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Really, really well done.
Charles Sl_ck
Things you didn’t know about Lincoln’s assassination.
What a well done podcast. The story is so interesting and so much more in depth than we were taught in school.
Worth a listen...but
The podcast is well-written and acted but overproduced. The acting is awesome but the producers felt a mind boggling need to punctuate perfectly good scenes with overbearing musical interludes more suited to low-rent soap opera than historical fiction. Skip the “behind the scenes.” The political commentary on modern events is annoying and takes away from the interesting historical story.
Great script but background chirp is insufferable
I thought I had a bad belt while driving when listening to episodes.
This podcast is extremely well done. You get a feel that you are actually right there in the room where things are happening.
This is the best podcast I’ve ever had the privilege to listen to. The voice actors were first rate, and the dialogue was exceptional. I loved it! I hope there is more to come. Maybe 1866??
Mike Ramona
Incredibly Entertaining Historical Drama
This is a MUST for any history nerds. It is a great, engaging dramatization. It strikes just the right note of history exposition and character development.
Democratic propaganda
This podcast was enjoyable until they started trying to change history by telling lies to make the Democrats look like the good guys. If you know your history, that’s far from the truth.
Fascinating history and excellent performance!
Bravo Wondery!
History comes alive
This podcast is an immersive experience unlike any other. Every episode takes you back to 1865 and all the fascinating things that were happening in America. It is great for those who are not familiar with the events of this time period as well those who are. Most Amateur history buffs will very likely gain some information they did not know. It is well researched and perfectly executed. I highly recommend this podcast to all of my friends.
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False facts
First Kamala Harris is NOT BLACK, she is Hindu Indian (mother) and raised as such, Father is Jamaican, and they are not Black, just ask one and they’ll set you straight, they are West Indies. Stop lying Wondery!!!!
Would have rated a 5 but...
Started off really enjoying this drama, but I immediately noticed the bias with the modern day democratic spin deliberately put into the story! And would also really love fact checks, unbiased, of course on these stories! I gave it the benefit of the doubt and continued to listen because I do enjoy history, but when the writer stated “Johnson was the worst president up until 2016” and “republicans have to choose between party or country,” are you KIDDING me!! Now I don’t believe you know much at all about politics and I will not be listening to any future episodes!! And the fact you ask for money to support the show is hilarious and just like a true Democrat!
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A Rare Find
This is unequivocally, the best podcast available for listeners that seek historical fiction, audio dramas, and anything in between. Lindsay Graham and crew do a masterful job. The production value is amazing. This is the type of show that you binge, and then save to listen to again and again. I cannot recommend highly enough.
This was an amazingly well done podcast. Already sent it to my dad and will definitely send to others.
Bab P
Dearth grub
Nice podcast
This is a nicely done podcast but unfortunately they leave things out and paint the south as the only bad people but truthfully both sides had slaves and there was simply more the the history that people refuse to wanna except
Not a history peep
I have never gotten into history at school but ohhhh!!!! How I wished it was this fascinating then as it is in this podcast! I loved it! And wanting more! I can’t believe I love history told this way. I have shared this podcast with my friend and family to gather more audiences for it.
Worth Your Time
The entire series is tremendously compelling, every detail and character do a great job of drawing the listener in.
If I could give 10 stars I would
The acting, music, sound design, producing, story telling, editing, is so spot on, it’s incredibly entertaining and educational, I would give this 10 stars if I could.
Events United
This is one of the best history lessons I’ve ever had. As a history nerd, I knew almost nothing about the details and scandal of this period and I’m now obsessed.
Sound design and acting were wonderful
If you like history, Lincoln, the civil war, then you have to try this. I found out lots of stuff that I didn't know about the post assassination time. Bonus--the good place fans will hear a familiar voice.
Not bad!
This is a good podcast. I don’t love it, but it’s pretty good. Makes me laugh at the fact that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are running for office. Lol TRUMP 2020 KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!!!!!
Just plain brilliant and awesome
Please turn this into a TV miniseries!
Absolutely fantastic!
Very well done on all levels!
Modern call backs a little much
Well done, but lost me when President Johnson uttered the words ‘bogus news’. Yeah we get it - he’s Trump. Please stick with real history. It’s so much more interesting. People just want an escape from the daily political bickering.
Wow. How is this not already TV show!?
Can’t remember another podcast that completely enraptured me from the first 5 min. of the first episode through to the end. Amazing. This NEEDS to be a TV show.
Soooo good!!
This is probably the best podcast I’ve ever listened to.
This podcast is well-written and even better with its voice actors. When I close my eyes, I feel like I'm in the throes of a great movie with some of the most important players on the world stage in 1865. There are many "civil war buffs," but not many who understand how the healing of the nation had to occur after its mender-in-chief was assassinated. This podcast tells the story as to how that happened, often through the work of some very stubborn and opinionated powerbrokers.
