A Scary Home Companion
A Scary Home Companion
Nathaniel Hensley
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Drinking whiskey in the kitchen and telling scary stories around the fire. Music and mayhem, fearful fiction and furious fact, tall tales and terrible truths.A Scary Home Companion is a dark sinister variety show, featuring original stories and original music
Apex Predators the Conclusion
Screams, blood and bedlam in a public park as Good and Evil collide
Aug 20
44 min
Apex Predators
Closed Casket Jack takes aim at the Priest with Red Hands
Aug 17
46 min
They survived a serial killer, now they have to contend with ghosts of the past
Aug 9
50 min
Emily the Hero
The sadistic child genius has to outwit the cops to save her best friend
Jul 30
48 min
Woman with the Split Mouth
The serial mutilator stalking Atlanta sets her sights on a streetwise Uber driver.
Jul 21
34 min
How to Murder a Ghastly One
Plagued by night terrors, a soldier returns home to get help fighting back
Jul 9
49 min
Chasing Ghosts
A missing woman leads to the Priest with Red Hands and other horrors
Jun 27
20 min
Bedtime Poems for Weird Kids: Death Poetry Jam
Three fun, dark, and gross poems to read to little creeps before bed
Jun 19
34 min
Gunnysack Races
The bloodiest cult ceremony of the year is crashed by three apex predators
Jun 17
48 min
Three friends went to find Bigfoot. Unfortunately, they found him
Jun 7
30 min
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