5 Minute Meditation
5 Minute Meditation
Keith Blakemore-Noble
Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. Although common to many religions (including Hinduism and Buddhism), meditation itself is not a secular or even spiritual activity, with many applications for it being found in non-spiritual contexts, such as business and health. Meditation may significantly reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, It can enhance peace, calmness, and well-being. Research is ongoing to better understand the effects of meditation on health (psychological, neurological, and cardiovascular) and other areas. Although great success in meditation tends to follow in-depth practise for extended periods of time, it is possible to at least start to get some benefits even with short spells of meditating. Such as a quick 5 minutes each day. Which is where this podcast comes in, with a new meditation added every Monday. These are designed to be suitable for everyone from complete beginner to seasoned professional, and all stages in between. In short – if you have ever fancied giving meditation a go, these 5 minute meditations are a great starting point!
Solution Within
What would it look like if you had the solution to that problem? Let's find out with this 5 minute meditation!
Jul 31
5 min
Our 50th episode, so let's Go for Gold in health, wealth, and happiness with this relaxing and refreshing 5 minute meditation.
Jul 17
5 min
A simple meditation you can use at any time to calm the breath and thus calm the mind and body.
Jul 3
5 min
Power of Fire
Let's use the cleansing and healing power of fire to metaphorical let go of what's holding you back.
Jun 26
5 min
Sit back, relax, close your eyes, and allow this meditation to help you to experience a deep feeling of peace, tranquility and transcendence.
Jun 12
5 min
The Beach
Let's spend a few minutes at the beach, washing our worries away...
Jun 5
5 min
Who Are You?
Who are you? It's a very common question, often asked, but do you really know the answer? Let's find out!
May 29
5 min
Standing Observation
Let's explore a different form of meditation this time, one which opens our eyes to what's going on around us!
May 22
5 min
The Forest
Come on a relaxing trip into the forest, where we receive an uplifting message from an unexpected source.
May 15
5 min
A short meditation to help to let go and start to overcome grief from a loss, whether it's of a person or a relationship.
May 8
6 min
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