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The Jesse Kelly Show
Jesse Kelly Show
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Sympathy for Jesse
Despite his vast education, natural charisma and lifetime of experience doing radio, Shoguniest of Shoguns has to overcome an obstacle everyday that most of us with view as a benefit - mirrors. While the average Joe uses mirrors to make sure that we are out together, imagine being Steel Kelly: every mirror is a distraction when you are that handsome. It would be akin to Superman having kryptonite mounted on random walls that he had to pass by. The word “perseverance” is thrown around all too often so I don’t want to insult the Oracle. But props to you, Sombrero. Keep up the good fight. Screw Commie scum.
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Lucky #Sleven
Best Bumper Music in the Biz
🤨Alright, I believe Dr. Jesse does get how bad things are - best new show by far. 😎 Back to Surfin’ with the Alien. 🏄‍♂️
Land of Enchantment Lobo
Great show
Great show love your honesty need people like you telling the way it is drain the swamp both parties keep it up💪
queer 1
Jesse Kelly’s incisive wit and observations will make your day!
Very Dapper
Jesse delights the senses, excitingly intelligent. All us girls want is to worship at your feet! Luv the show. My drug of choice.
Nechama Z
JESSE Spano KELLY Kapowski
His name invokes 2 of my favorite middle school era crushes, however, this guy IS the Zack Morris of handsome conservative brainiacs with a delivery as slick as AC Slater’s mullet. TIME OUT! Jesse Kelly is on!
Jr Varsity
He’s Right
All you need to know about Jesse is that he’s right. That’s all you need to know. He’s right. That’s it. That’s the review.
Called by God
Great show!
All men should strive to someday achieve the level of rugged handsomeness of this guy!
The most American Shogun to walk the earth since the Founding Fathers
Dr. Shogun... The Oracle... The Ombré of Sombrero’s... Kelly is the most handsome, American Hero since George Washington tamed all the bald eagles on the continent. My best friend and I are daily listeners/watchers, but refuse to inform our wives that you are on TV. My ultimate fear is that my wife will buy advertising on your show, and serve my divorce papers instantly after seeing the stature and sheer rugged American good looks. I will be forced to find comfort and solace from my best friend while we listen to the show until I regain my confidence and masculinity and can win back my love’s heart. Because of the Jesse Kelly Show, we have learned we will loose nothing as long as good men are willing to stand and fight. P. S. This is his wife. He made me type this. I do not wear flats, in fact I wore high heels through all of my pregnancies because only communists wear flats. Thank you for bringing attention to this important matter. Hail King Kelly - leader of the anti communist party.
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Jesse the great
Love the history lessons and the commentary. He is hilarious. And he can put a twinkle in an old woman’s eye
Poppa Willis
Keep on keepin on
Love it...the historical segments are great and ties them into today’s challenging environment. It’s a good reality check in many cases.
So Jelly! My Mans in awww of you!
Jesse ...Steel Shogun... i have to say my man is so in thrall by you ! He forces me to listen to your podcast daily now! He is obsessed! I have become intrigued myself because you’re so Fn sexy handsome i can see why he is so addicted to you! Dang your so handsome! We adore you!
The oracle shogun Kelly is the most handsome man you will ever lay your eyes on. He’s handsome he’s smart and he’s funny. He’s the whole package and I would gladly follow him as ruler of our new world. Love the show!
Farmers Wife| Mom of girls
Great entertaining podcast
To the point, love the analogies and historical lessons. If only the mainstream could be like this. And most importantly, he is rather dashing!
Sted Kelly
The Handsome Oracle
Never knew one man could be this smart and this handsome. Save some women for the rest of us, oh wise Oracle. Banning my wife from listening to Shogun Oracle Steel, he’s just too good looking.
Tennessee Jed 40
Jesse is the man!
How can a show by a man like Jesse be anything but awesome! He is handsome, his wife is beautiful, and his kids are kind and well mannered. He should be a Norman Rockwell painting. An example of Americanism at its best. Thank you for your service.
Its a lot of fun with BK talking about PJ training.
Colby La
Great show that goes without saying...but this guy is Foxy, Loxy, and Cottontail!!!!
