90s Rewind
90s Rewind
Barbie Devastation - Spiritual Gangster
3 Friends discussing the best and worst movies of the 90s, the alternate endings to them you never knew existed and the ones that we wish did!
Season 2: Episode 4 - Kazaam
In this episode we discuss Kazaam, the conspiracy theories surrounding a falsely remembered movie “Shazam” and the Mandela effect!
Oct 11
35 min
Season 2: Episode 3 - The Never Ending Story 2: The Next Chapter
There was a lot to hate about this movie but probably the biggest thing was the main character pairing his pizza with orange juice. Also, should there be a gps app that Falcor is the voice for???
Oct 2
47 min
S2: Episode 2 - The Witches
In this episode we discuss what could be considered the most terrifying children’s movie off all time, our dream cast for a Witches reboot, and so much more!
Sep 18
44 min
Season 2: Episode 1 - Total Recall
In our premiere episode of Season 2 we discuss the 1990 sci-fi classic “Total Recall” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone. Take a deep dive with us as we talk about our Kuato origin theories, the best snacks of the 90s, and what Freddie Prinze Jr. and Kevin Bacon have in common...
Sep 10
45 min
Season 2 Announcement!
We’ll be back for a brand new season on September 7th!
Aug 26
11 sec
Episode 14: Twister
This week we’re tackling the 1996 classic “Twister”! In this episode we answer such burning questions as...should this movie have had more dick jokes in it? Is the best word to describe Helen Hunt “effortless”? And also why was the 90s obsessed with CGI cows???
Aug 18
38 min
Episode 13: Death Becomes Her
In this episode we discuss the comedy/horror film “Death Becomes Her” starring Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, and Bruce Willis. We also mull over burning issues such as...what to do with leftover cheesecake and have you ever pooped in a pool? And if so was it out of spite?
Aug 8
32 min
Episode 12: GoldenEye
In this episode we talk about the 1995 James Bond flick “Goldeneye”, and ponder such queries as...what would a James Bond movie focusing on all of his failed relationships look like and does a James Bond blooper reel exist??
Jul 31
26 min
Episode 11: Starship Troopers
Join hosts, Kate, Gary, and Britteny as we discuss the Robert Heinlein novel turned 1997 Sci-fi cult classic “Starship Troopers”. In this episode we discuss such fascinating topics as: Where is your jejunum located? Is Predator sexually attractive? Also are you Team Carmen or Team Dizzy??
Jul 22
1 hr 28 min
Episode 10: Bad Boys
In our 10th Episode of 90s Rewind Podcast we ponder the questions, Can an undercover cop go undercover as an undercover cop? And Should everyone always be in the mood for a burrito? We also discuss the trajectory of Will Smith’s career and a crucial aspect of the ending to this movie that almost didn’t make the final edit!
Jul 14
34 min
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