Podcasting Q&A
Podcasting Q&A
On Podcasting Q&A, you'll hear the best tips and strategies to launch, grow, and monetize your podcast. Whether it's getting more podcast listeners, promoting your podcast on social media, or how to produce high-quality episodes in your editing software, Podcasting Q&A has everything you need to succeed. New episodes come out every Monday.
Three tricks to get great audio from your podcast guests
Andrea from the Italy: Inside Out podcast asks, "How do I get good audio from my guests when all they have is their laptop microphone?"TL;DRIt's very common to have podcast guests (especially long-distance podcast guests) that don't have any recording...
Nov 22
5 min
How to add intro and outro music to your podcast
Alan from Discovering and Living the Best Version...of YOU! asks, "What's the best way to add intro and outro music to a podcast episode?"TL;DRCreating a high-quality podcast intro using some great music is an excellent way to introduce yourself and...
Nov 15
3 min
Four beginner mistakes to avoid at all costs!
Jared from the All Things Connected podcast asks, "What are some classic beginner mistakes we should avoid?"TL;DRWhile every podcaster is bound to make mistakes from time to time, there are certainly some best practices and things to steer clear from...
Nov 8
4 min
How to use Patreon for your podcast
Jacob from Saft Podcast asks, "How should I use Patreon for my podcast?"TL;DRPatreon is a platform that allows your dedicated listeners to financially support your show in exchange for perks, exclusive episodes, and behind-the-scenes content.In this...
Nov 1
3 min
Get to know our newest PQA host
In this episode, you'll hear how our newest host, Badr Milligan, started his first podcast in a barn and why he's excited about becoming a contributor to Podcasting Q&A.  Record your podcasting question at Speakpipe.com/Buzzsprout to be featured on...
Oct 29
3 min
The complete guide to podcast sponsorships
Jordan from the Dreamful podcast asks, "How do you find companies that want to sponsor your podcast?"TL;DRPodcast sponsorships and host-read ads are the two of the more popular strategies for monetizing your podcast, but it can difficult to land...
Oct 25
10 min
How often should you publish new podcast episodes?
Kathryn from There She Goes: Solo Travel podcast asks, "How often should you publish new podcast episodes?"TL;DRThere are a few well-worn publishing frequencies that tend to work for podcasts. Some of the more popular ones are weekly, bi-weekly, daily,...
Oct 18
4 min
How to get a job in podcasting
Kerry-Ann from the Carry On Friends podcast asks, "How do you leverage your skills to get a full-time job in podcasting?"TL;DRThere are a number of ways that you can break into the podcasting industry. Some jobs require you to leverage one skill really...
Oct 11
6 min
How to identify your podcast's niche
Harsha from the Two Cents on Thursday podcast asks, "How do you decide which niche to focus on for your podcast?"TL;DRRecording a podcast with multiple hosts is a lot of fun. You're able to lean on one another to create the content, and the fun banter...
Oct 4
4 min
How to record multiple people at the same time
Jamie from the The Smash Quiz podcast asks, "What are the best practices for recording multiple hosts for a podcast?"TL;DRRecording a podcast with multiple hosts is a lot of fun. You're able to lean on one another to create the content, and the fun...
Sep 27
7 min
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