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John DeMaris, Steve Joll, Alex Bainter, Seamus Ronan, Tanya Gates
Your daily dose of whats happening in the World of Warhammer 40,000.
MiniWarGamer Dave, A "Normal Bloke" and Orktober Hobby Tipz from GearGutz
On today's show Kyle Reekie from Gear Guts' Mek Shop gives us several tips on how to paint models FAST. Steve talks to Liam Hackett from Australia's WTC team about his podcast "the Normal Blokes" and the state of 40k in Australia. Skari sits down with Dave from MiniWarGaming about the myriad of different projects he has created over the years: from MWG to his children's book.
Oct 28
31 min
A YouTube Legend, a Tabletop Titan, a Falcon and another Woman in Warhammer
Winters SEO is a batrep pioneer and he talks to Quipster about his open struggle with mental health and his recent jump to full time content creator. Adrian from Tabletop Titans talks to Steve about the new codices and how the factions work in 9th. And Tanya sits down with Maya to talk about what kept her away from Warhammer, what eventually drew her in, and her kitbashed Sisters army. All that, plus the Falcon's meta update.
Oct 20
36 min
We Talk to a Deaf Hobbyist and Nick Nanavati Gives Us a Coaching Tip
Tanya talks to Jason Weimar, a deaf player and painter who gives us advice on how to help deaf folks at the game table. And John meets up with Nick Nanavati, who is hot off his Warhammer Community feature, to give us a tip to elevate our game.
Oct 8
15 min
The Winner of No Retreat Talks About Space Wolves, and Is Mini Painting Truly Art?
On today's episode Steve sits down Fletcher Giles, the winner of No Retreat 9, to talk about Space Wolves, and what makes the tournament so fun. And Tanya sits down with Twitch and commission painter Captain MaddLove to discuss whether or not miniature painting is truly art or not.
Oct 7
15 min
An Artist Making Custom 40K Fine Art and Iron Hands Win Again!
On today's show Skari talks to artist Kasia Virlandil about their 40k inspired commissioned fine art. And Peter the Falcon talks to John Lennon about his Iron Halo win.
Oct 6
27 min
BBone's Fundraiser For A Great Cause and a Hands-on Look at New Necrons
Bbone from Tabletop Tactics stopped in to tell Tanya about his Sober October Fundraiser for CALMzone, a men's mental health charity. And we get part 2 of Skari's hands-on codex review: this time for Necrons. Is the hype justified?
Oct 5
18 min
Hands-on New Codex Review with Archon Skari and A Unique Painting Tip
On today's show Steve talks to Skari about his thoughts on the new Marine codex now that he has had his hands on it and played a game with the new rules; and Tanya gets a painting tip from Emma of Dice'n Demons YouTube channel.
Oct 4
19 min
A New Team Member, Falcon's Meta Analysis, Defence of Dal'yth and a GT for a Great Cause.
Our Saturday Round Up is a selection of great stories from the week and the Falcon analyzes the meta for us.
Oct 2
30 min
A Tournament Raising Money for a Child Battling Cancer; and an Art of War Coach Talks with his Student.
A bunch of really great dudes in New South Wales raised money through a GT for a Child with Leukemia; and Tanya talks with her 40k coach, Alex Macdougall to give you an idea of what coaching looks like and what it can do for you.
Oct 2
13 min
Playing Warhammer in Hong Kong, and How To Win Tournaments With Demons.
On today's show, our new team member Quipster talks to the Sandman to get the details about what its like playing in London compared to Hong Kong; and Steve sits down with Sam Whitt to talk about his recent win with Chaos Demons at the New Zealand GT.
Oct 1
18 min
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