Podcasting Q&A
Podcasting Q&A
On Podcasting Q&A, you'll hear the best tips and strategies to launch, grow, and monetize your podcast. Whether it's getting more podcast listeners, promoting your podcast on social media, or how to produce high-quality episodes in your editing software, Podcasting Q&A has everything you need to succeed. New episodes come out every Monday.
Pay to promote your show in podcast apps
There aren't many digital advertising platforms that work for podcasters, mainly because strategies like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords aren't designed to measure how many subscribers you receive from a particular ad campaign.That's where third-party...
Feb 21
10 min
Do you need to use a Guest Release Form for your podcast?
Paul from Are You Ready to Roll? asks, "How prudent should I be about getting guest release forms for my podcast?"TL;DRGuest release forms are one of those things that you'll hear a lot about in the podcasting industry, but you won't necessarily find a...
Feb 14
6 min
How to make your podcast stand out
Trevor from 1PDnD asks, "How do you stand out when there's quite a few podcasts in your category?"TL;DRIt is true that as podcasting has grown over the last several years, certain categories and certain types of shows have become more saturated. But...
Feb 7
5 min
Five ways to promote a brand new podcast
Jack from Reading Caste with Jack asks, "How can I promote my brand new podcast?"TL;DRWhen you first launch a podcast, promotion is just as important as recording and releasing new podcast episodes. But which strategies work best when you're first...
Jan 31
4 min
How to get the best results with Magic Mastering
Marisa from the Live Blissed Out podcast asks, "What adjustments should I make to my podcast episodes when using Magic Mastering?"TL;DRMagic Mastering is a new feature that we recently added in Buzzsprout that allows you to automatically mix and master...
Jan 24
4 min
Should you create an LLC for your podcast?
Jared from the Remarkable People podcast asks, "When should create an LLC for your podcast?"TL;DRJust as a disclaimer, we are not legal or tax experts but we have formed a few LLCs in our time (so take our advice with a grain of salt). Filing an LLC for...
Jan 17
6 min
Add Pre-Rolls and Post-Rolls with Dynamic Content
In today's special episode, we're breaking down Buzzsprout's newest feature - Dynamic Content.Leave a comment in the post pinned to the top of the Buzzsprout Podcast Community Facebook Group to let us know how we can make Dynamic Content even...
Jan 10
6 min
How to repurpose old podcast episodes
Tim from the Thinking Nutrition podcast asks, "What's the best strategy for republishing old content??"TL;DRRepublishing or repurposing your old podcast content is an excellent way to highlight your best content, revisit old topics that are newly...
Jan 3
5 min
How important are podcast reviews?
Dr. Varsha from Women and Shakespeare asks, "How important are podcast reviews?"TL;DRPodcast reviews are one of the primary ways that you can hear from your listeners and learn just what they like about your show. They also serve as social proof for new...
Dec 27, 2020
3 min
How to pull off a podcast collaboration
Ashley from Dear Food asks, "What tips do you have for collaborating with other podcasters?"TL;DRCollaborating with other podcasters is a fantastic way to grow your network of personal connections and grow your podcast's audience. But what's the best...
Dec 20, 2020
6 min
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