A Call to Lead
A Call to Lead
Jennifer Morgan
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Product first
Just a critique. Don’t sell yourself, sell the product. See the Marissa Mayer fiasco. I find it disheartening when people start businesses but then claim a CEO title on the business card with 10 employees. Always product over personality. Bottom line over ego. People are will spend their money on a product to make their life better, but not so much just because you are a likable person.
Freddie bag of donuts
Great Insights on Leadership
Thanks for putting together a recap of your Season 1 podcasts. It was my first time listening and I’ll be along for the ride going forward. DMC
Excellent and entertaining
I thoroughly enjoyed each of these engaging episodes. Jen does an incredible job asking questions that we don’t already know the answers to from these influential leaders. I highly recommend, and am excited for season two!
Quality and Genuine
A Call to Lead is thought provoking and interesting. Always valuable and genuine guests and I absolutely love Jennifer Morgan. As a business owner, wife and mother I am AmazonSeller to hear of so many different individual stories that I hadn’t heard before and Jennifer is a true professional who can speak with wisdom and kindness. I can’t wait for the next season to begin.
Jaimee J
I’ve been so impressed with the depth and breadth of the conversations. Jennifer Morgan does an excellent job asking questions and interacting with her guests. Amazing leadership ideas and traits are brought out in context of real people’s work. Love the guests, especially the women, and look forward to another season!
Love love !
Adam Grant episode was incredible! I replayed 3x!
Jen is a great role model and amazing leader. She conducts a great interview and asks what everyone wants to know....never boring. The lineup of speakers this season is very diverse and I love that I can learn something from each episode
Commute favorite
I am a new leader in the public sector and found this podcast quickly through friends. I find this material to be so fascinating and helpful in my work and home life. So many talented women and men sharing their strengths, self care, and paths to success. This is my new commute favorite! Thanks, Jennifer!
Ryan Utah
OCIO/TBM leader
I am updating my review as I am in the middle of listening to the Dana Perino interview. Something occurred to me that I thought Jen should know. In all the fantastic work you are doing on this podcast I have been getting great leadership advice, learning about new topics to research, finding fun stories to share. Then I heard Jen ask Dana what she reads in the morning that makes her so great at what she does. Then I thought, I wonder if Jen knows that’s how others view her podcast. Because one of the things I do to be a better leader is listen to your podcast every week, dig deeper into the most interesting things I learn, and share them. I have been sharing with my daughter & wife, my teams, and people I am in mentoring relationships with. I’m certain I’m not alone, and I thought you should know many of us are better leaders because of you and this simple way you are building us up. I enjoy you being part of my routine. Thank you. This review is being submitted after only one episode, but the quality of the interview warrants it. I found the conversation to be very uplifting. There were relatable moments which will resonate with my team and my family and some that I definitely learned from. Thank you for the opportunity to listen in on this well facilitated conversation!
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Great Thought Provoking Discussions
Jen, all of the episodes have been great. One can never stop improving and growing as a leader, person, friend and follower. You discussions really get me thinking about my own style and areas to focus on. I have shared this with all three of my daughters and encourage them to listen, learn and shape their journey through life by taking the stories, examples and ideas from this and other sources to continue to develop their own authentic style to living life, being happy and giving back to the world around us. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your many conversations to come.
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Jon M from Boston
Useful for everybody
I realize that the target audience is mid level up and coming leaders. That's not where I'm at. I was also concerned that this podcast may be directly primarily toward women and not applicable to guys like me. That is categorically not the case. The episodes that I have listened to so far contain wisdom that is applicable across the sexes and to all organizational levels. If you're just interested in hearing about how successful leaders got where they are at then these episodes are worth a listen. And since Jennifer is accepting suggestions for future guests, may I suggest Emma Walmsley, CEO of GlaxoSmithKline, if she isn't already on the list?
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Bob Bucy
Great & Fun Speech
I heard your commencement speech at JMU. Especially enjoyed the comment “we plan and yet, sometimes life’s events overtake our planning”. Your speech led me to find your podcasts. As a recently retired exec from a large intl firm, I’m always looking to discover new podcasts, new voices. Yours are fantastic. I enjoyed several episodes on the drive back to DC from Harrisonburg. Thank you.
