A Slob Comes Clean
A Slob Comes Clean
Dana K. White
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Reality-Based Cleaning, Organizing and Decluttering
267: Getting Unstuck Podcast
In this episode, we discuss: how to avoid getting stuck on the daily tasks (dishes, 5 minute pick up, etc), but finding time to do a major decluttering also. how to move past the visible spaces, so the other rooms that aren’t visible from the front door don’t get pushed to the backburner. how to […]
Oct 22
46 min
266: Be Willing to Experiment Podcast
Those of us who are bewildered by keeping the house under control can, sometimes, be scared of experimenting. Sometimes it’s because we have failed so many times before. We might feel the need to be TOTALLY and completely sure something is going to work so we don’t “waste time” on another strategy. Also, though, we […]
Oct 15
44 min
265: Keyword: Start Podcast
When there’s a big and daunting decluttering project in front of you, the key is to start. Knowing what to do is good, but actually doing it is even better. I’m talking through some decluttering challenges and how to get started on them. Sign up for my newsletter. Become a patron. Sponsor: Get a free […]
Oct 8
27 min
264: The Answer is The 5 Minute Pickup Podcast
I asked for questions over in the patron-only Facebook group, and the answers to about half of them started with, “Well, the 5 minute pickup . . . ” So I put all those questions together and am answering them today. This little habit really is magic, and helps with things like maintaining decluttering progress, […]
Oct 1
46 min
263: Decorating Without Clutter with The Nester
I’m talking to Myquillyn Smith, whom you may know as “The Nester.” I met Myquillyn a few years ago when she invited me to be an author at her Nest Fest event. She’s as nice as she seems online. We talk about decorating and organizing and decluttering and my fears of cute displays turning into […]
Sep 24
56 min
262: Blending Organizing Styles (and more) Podcast
In today’s podcast, I discuss: Finding the balance between how the members of the household like things to be. Finding motivation when you don’t like your house. Overcoming Project Brain and making progress when there isn’t time to do it all. My books Patreon   Sponsors: Go to thirdlove.com/clean and get 10% off your first […]
Sep 17
1 hr 5 min
261: Measuring Progress, Measuring Success Podcast
Schoolwork gets a grade. Losing weight causes a measurable change in the number on the scale. But sometimes it’s hard to measure decluttering success. Or to measure how much your home has improved due to daily habits. Today, I’m talking about ways to measure your success in your home so you can inspire yourself to […]
Sep 10
51 min
260: Rethinking Organizing Podcast
One of my biggest strategies is to let yourself “just declutter” in order to get started and make progress in your home immediately. And decluttering achieves the purpose I was looking for when I thought I needed to “get organized.” But there is value in organizing. And I’ve been thinking about it (and talking about […]
Sep 3
53 min
259: The Thing About Maintenance Podcast
Maintenance. It feels pointless and impossible when there’s so much that needs to be done FIRST! But maintenance, even when the house is in shambles, is the key to making maintainable progress. Really. I’m talking about the parallels between my recent gardening (jungle-recovery) efforts and when I first started my deslobification process. Sign up for […]
Aug 27
40 min
258: Cleaning for “Us” and Not the Doorbell Podcast
The doorbell is a great motivator to get the house clean, but when there aren’t any doorbells coming, motivation can be hard to find! I’m talking about the mental and strategical shifts that help me make real progress in my home even without the motivation of a doorbell. My books Patreon Sponsors: Go to thirdlove.com/clean […]
Aug 20
38 min
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