Beast of a man
Jesse Kelly is carrying the torch of freedom of thought. His towering physical stature and sizzling intellect, pair nicely with handsome masculinity. If Jesse wants to start a new party, i will enthusiastically join! The oracle rules.
Shawn from northwest pa
BK- guest host JK...
Impugns a Christian for her fighting for her beliefs in a progressive workplace... Described Kyle R as a guy “who shot and killed several people”; not a word about the context... Describes conservatives as “the conservatives”... (UPDATE: Sidney Powell is “the election nut”) One has to wonder who he thinks he’s talking to. One ⭐️
great show
Just discovered this show this summer,really great. But there is knowone as hadsome as myself, sorry!
Dickie Jones the thrid
The Greatest of all Time
As an avid listener, I sometimes find it hard to focus because Jesse is so distractingly handsome. He’s too modest to brag, but Jesse is a natural at weaving historical facts into gripping tales of triumph, disaster, and adventure. Current events are also discussed without any sugar coating or political correctness, just the reality of the facts on the ground. So sit down and buckle up, buttercup. You’re about to learn some things.
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Krissie Valentine
Handsome fella
What a handsome devil Jesse is it’s Ok to have a man crush fellas don’t be scared. In all seriousness this is perfect balance of important issues and comic relief Think I’d like but Jesse a beer
President elect Shep
Great show
This is quickly becoming my favorite podcast. Not only am I amazed by his incredible knowledge of history , plus his innate ability to stay humble while possessing overwhelming intellect and dastardly good looks. Bravo, Man! Carry on!
The oracle Jesse Kelly is the not only the face but the voice America needs right now. His brilliance is only eclipsed by his humility. He’s so handsome that Chuck Norris is reportedly experiencing jealousy for the very first time. Highly recommend!
Role Model for our youth and very Handsome
Huge fan of the show and he’s also my phone-screen background
The best
Jesse Kelly is legit! Love the history lessons and the views. Miss the music. The handsome works as well! Thanks Jesse Oracle Shogun Kelly
Muy Guapo
Well, he’s no Russian Sausage King, but he’s devastatingly handsome, and I’ve heard he can order food like a God. As if that isn’t enough, he’s a doctor, (at least on Fridays). So tune in, grab some queso, and prepare to laugh and learn your way through the end of this late stage republic.
Propaganda at its worst...
I listened to 5 minutes of this guy and I couldn’t take it anymore. Leftist, socialism, Alzheimer’s...all buzz words meant to invoke fear in his listeners. Few facts being talked about and just a lot of general theories being espoused in a condescending way with lots of bias. We as Americans should not be listening to this...
Fun and informative
Fascinating stories from history; upbeat and likeable style.
jt from cary
The Mountain that speaks
Jesse Steel Kelly offers an unapologetically honest, informative, and entertaining perspective on current events, issues, ideas, and tales of the past. You can tell how exquisitely handsome and chiseled he is before you feast your eyes upon him. The man’s voice is like butter poured over thunder. He is the Oracle, the Shogun, the Mountain that speaks. Find time in your day to listen to this audible chocolate and you will not be disappointed.
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A most welcome change of pace
Tired of your average podcast that gives you the news of the day, no matter how much you really don’t want to know how bad it actually is in America? Looking for a hilarious, handsome, historian that will make you laugh whilst informing you at the same time? Then look no further than the great shogun of America, Jesse Kelly! Women want him (sorry gals, he’s taken) and men want to be him (sorry guys, it’s a high bar). The great oracle of mankind is the one stop shop for politics, history and, above all, random trivia and life hacks alike. Stop on in and give the man a listen. It’s great...... whatever!
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Handsome man with great insight
Jesse Kelly show shares great stories from our history and ties them to current events. Refreshing commentary that my son and I look forward to daily! We hate weekends because we have two days without JK!
Too much handsome.
This show makes me think the commies might have been on to something... one man should not possess this much handsomeness. It’s just not right. In all seriousness, if you love history and hate idiots, this is the podcast for you.
