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Deion Sanders has always defined his own brand and controlled his own narrative. Considered one of the greatest athletes of all times, Deion has no shortage of perspective, motivation, or opinions. Alongside his co-host, Jamie Dukes, an insider in his world, Deion will invite some of the most polarizing and magnetic athletes, personalities, politicians, entertainers, and everyday folks to discuss the hardest hitting issues and the biggest headlines in the world today. They will explore the influence these guests have on everything from politics and family to music and fashion, nothing is off limits. Provocative opinions, hilarious banter, challenging questions, and heated debate, there’s no telling what they will say next. Welcome to 21st & Prime, presented by Barstool Sports
EPISODE 108: Wrong Guy For The Job?
On today's episode of 21st & Prime, the guys discuss what makes The Cowboys so dominant so far this season, and was Dan Campbell actually the right guy for Detroit? This and so much more, enjoy!
Oct 21
36 min
On today's episode of 21st & Prime, Coach describes the incredible, record setting turnout Jackson State had at their homecoming game on Saturday as they beat Alabama State 28-7. One of their running backs, got a surprise of a lifetime after the game, and Rone introduces Coach Prime to the Island Bois! This and so much more, enjoy!
Oct 19
41 min
On today's episode of 21st & Prime, the guys discuss how the Cowboys are the clear favorite in the NFC East, with Zeke looking like old Zeke. They also discuss Kyrie's absence from The Nets, some more Ben Simmons drama, and of course some Barstool Sports drama. Great show today, enjoy!
Oct 14
32 min
On today's episode of 21st & Prime, the guys discuss the Jon Gruden situation, as he is officially out as the Raiders' head coach. They also discuss if a struggling Chiefs team can figure it out, and is Alabama no longer the kings of the SEC? That and so much more! Enjoy!
Oct 13
49 min
On today's episode of 21st & Prime, the guys discuss the negative effect Ben Simmons' hold out has on himself, and his future. They also discuss the loaded Super Bowl Show halftime show this year, and if you could have just one piece of sports history, what would it be? That and so much more on today's episode. Enjoy!
Oct 7
45 min
Fresh off of JSU's bye week, Coach Prime, Rone & Professor Dukes discuss Tom Brady's emotional return to Foxborough, and Mac Jone's impressive response. They also argue Alabama's dominance, and if this could possibly be the year for Georgia to take the throne in the SEC. From Urban Meyer's personal life to the value of the modern day running back, today's show is LOADED! Tune in and enjoy!
Oct 5
43 min
Episode 102: Avoiding Accountability
On today's episode of 21st & Prime, Philly nativie Rone, Coach Prime, and Professor Dukes have a few words on the actions of Ben Simmons, who has absolutely no intention of playing in Philadelphia EVER AGAIN! Plus, was it too early to hand the keys over to Justin Fields? Loaded show today, download, listen and enjoy!
Sep 30
41 min
Episode 101: A Toe Up on the Competition
On today's episode of 21st & Prime, Prime discusses the difficulty and importance of coaching his team to victory just a few days removed from surgery on his toe. The guys also get into the wild weekend around the NFL, and college football, specifically Clemon's struggles, and a player on Ohio State who wouldn't take no for an answer! It's a loaded show today, sit back and enjoy!
Sep 26
44 min
On today's episode of 21st & Prime, Coach, Rone and The Professor discuss the shenanigans at the Emmys, the classiness of a certain fan from Pittsburgh, and a reaction from a few words Sha'carri Richardson had for Usain Bolt. It's a fun show today, enjoy!
Sep 23
41 min
On this episode of 21st & Prime Coach Prime, Rone, and Professor Dukes touch on Jackson State's first loss in the 2021 season, NFL Week 2 action, and the distances high school football coaches will go to ensure their game is getting officiated fairly. As always, it's a packed show!
Sep 19
45 min
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