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Good show
This show is great but the writers interpretation of history is so wrong and doesn’t state the truth of the Democrats. They turn it around to state that the Republicans were responsible for slavery totally wrong
CIA 1068
Great drama
Make this a tv series
Outstanding and compelling
I have really enjoyed this podcast. It is well written and the voice acting is outstanding. I am in my car often with a long commute and this podcast has been a must listen. I really hope the team behind this does more history-based podcasts.
John in OH
Fave Podcast
During the pandemic, I WFH. This podcast kept me captivated. The story has you hooked. Couldn’t stop listening. No other podcast can capture my attention like this one did. Everyone I have recommended it to, has loved it!!
High quality storytelling for a podcast
This is another masterpiece from Wondery in the podcast series 1865. I first experienced the podcast Blood Ties and was blown away by the good storytelling, voice acting, and sound production. I have to say I feel the same for 1865 , I honestly feel spoiled as I listen to each episode and completely understand how people in the 1950s got involved and intrigued with their radio soap operas. Just bravo to everyone involved in this podcast. Thank you
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Shae and the podcast
This podcast is amazing! The voice over acting is outstanding, and the music is superior. It’s only a podcast, but listening makes me feel like I’m watching tv. Truly captivating. Keep them coming!!!!
I have listen to this podcast so many times. I love the story and the way it’s been done, all the sounds makes you feel as if you’ve been brought back to this time.
Jessi Rhea
Incredible Dramatic Podcast!
Amazing podcast that is at the same level with the incredible John Le Carre English spy novel adaptations. Supremely well written, acted, and produced. I was actually sad when it ended. THAT is the sign of a great Dramatic Podcast. A must listen!
Truly phenomenal nouveau radio-drama. I could not stop listening. Now that I’ve listened to all the episodes, it feels like I’ve had a film experience. I know I’ll listen again and recommend it to my favorite history professor. History teachers often look for ways to get students excited about history and this podcast really brings history vibrantly alive.
The best audio drama I have ever listened to. Phenomenal voice acting and creation of an atmosphere that feels real and captivating.
Just wonderful! As a student of Lincoln and the civil war , this is just what we crave. Bring on the next episode!
cassandra chestnut
Want to become an insider
If there’s more of these awesome pods I want to support it. Please provide updates as these awe so awesome!!
Kramer in San Antonio
Top 5 all time best podcast
Please do more! So so good!
In my all-time favorites list
Radio drama podcasts can be tricky and are usually poorly done. But 1865 does a fantastic job at creating the depth of character and locale. The story is wonderfully told and engaging. The historical context is captivating, and the behind-the-scenes with the creators is just as interesting as the story itself.
EXCELLENT all around!!
When I first saw there was as much “inside the episode” footage as there was narrative, I was hesitant. I expected producers who liked to hear themselves talk. What a pleasant surprise! Like most Americans, I really struggled with learning this era in school because it was such a huge contradictory mess. But this is SO well researched and presented that I FINALLY understand what happened in the Reconstruction. And you kept me very entertained! Thank you!!!
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What a show!
Can we take a moment to appreciate this podcast? Audio, music, the writing, the accuracy. Thank you to all for making this
Required Listening!!!!
Seriously folks if you are American, know an American, have heard of President Lincoln or his assassination LISTEN to this! The voice actors are superb and the podcast is amazingly well produced. It brings the events surrounding Lincoln’s assassination to life but also shows how governments are often caught out unprepared for major events.
The story I needed
Listening to Wicked Game, I got really interested in Edwin Stanton. Even the character in the movie Lincoln, is an interesting one. A serious man who has no time for Lincoln’s stories. A guy who could yell at Lincoln, but developed a plan with Lincoln that would have been a better way forward for the US.
Listen & Learn
Nothing better to listen and learn about our own history! Love the play-like feel and then the in-depth discussion following to tell us what was real and what was embellished and crediting where their info came from. Thank you for all your hard work on this. By the way, I loved it so much and want to hear more, I became a member
Loved it
I loved this series except for one thing. I had always assumed since Gideon Welles was in Lincoln’s cabinet that he was one of the good guys. It was sad to find out he wasn’t because he was a distant cousin of my husband’s. Our younger daughter is a huge fan of Abraham Lincoln and we always thought it was so cool that she was related to his Secretary of the Navy. We no longer think it’s as cool.
Best Podcast since Car Talk ended!
I love this podcast, but I gave it four stars because I think that you should talk more about what happened. I love the fact that it somewhat feels like a movie or a play, but maybe pausing to explain or give additional info would be helpful. Over all, great podcast.
I’ve always liked this series so I’ve been slow-walking the episodes. Today, I got to the telegraphs episode. Well done!
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