What a hottie! Lessons from history are my daily drug of choice
just me, TT
Tough love
Stone cold unadulterated truth!
Great podcast!
Informative and engaging content. A much-needed podcast for today’s issues.
A Most Handsome Discovery
I found Jesse Kelly on Twitter and followed him mostly because he is pee-your-pants funny and made my wife and I laugh. A lot. I thought to myself, “Who is this guy? He’s built like a Wookiee but with the face of an angel” (a very handsome angel WHAT CHRIS?). Then I realized he had a podcast of which I am now a daily listener. It’s a great blend of relatable history with applicable insights to today, politics, burger recipes, life advice, and colorful interviews. Who is he? He is the Oracle, he is the Shogun, the Handsome Warrior, and while I’m pretty sure Steel could defeat more than 15 five-year-olds in a fight I’ll take his word for it. Great show.
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The voice of an angel, body of a Greek god, looks of James Dean.
Hard hitting, truth speaking, knowledge of a professor. He’ll also make you cry. But you probably deserved it. If you like common sense then you’ll love the Jesse Kelly show. Dudes a beast with all the good looks. And I’m straight as an arrow. I can’t get my a wife to remove his picture from her cell phone background. And I’m not sure if I want her to. Do yourself a favor. Subscribe and enjoy. Trust me. As the shogun of this nation Jesse Kelly won’t disappoint.
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The Shoguns knowledge is matched only by his wit and devastating good looks. I find 2 hours each day for the Oracle.
Good stuff
Just followed Jesse on Twitter at first, but then discovered his podcast. Unapologetically saying what we all say behind closed doors. Love it. - Jim Gatz
TV show Podcast. Less guests More Jesse
Great show but I turn it off when the guests come on. If I wanted to hear pundits and politicians I’d watch cable news.
Homeschool Protip
I’ve added this podcast to my daughter’s daily homeschool schedule. The results have been fascinating. She’s in first grade.
I Would Climb That Like a Tree
Great history, news, politics, personal advice and recipes. Host is EXCEPTIONALLY easy on the eyes! Now I know what Jim Croce meant when he wrote “All the downtown ladies call him ‘Treetop Lover.” All the men just call him ‘sir.’ I wear heels all the time now when I cook and do housework! Keep up the good work Jesse!
I’m now a single parent
After listening to this show and the hosts deep masculine voice, I became pregnant. I have named my child Shogun and the child trains daily in Krav Maga. The strangest part of this story is I’m a 35 year old male.
The Greatest Piece of Art since David of Michaelangelo
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and let me tell you Jesse Kelly is beauty. I have been among plenty of hot chicks all over the world, but none have caught my eye like the Shogun, the Oracle, the Jesse Kelly. The podcast is also great because he admits what the rest of men think anyways and that's that women shouldn't be in politics. They should be putting their feelings in a bundt cake.
Just Another Redneck
You need this handsome son of a gun in your life.
I absolutely love The Jesse Kelly show! I’m obsessed with the History parallels. Besides the fact that he blesses us with his genius, he’s so handsome, you really can’t look at him directly...our eyes have not evolved enough to be able to stare at such magnificence without consequence. Listen to Jesse and make your life better.
Dreamy host
One of my new favorite podcasts. Wonderful storyteller, knows his history, and gives insightful commentary on the political and cultural scene. But the best part is his gruff “no feelings misogynist” shtick ... you know that in real life he is as sweet and thoughtful as he is handsome!!! His infectious laugh just gives it away. Oh, and burger recipes too!! Keep up the good work, O Shogun.
My New Favorite Podcast
Not only does Jesse entertain, educate, and give awesome cooking tips, his wit and charming personality make this podcast the real deal. And as if that wasn’t enough, this man is so handsome he must be the envy of every red-blooded American man. The Shogun’s podcast provides this housewife and mother of 4 something to look forward to everyday while working in the kitchen.
Lewis Center, OH
Bro!! I made the burgers!! 🤤 They were freakin awesome!! My son ate 5! I didn’t think I was ever gonna get to eat!! Thanks for the recipe, and thanks for fighting the good fight!! God Bless you and God Bless America! Stay Handsome brother!
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