bosses, story and more! It's a two-hour+ buffet of equal parts brilliance and buffoonery. You wouldn't have it any other way. If you're still reading this, thanks for your support this year and we hope you have a great holiday. One more game to go in 2022 (God of War Ragnarök) before the GOTY episode. Stay warm, everyone!
Dec 16, 2022
2 hr 21 min
Episode 48: 25 Years of Diddy Kong Racing
It's finally time for one of the most nailed-on games we've ever covered. Alex's dream of talking about how he's loved DKR for 25 years has come true at last, and you get to join us for almost two hours of fun. We begin by chatting about the game's development, its difficulty and uniqueness in its genre, and its reception and legacy. We also discuss the different characters and bosses and how much joy/pain they respectively gave us. The main event comes in the second half of the pod, as you are cordially invited to a Diddy Kong Racing Dance Party! We rank every track's theme (including a few bonus songs) on our individual tier lists from our very own Nintendo 64 nightclub. Get Ready... Go!
Nov 26, 2022
1 hr 53 min
Episode 47: 20 Years of Metroid Prime
It's party time! We're throwing a podcast birthday bash for the wonderful 2002 classic GameCube gem that is Metroid Prime. We talk about the game's, at time sordid, development history (looking at you, Spangenberg), its importance and legacy, what we love and don't love in terms of gameplay (and no, we're not going to moan about the scanning), the music, the map - the whole lot, basically. You know how we do. Stick on your power suit, set your coordinates for Talon IV, get your x-ray visor ready and let's get down to discussing just how good Metroid Prime is. RELEASE PRIME 4, NINTENDO, YOU COWARDS.
Nov 17, 2022
1 hr 55 min
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