3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms
3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms
Rachel Nielson
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30-minute podcasts with 3 doable takeaways to make your family life a little better each week. Hosted by Rachel Nielson, a mother, writer, and podcaster
153: How to Actually Hear Your Spouse // Yvette and Glen Henry
Glen and Yvette Henry from Beleaf in Fatherhood and the "How Married are You?!" podcast are on the show to talk about how to actually hear your spouse in life's busiest seasons.
Oct 26
34 min
152: Part 2! What are YOUR Three Takeaways?
The birthday celebration continues with part two of our #my3in30 episode where we hear from mothers from the 3 in 30 community who recorded their own unique takeaways.
Oct 19
34 min
151: 3 Pillars of Meaningful Motherhood (learned from 3 years of 3 in 30!)
After hosting 150 episodes of 3 in 30, I've seen some themes emerge that have added so much meaning to my motherhood.
Oct 12
28 min
150: What are YOUR Three Takeaways? // #my3in30
6 mothers from the 3 in 30 community share their 3 unique takeaways on everything from healing after sexual abuse to helping your kids enjoy math!
Oct 5
26 min
149: Teaching Children about Disability // Amy Webb
How to have nuanced conversations with your children about differences and empathy
Sep 28
36 min
148: Teaching Children How To Navigate Friendships // Deana Thayer and Kira Dorrian
3 principles for teaching your children how to choose and be a good friend
Sep 21
32 min
147: Teaching Children How to Advocate for Themselves // Dr. Traci Baxley
YOU are your child’s most important teacher! Especially when it comes to teaching them self advocacy skills! This back-to-school series is back again this year, as we discuss how to have important conversations with our kids that will set them up for success at school, work, and throughout life.  Our guest to kick-off the series is https://socialjusticeparenting.com/about-me/ (Dr. Traci Baxley) who has been an educator for over 30 years with degrees in child development, elementary education, and curriculum and instruction. She specializes in belonging, diversity and inclusion, social justice education, race identity, anti-bias curriculum. She is also the creator of Social Justice Parenting™, a parenting philosophy that moves families from fear-based parenting to parenting from a place of radical love, for themselves, their children and humanity.  On top of all of that, Dr. Baxley is a mother to five children, and she is passionate about teaching them how to courageously advocate for themselves and their unique needs. Three Takeaways on How to Teach Your Children Self Advocacy SkillsSpend time getting to know your child and helping them reflect on their strengths and weaknesses.  Support children in articulating their needs by giving them a thorough understanding of their unique needs, whether those are diagnosed conditions that you want them to understand about themselves or simply just personality preferences and learning styles.  Teach children to brainstorm who could be on their support team or what resources might help them and write it out in advance. Show Notes https://socialjusticeparenting.com/ (Dr. Traci Baxley’s website) https://www.instagram.com/socialjusticeparenting/?hl=en (Dr. Traci Baxley’s Instagram) Join me for a free class on podcasting this month! https://podcastuniversity.mykajabi.com/freeclass (podcastu.co/freeclass) https://slate.com/podcasts/how-to (How To Podcast with Charles Duhigg) https://3in30podcast.com/bravery/ (Bravery Magazine) Related Episodes https://3in30podcast.com/captivate-podcast/advocate/ (Episode 047: How to Respectfully Advocate for Your Children // Emily Orchard) https://3in30podcast.com/captivate-podcast/141/ (Episode 141: Raising Children with Chronic Conditions // Andelin Price) Last Year’s Series https://3in30podcast.com/captivate-podcast/how-to-talk-to-your-kids-about-sex/ (Episode 099: How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex // Kristin B. Hods)on https://3in30podcast.com/captivate-podcast/educate-and-empower-your-kids/ (Episode 100: How to Talk to Your Kids about Pornography // Dina Alexander) https://3in30podcast.com/captivate-podcast/talking-about-skin-tone-with-brownicity/ (Episode 101: Why & How to Talk to Your Kids about Skin Tone & Race // Dr. Lucretia Berry) Sponsor Many thanks to this month’s sponsor, http://betterhelp.com/3in30 (BetterHelp), the world’s largest provider of online therapy! Use the code 3IN30 for 10% off your first month!
Sep 14
34 min
146: How to Have Grace-Filled Political Conversations with Family & Friends // Sarah Stewart Holland & Beth Silvers
Sep 7
40 min
145: How to Make Reading with your Kids More Fun & Less Stressful // Janssen Bradshaw
3 simple tweaks to make reading aloud more fun and effective for your family!
Aug 31
36 min
144: Make Over your Morning Routines // Crystal Paine
3 tips for creating productive and empowering mornings
Aug 24
31 min
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