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The Brave Writer podcast is a big juicy conversation about how to bring learning to life for your kids! Julie Bogart and guests talk about how parents and children are partners in the learning adventure, especially when approaching the daunting task of writing. Brave Writer appeals to homeschoolers, educators, and parents who want more out of "school" than merely passing tests. Visit us at and follow along at the blog for show notes:
S6E19. What’s Worth Fighting (About) For?
Let’s discuss the difference between fighting for something and fighting about it.
Sep 23
48 min
S6E18. That Pernicious Topic: Chores
I go over the three myths of childhood chores and how to truly get your child’s buy in on housework, if you find it necessary.
Sep 16
57 min
S6E17. Rigor vs. Relaxed Alertness: The Sweet Spot
Let’s discuss how to balance the temptation to keep homeschooling rigorous enough with getting our children into a state of “relaxed alertness.”
Sep 2
54 min
S6E16. When You Worry About Public School Standards
I answer the question: How can I shed my fear that my children won’t be ready to enter the school system one day? We discuss the difference between being educated and being schooled, being a learner and being a student.
Aug 19
38 min
S6E15. Growing Minds
How do we facilitate learning in a way that encourages joy, curiosity, and the natural inclination to discover new things? Let’s explore how growing minds can absorb the three R’s of education in an interesting and engaging way.
Aug 12
1 hr 10 min
S6E14. Creativity in Teaching
I outline the five steps to creativity in teaching and how, even if you believe you are not a creative person, you can discover imaginative ideas for learning.
Aug 5
1 hr 17 min
S6E13. Joy-Centered Learning for the Reluctant Learner
How do you give your child a well-rounded education when there are certain subjects they refuse to learn? I have a seven-step strategy to incorporate the subjects you have deemed necessary for your child’s academic growth.
Jul 29
51 min
S6E12. Healthy Diverse Homeschool Communities
Homeschooling should reflect a microcosm of society, not shelter children from different viewpoints. Let’s discuss how to create an open, diverse homeschooling community that you and your children can learn from.
Jul 22
53 min
S6E11. Marriage, Divorce, and Homeschooling
One of the hardest decisions to make when your children’s lives and education are at stake is whether or not to stay with your partner or get a divorce. Let’s look at how to know when it’s time to go, what you can do to make staying work, and what to do when there’s no other option.
Jul 15
1 hr
S6E10. Out of the Classroom: Brave Schooling
As we approach a new school year, many people are looking at homeschooling for the first time. How do we facilitate learning at home, possibly while working for hire, without disrupting our child’s education?
Jul 1
52 min
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