185 Miles South
185 Miles South
A hardcore punk rock podcast.
97. Side A vs Side B Part 2
This week on the pod, we're doing round 2 of Side A vs Side B. We're digging into Black Flag, Restraining Order, The Dils, Dr. Know, and a ton more. Check the playlist to listen along with us.There is a playlist for every podcast here:...
Nov 23
1 hr 27 min
96. Eric Ozenne (Unit Pride/Redemption 87/The Nerve Agents)
This week on the pod, it's Eric Ozenne! We dig into Unit Pride, Redemption 87, The Nerve Agents, and Said Radio. Also, we touch on why he connected so much to SXE HC, being in the military, the importance of mixed bills, and tons more. This was a great...
Nov 16
2 hr 4 min
95. Super Seven Playlists: Boston, MA
This week on the pod, we're doing Super Seven Playlists for one of the greatest cities for hardcore in the history of earth: Boston, MA. I'm joined by Dan San (Over My Dead Body), Rob Moran (Unbroken), and Clevo (Ten Yard Fight/Right Brigade/Stop &...
Nov 9
2 hr 45 min
94. Rob Moran (Unbroken) Part 2
This week on the pod, it's round 2 with Rob Moran. We talk about everything from Over My Dead Body and Some Girls to Narrows and the Unbroken reunions. It's been a long time coming, but I hope you enjoy this sequel as much as I did.There is a playlist...
Nov 2
2 hr
93. Side A vs Side B
This week on the pod, we're doing Side A vs Side B. I'm choosing a bunch of my favorite records and we're weighing the Side A tracks versus the Side B tracks. We're doing Black Flag, Hatebreed, Blitz, 25 ta Life, Bad Religion, Unbroken, and a bunch...
Oct 26
1 hr 53 min
92. Jeff Banks (Visual Discrimination/Chorus of Disapproval)
This week on the pod, I talk to Jeff Banks about everything from getting into hardcore, starting Visual Discrimination, doing Chorus of Disapproval, and tons more. Killer pod with a great dude!Please subscribe, like, rate, and review wherever you listen...
Oct 19
1 hr 56 min
91. Super Seven Playlists: Los Angeles, CA
This week on the pod, we're doing a Super Seven playlist episode on one of the mecca's of punk and hardcore: Los Angeles, CA. We're picking the best 7 song playlists that we can. I'm joined by Dan Sant, Ben Edge, and the Legend, Episode 1, Joe Rivas for...
Oct 12
2 hr 10 min
90. Fred Matatquin (False Confession/Dr. Know) + Char-Man Live!
This week on the pod it's Fred Matatquin. We talk about getting into punk and hardcore in the early 80's, starting False Confession, recording at Mystic, joining Dr. Know and more! Super fun chat with a cool dude. Then it's time for a live set from...
Oct 5
1 hr 9 min
89. 1990's Youth Crew
This week on the pod, I'm diving deep into 1990's youth crew with Dan Sant, Posi-Chris, and Bedge. Are you tougher than a Tonka Truck? Do you believe that hardcore and metal will never gel? Have you ever slammed in a pit of equality? This is a long ass...
Sep 28
3 hr 10 min
88. Steve Larson (Insted)
This week on the pod, it's Steve Larson from Insted. We talk about:- getting into punk/hc- seeing Uniform Choice- starting Insted- Insted discography- Tour memories- Insted breakup- Insted reunions- Doing A18- Doing the AlligatorsFun interview with a...
Sep 21
2 hr 1 min
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