On the House
On the House
Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation
Welcome to On the House, a podcast focusing on homeownership and the home buying process. On the House is produced by the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation, a nonprofit that provides down payment grants and tax credits to home buyers. Learn more at www.tsahc.org.
Episode 9: Prepare for Closing
You’re in the home stretch, but are you ready for closing? Join our host Frank Duplechain III, a recent home buyer himself, and Molly Lawson with Supreme Lending as we walk you through the closing process and make sure that your new investment is fully...
Jun 25, 2020
17 min
Episode 8: Applying for a Mortgage Loan (Part Two)
Homeowners insurance, mortgage insurance, property taxes, and more! This episode, we meet again with TSAHC’s Sarah Ellinor and Denise King from Cornerstone Home Lending to walk you through the process of applying for a mortgage loan (and explain all the...
Jun 23, 2020
35 min
Episode 7: Applying for a Mortgage Loan (Part One)
We get it – buying a home is a long-term commitment. That’s exactly why you’ll want to go into the process with a lender you trust and with as much information as possible. This episode features our very own Sarah Ellinor and industry professional...
Jun 21, 2020
29 min
Episode 6: Shopping for a Home
Shopping for your first home is always exciting, but there are a few things that first-time home buyers need to keep in mind while looking for their dream home. Sit down with our host, Frank Duplechain III, and REALTOR® Daniel Garza with DTM Realty...
Jun 17, 2020
20 min
Episode 5: The Pre-Approval Process
What goes into calculating a pre-approval? Do you know your DTI ratios? Join Connie Tharp with Hometrust Mortgage and TSAHC’s very own Joniel LeVecque as we discuss the process of finding a lender, discover how mortgage companies look at credit, and the...
Jun 14, 2020
22 min
Episode 4: Down Payment Requirements and Closing Costs
Do you know the difference between the down payment and closing costs? What about the minimum down payment requirements for each loan type? Jordan O’Brien with Cardinal Financial Company joins TSAHC’s Joniel LeVecque to define and provide examples of...
Jun 10, 2020
16 min
Episode 3: Understanding the Importance of Credit
Your credit score is one of the biggest factors that lenders will use to qualify you for a mortgage.  Is your credit score keeping you from buying a home, or do you simply want to learn more about how your score is determined?  Stacy Lynn Schriever with...
Jun 1, 2020
30 min
Episode 2: Get Educated on the Home Buying Process
Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions most of us will ever make. Fortunately, there are nonprofit resources that can help guide you through the process.  Franky Bonilla with Supreme Lending joins TSAHC’s Sarah Ellinor to provide an...
May 28, 2020
28 min
Episode 1: Intro to TSAHC
Welcome to On the House, a podcast about homeownership and the home buying process. For our first episode, we'll introduce ourselves and answer some frequently asked questions about our down payment assistance programs. Want to learn more about down payment assistance? Then this is the episode for you!
May 20, 2020
32 min