Russ47in DC
Authentic and Fun
I am really enjoying Jen's chats with leaders from all different backgrounds around the globe. She brings the human touch to each interview so that you feel like it is an intimate conversation between friends. She leads with authenticity, kindness and curiosity - a great blend for a leader in 2019! Keep them coming!!
Thank you
Jennifer, Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to publish these podcasts. I find these invaluable, and inspiring.
Refreshing and authentic
I’ll be starting at SAP in the CX team later this month and listening to these podcasts has given me even more enthusiasm for the company and its leadership. Jennifer Morgan is a great host and you can feel her authenticity in every interview. Maybe I’ll get to meet her someday!
A call to lead
I’ve listened to all the podcasts and I liked them all! Jennifer is the best! Great job!
Great Info Presented in a Genuine Way
In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m an SAP employee — which could actually make me a tougher, more skeptical audience. But I have to say, I’ve really been enjoying this podcast series. The interviews have not only been engaging and informative, but feel “real.” Jen Morgan is clearly interested in her guests, both personally and professionally, and does a nice job of getting them to share a lot about themselves, their influences, and their journeys. Looking forward to more great interviews!
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I couldn’t come from a more different place in business than big Corp. but this is in my top 5 podcast list.
Barb the Shopkeeper
All of the Call to Lead Podcasts
As a recently retired employee of SAP, these podcasts are a way for me to stay in touch with Jen Morgan and her guests, some of the most transformational leaders of today. Ellen Baldwin
Intimate access to the best in their fields!
This podcast is so important right now. For a couple of generations now people have been brought up to be followers, consumers, and barely educated workers. Now, we desperately need both the inspiration and wisdom of these business icons to grow a new generation of leaders that will blaze a course for collaborative improvement and communal prosperity. Much thanks and praise for Jennifer Morgan for making this happen!
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Enjoying the journey
As an advocate for balanced leadership worldwide, I’m really enjoying A Call to Lead. Jennifer’s guests across genders illustrates that both men and women brings great leadership qualities that are with modeling.
ATHENA Leaders
Great and down to earth leadership discussion
Enjoy listening to the sessions
Authentic and real
The people who have been interviewed so far are interesting but not overly well known. I know the name but I do not know the whole story in an authentic manner. I love when the open ended questions happen and it is just short and sweet. There is no overly complicated conversation about the answer. Keep it up. It is the perfect length for my daily run!
Loving A Call to Lead
Loving the "A Call to Lead" series with Jennifer Morgan from SAP. Jen is bringing forth some really dynamic and diverse leaders to share their perpectives. Looking forward to who she speaks with next!
I just finish listening to the episode with Simon Sinek, what a great way to view the world we are living in, and the call to continue to learn and innovate. Definitely will be listening to all episodes available.
Grab a coffee and tune in!
Loving the podcasts, please keep them coming! I would love to see a young entrepreneur/ leader featured one week.
A Call To Lead
I’ve listened to all the podcasts and they all provide “jewels/insights” that one can apply to their own life. — also like the “lightening round” portion of the podcasts
JoJo-Apartment 2b
Great podcast with great leadership insights!
I've really enjoyed learning about leadership via the host's questions and the guests' insights. Keep it up!
Great Podcast
I may work for SAP but this is something different. Jen really gets the guests to open up and talk in a different way. Love the podcast and it’s a great listen.
Relevant and real
I listened to all of the episodes so far while driving back from my customer’s city and the drive went by faster than usual. I loved all the interviews. Jennifer has a gift for conversation. She continues to be a role model for me. Frances Frei was so impressive and I loved the authentic and honest discussion about how women are perceived and unconscious bias. I have to admit I barely knew who Gary is but I sure do now and I loved his energy and insights. Adrianna was just flat out incredible. Her comment about her anxiety about her adult daughters hit me in the heart. Mom to mom and I just happen to working on that very same anxiety so at least I’m in good company. As to who else I’d love to hear: Mary Barra. She’s someone else that I greatly admire and relate to; Martha Stewart because she showed us all that women’s interests are worthy of an entire industry and Richard Branson just because he’s amazing. But really anyone Jen wants to talk to is fine with me. I’m all in!
