5 Minute Meditation
5 Minute Meditation
Keith Blakemore-Noble
Easy 5 minute guided meditations to improve your day, suitable for all from absolute beginner to seasoned professional.
Zoom, FaceTime, Skype - the list of video call options is seemingly endless, and they are all a core part of our lives these days. But how can we make the most of them, avoid fatigue, and be truly ourselves on them?
Apr 5
5 sec
Reduce Anxiety
We can all face moments where we feel anxiety - here is a quick way to regain a sense of calm and relaxation.
Mar 28
5 sec
Spring Clean
Spring – a perfect time for a Spring Clean of our homes - and the perfect time for a good Spring Clean of our mind / soul / thoughts.
Mar 22
5 sec
Body Scan
Doing a scan of every part of our body, seeing what's going on, how it's all feeling, and noticing what our body wants to tell us.
Mar 15
5 sec
Come To Your Senses
An eye-open meditation enabling us to come to our senses, quite literally. A great way to take a break any time you feel the need for one.
Mar 8
5 sec
Basic Meditation
How do we meditate? What if I get it wrong? This basic meditation offers an easy guide to help you experience how easy meditation is.
Mar 1
5 sec
What is meditation? What is 5 minute meditation about? Is it suitable for me? This episode answers these questions and more.
Feb 28
5 sec