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8bit Saga is a biweekly RPG podcast from the 8bit Geek Network. Listen in as our mighty heroes play D&D, make terrible jokes, and explore the world they're in. First up, Shadow of the Old Republic, a D&D campaign set in the Star Wars Universe.
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I love this show I sure hope it’s not over.
Out takes starting 2018 are the best part of the show
Star wars scoundrels are the good guys?!?
Love it
Love the comedic storytelling and character development. Would love a random Ewok named Winnie to show up lol, maybe have a major sweet tooth.
Good show better characters
Loved everything about this show from the Music to the characters it was wonderful I just wish that they released more regularly or more often
Crappy Audio
I came over from TAZ and was really excited about the premise for this show. The story and game play are ok so far, but the audio is horrible. I have to keep turning it up and down and still can’t always hear what’s being said. Very disappointed. Hopefully it gets better as I get further in.
Jundar is happy
Jundar loves the story and humor!!!
is gud
They gib the gud suc dic
I’ve never laughed harder
I have been kicked out of my own room by my wife just by laughing to breathlessness at the antics of mark kenobi ~Ebon Quill
Ebon Quill
Best podcast ever!!!!!!
Oh no, my Jacuzzzzzz!!!!
Funniest star wars podcasts
This has to be the funniest star wars podcast I have ever heard
My issue is the fact that the players at this point can buy whatever the want and kill everyone they want. The entertainment factor diminishes when there is no challenge.
AZ Teacher
This show is just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the third time if have listened to the entire show beginning to end and I’m still getting into trouble for laughing so loud at work. Top notch in every way; hopefully y’all will keep making more. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Issa lit
Chubrub and mark kenobi, are and always will be my favorite please give this show a shot
Love it!
Star Wars and D&D rolled into one! I love it!
Amateur Author V
love it!!!
such a great show! keep up the great work!
Everything you hate about Star Wars...
But turned into greatness that you’ll love, crave, and geek with friends about! With how well these guys roll, you’ll think they’re literal Jedi. It’s GWATE!
JD Buffington
This is full of great storytelling and hilarious bits, but the friendships among the players really stands out.
Chub'Brub is Life
I came over from The Adventure Zone and I absolutely love these guys. Definitely more a straight comedy rpg podcast rather than TAZ's dramedy approach, but the production quality is easily on par with TAZ and the characters have become quite fleshed out. Looking forward to the next episode!
Mildly entertaining at best
I started listening to this podcast since it was featured on the adventure zone. I think they said the adventure zone inspired this podcast so I had to give it a try. Even Griffin sounded excited about it. I can firmly say that after giving it a shot and listening to 12 episodes, it’s not that great. I just finished an episode where he said this episode is not as long as the others so I’m just going to talk a whole bunch in the middle. Like fill the time for what? To increase the average show length? The story is OK, the characters are just all right and I do not like how literally everyone including an Ewok can “use the force.“ For example he picked up a piece of meat with the force just because. It’s very stupid stuff like that, that degrade the quality of Star Wars as a whole. Speaking of, they have ample opportunity to use words established in the books like ‘refresher’ and which means means bathroom and ‘car,” which means coffee but they don’t. They say coffee and bathroom, why? And why do they keep calling droids robots? Is it supposed to be funny because I just don’t get it. I’m going to stop here at 12 episodes, good luck with the show guys.
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Funniest real play podcast I have listened to. Highly recommend giving it a listen!
Aaron D. No, wait. A. Drey
Only thing I think should be improved, I don’t know if it is later in the show bc I’m only on 6, is the dm seems to go really silent at times I can’t hear anything he’s saying and that’s with my phone volume and my truck volume at max.
The Mustafar Job
Just started listening to this yesterday (02/06/2018) and I'm already on episode 18. The characters are fun and hilarious. The DM creates great crime stories into this Star Wars Old Republic setting. Highly recommend for anyone who enjoys Star Wars or RPG podcasts.
Hellboy the Bellboy
Faggoty Robot
At least it only took me a minute to episode two to hear this. And everyone laughed.
Epic show
The show is always making me laugh. It is a great concept and they do it well. I have listened to the cast so many times it's crazy it never gets old. They also communicate with their fans which is amazing. Keep it up fellas.
Khaos zombie