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Always makes me smile which is needed these days!
I really love this show. The chemistry between the hosts makes me smile each and every episode. The show is the perfect mix of banter between the ladies followed by really funny comedians - IDK how anyone could dislike this podcast.
Covid Cure
Finding your podcasts and listening to them every day saved me. You made me laugh when I was scared and you helped know where to start my “woke” journey when the protests made me feel lost. Thank you, from another white person who now knows to not touch the hair.
Best Podcast!!
I love these two ladies SO MUCH!! I really hope you are coming back one day. Miss you loads! You’ve made me laugh during some of my toughest days and let me forget for a little while and laugh like a crazy person!!
Are you coming back?? Miss you gals!!!
This is literally the funniest pod I’ve ever listened to!! My sister keeps catching me laughing to myself while listening!
Row Kiefer
It’s a rare thing for me to actually chuckle out loud but this happens multiple times while listening to these women banter. And their guests aren’t too shabby either. I’ve been listening nonstop for approx 3 days and it’s giving me sweet sweet reprieve from my usual news obsession and various other ‘rona related stressors. Keep it up loves, I like you a lot.
Great show. I wish it was still around.
I miss this show so much.
I have listened to every episode multiple times! This is easily my favorite podcast!
I listened to the trailer and some of the 1st episode. They clearly hate white people. They aren’t that funny either. Next.
Dear Dope Queens,
Do you guys sell hard or soft? -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
I sneak and listen to this at work with my headphones. I can not help but LOL
Miss you!
When are you chicas coming back!!! You are my sanity!!!
The. Best.
I totes love catching up on this show! I’m just starting to listen so I have lots to entertain me on the way to work. I’m coming off of catching up on Righteous and Ratchet
I Lerve Two Derp Queens
I look up to you guys so much. You’ve given so many talented and lovely people a platform to make laughs and share stories. Also, I can’t stop using Phoebe’s abbreviated words. Every time I say “cunch” instead of country, I think of y’all. Keep doing what you’re doing. You both are amazing.
cait knight
I miss this podcast
I still go back and listen to this podcast. It has so much good content. The talent these two women have is unparalleled. And the guest comedians are stars. Get your education!
I love y’all
I am a HA-white male and I started listening to y’all last year, I’ve binged through every episode and listened to all of sooo many white guys too. You girls are so amazing and genuine and beautiful, I’ve always been open minded but you both have really taught me a lot of things about culture and woman among other things. I recommend you to everyone, I love y’all and wish y’all nothing but success!!
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Favorite podcast EVER!!!
Never liked podcasts until I listened to this one!!! I love Phoebe and Jessica with all my heart-They are the definition of girl power 💗💗
Thank you. Thank you. Thannnnnk you!! I love this podcast. It’s a hilarious beacon in the sea of self loathing white guy with podcasts! I laugh so much tears run down my legs. I love you, Queens!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work. 💕💕💕💕
You’re the best!
Miss you guys! Hope everything’s okay with Jess. Might there be another podcast season soon?
best pod everrrrr!
I wish I would have had these queens in my life a long time ago. The humor mixed with their smarts and wit, is a true delight! Black girl magic.
love that there is an audience
it really makes a difference
the harleen quinzel
I’m so conflicted! I was introduced to your show on a 10 hour round trip drive to Phoenix from Las Vegas and clearly became obsessed. Now there are no new episodes and hurts my heart. Starting from the beginning now, please come back!
Please come back
I miss this show so much. I still haven’t found anything else as good
I loved this podcast but no new episodes in a long time. Has it been cancelled?
Boo Bear 51#
It be that way sometimes chief
Laughter really is the best medicine
I’ve had a difficult year but listening to The 2Dope Queens makes life more bearable. These ladies are funny, and I love that they bring on so many other funny people to help me get through the day. I’m so glad I was told to listen to their podcast...starting my day by listening to Phoebe and Jessica really helps!
My new favorite
I just discovered this podcast and I laugh my way to work everyday. The interview with Tom Hanks is my favorite
Yasss Queens Yasss!
This podcast makes me laugh and smile every episode. Some of their guests are people I’ve heard and others are new to me that I want to start following! Their bestie relationship reminds me of me and my bestie and every time I can’t help but feel great. They empower women and give a platform to so many performers and comedians that 100% deserve it!!!!
The best podcast out there
This is the podcast that began it all for me. You will love this podcast no matter who you are. I cannot recommend enough. If you don’t like it, go to therapy. If you’re in therapy, bring it up with your therapist immediately. One of a kind.
Even Better Than That!
They’re hilarious and even kind while still being critical and did I say hilarious?
Sooo freakin good...
Smart, on point and accessible
2 Dope Queens Reign Supreme!
My fave podcast! It’s like my best friend and I hanging out. What a great way to pay it forward and promote upcoming comics. Loved the Jon Stewart cameo. Thought Jess was hysterical the first time I saw her on the Daily Show.
For more podcasts from these two funny humans!!! I will take what they give and enjoy, my favorite is the Michelle Obama podcast .
Lit-trelly LOVE these two. They get me through my days and I could listen/watch them forever.
Sad its over :(
I got on the band wagon a bit late but I love this show. Its funny, I get to hear/check new comedians and I learn something new about people. This was an amazing show and I’m glad they created it and kept it going for as long as they did. I hope the both continue to create amazing things. Forever a huge fan
Two dope queens
These girls are hilarious!!😃❤️😘
GIRLS! Where You At?!?!?
I LOVE this podcast but don’t tell me you’re all done.
Love this podcast!
I love Phoebe and Jessica, and they do a great job with the guest lineups. I’m often laughing out loud at work and embarrassing myself. Thanks y’all!
Found these girls on a Forbes list and saw that Jessica Williams is one of the host (clearly I’m not that great of a fan) so I had to check it out and absolutely enjoyed the episode with Michelle Obama. Ive only listened to one episode and already committed to this journey of growing with these two ladies. 2 comedians that are WOC and culturally relevant. Sign me up! ❤️
Thank you!
Ladies! Sisters! Thank you! I’d appreciate how you ladies bring reality to my life at home, and at work. Also how you bring comedians from different backgrounds to light. Honestly seriously like the modern sex and the city version! Why? Because the comedians talk about relatable situations from walking down broadway being cat-called to actually life the couples life! Thank you once again! Love y’all and the comedians! Laughs all the way!! ❤️❤️🖤❤️❤️💋
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Mr. The Fame
Extremely entertaining
The hosts, Jessica and Phoebe are hilarious together. This podcast always puts me in a good mood and has me laughing out loud by myself. Great to binge listen and just as funny the second and third listen. Would like to hear more from Jess and Pheebs and less from the guest comics but can’t complain! YQY
Love you ladies
Subscribe, so glad someone mentioned this podcast to me.
My Ovas just High Fived Each Other
Who are these Sociopaths giving this pod cast a 1 star!? I have listened to every episode. Came late in the game so started on the 1st Ep to the interview with MICHELLE OBAMA!!!!! Took me about a week to catch up. Thank you for your guys truth, power candidness and showcasing comedians who are POC and LGBT. I’m a comedian as well from the SF Bay Area and it’s a joy to hear my Bay Area Comedian Friends that I Came up with on here.
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Love these two!!
Love this podcast
I’ve learned and laughed so much from listening to Phoebe and Jessica and the guests they have on this show. Deeply appreciate this podcast and the two queens who’ve created it! Also, highly recommend Phoebe’s podcast Sooo many white guys!
Jessica and Phoebe are amazing
This podcast is everything ❤️
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