5 Minute Meditation
5 Minute Meditation
Keith Blakemore-Noble
Easy 5 minute guided meditations to improve your day, suitable for all from absolute beginner to seasoned professional.
Off Switch
No matter how we attempt to relax, sometimes our thoughts stray constantly and without boundary. Here's a useful way to turn them off.
Sep 5
5 min
Life can seem so full of problems, so let’s spend just 5 minutes of meditation to allow ourselves to find a solution to one of them…
Aug 22
5 min
Happy Place
Imagined or real experience, we all have our own Happy Place. Let's spend a few minutes getting to know it, so we can quickly visit any time.
Aug 6
5 min
A large part of meditation is about learning detachment from our thoughts, and so let's have a little fun with that in this 5 minute meditation!
Jul 4
5 min
Let's explore your own personal paradise in this 5 minute meditation - a paradise to which you can return as often as you choose!
Jun 27
5 min
This 5 minute meditation gives us a simply way to re-establish those connections with everyone and everything on the planet.
Jun 20
5 min
Here we have an opportunity to cultivate mindfulness and concentration, whilst also strengthening our ability to recognise our experience.
Jun 13
5 min
We constantly experience a barrage of sensations every moment of every day, but when did you last take time out to just experience them?
Jun 6
5 min
Examining The Problem
Big or small, we all face many problems in life. Allow this meditation to help you adjust your perception and solve your problem.
May 30
5 min
When we simply sit and listen, without judgement meaning, it's amazing the sounds which come to us. Let's spend 5 minutes just listening.
May 23
5 min
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