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Love the 2nd episode with Gary V
Enjoyed the direct and in your face discussion with Gary V. Jen, proud to be part of SAP, thank you for sharing these conversations with us.
My very first Podcast.. & I’m hooked!
Loooved the candid and insightful conversation. Jen poses questions subtly but on point and is an amazing interviewer. Adriana provides great content that made me think and in one situation provided an answer to an issue I’ve been mulling over. Super excited for the next podcast!
Learning from leaders
Easy to listen and digest. Real examples and learnings shared, really inspiring. I look forward to future conversations.
Fantastic job
Insightful and interesting dialogue with Jen and Arianna. Looking forward to more inspiring speakers with Jen.
Authentic and Compelling
Finally! An authentic conversation about leadership, how great people think and work, and what goes on in the room where it happens. More, please!
christmas twin
Inspiring Interview
What I loved about this interview was the humanity and transparency shown by Arianna. Sometimes we see Leaders as super human and all-sacrificing. But while Arianna is brilliant, she also has some of the same concerns as everyone else. And we all need a good night’s sleep! Jen Morgan is a comfortable and adept interviewer and pulled out the information that made Arianna relatable. Can’t wait for the next episode.
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Women In Leadership voices
Great interview! It was real and appreciated the dialogue. I would love to hear more about the journey of female leaders!
Jennifer Morgan is Fantastic!
I hightly recomend this podcast. Jennifer Morgan is not only down to earth, but she is also very intelligent and asks great questions.
That conversation you’re dying to overhear
I have heard Arianna Huffington speak in many different mediums, but this podcast brought a fresh perspective. This felt like a frank discussion between two (very successful) working peers. It’s that conversation you’re dying to overhear. I look forward to Jen’s future podcasts... and would love a peek at Arianna’s dating list!
Great to hear two dynamic leaders share ideas. Very inspiring! And the "brialliant jerk" part was quite funny!
Sweet Zealot
Packed with terrific nuggets
Too many takeaways to list here. The summary was extremely helpful to me, as it reinforced a lot of the important talking points.
Emerging leaders toolbox 101
What’s not to love [effortlessly] learning from the most powerful women [and men] in the world? Jennifer Morgan is wildly intelligent and yet, so relatable. Her energy is contagious. Jennifer is truly gifted at getting to the heart of every story while giving listeners tangible takeaways to simply bring the best version of ourself everyday because “we’re so much more than our jobs.” AMEN! I will definitely share A Call to Lead with my thriving friends!
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One of the best
Really good episode with Arianna. Authentic conversation about the future of leadership
The actual truth about leadership
I laughed when she talked about the billion jerk style of leadership... there are so many models in Bay Area. True leaders would have tried whatever ways to find the vulnerabiities of theiri own organization, fix them, but do not try to hide them.
A must listen for dynamic stories from your favorite leaders
Gotta say episode 1 was amazing! I have heard several interviews with Ariana (all great!) but Jen uncovered some unique stories I had never heard. Cannot wait to hear what’s up next!!! Great podcast Jen!
Refreshingly candid and authentic...enjoying it!
Loved the personal stories and the behind the scenes discussion not typically heard in public.
Mike Judge Milwaukee
Great conversation with 2 great leaders
Very enjoyable chat with Jennifer Morgan and Arianna. You inspire us. Keep up the interesting topics, Jennifer.
Sophs iPod
Love it!
Jennifer Morgan is someone who I look up to as a leader. So so happy she released this podcast. As someone who is an early careerist on the path to leadership, I could not think of a more perfect podcast - especially for women! Thank you Jenn.
Gets good towards the middle thru end
Slow start but overall the conversation between Arianna and Jen was fun and informative — especially towards the end, it was very inspiring giving me hope as an up & coming leader.
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