The Walking Dead Podcast
The Walking Dead Podcast
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The one to listen to!
I listen while at work and I really enjoy hearing the different opinions about each episode. My husband and I both watch the show but at different times so we can’t discuss the show to each other. This helps give me more to talk about when we do!
I love listening to this show after every episode I hope on and listen to great points and things I didn’t notice this show deserves more love, you guys are awesome keep it up
Chase Puma
Great Walking Dead 'cast
Enjoyable discussion. Thanks so much.
Talking Sped
The overall content of the show isn't bad. they bring in some good insight. My big gripe is Dave and his constant barrage of expletives. Don't get me wrong, I'm no prude. I don't mind an occasional F bomb here and there but with this guy it's constant. If he could hold back on the language this would be an excellent podcast but it really does take away from the others on the show.
Walking Deaders
It's a good podcast with a bit of a different twist on how its done. They do a feed back show and at the end they leave you enough time to do a spoiler spot about the comics.