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Keeps getting better!
I’ve been listening to the show since 2020 and with the latest additions the topics have been great plus the awesome music bumps make my commute to work so much better! 5 stars for Kap & J Hood. JR JR JR
Amateur hour
If the goal is to have 50 unnecessary sound drops an hour, they certainly reached it. Jay Moore has single- handily sabotaged the show with ridiculous laugh and clap tracks. It’s making the show unlistenable. Please stop! I’m begging you JR
loho jr
I dig
I dig
Chicagos best duo
The whole crew is amazing. Chicagos best radio show. #TakeThat
frankie bones 22
Bad show gets worse.
The show was already bad but now they decided to add a literal laugh track to every bad joke on the show because no one is laughing otherwise. The audio drops are horrible in their quality and timing. Hood’s impressions are still not funny. If you thought “this show can’t get any worse”, it has.
One half is great
JHood is great. Replace Kap with Tyler.
BBG Metz
Kap NEEDS to retire
Awful show can’t stand it anymore Kap is the worst clueless host trying to pass like he is so smart and righteous I’m done Bye Felicia
All Outrage All the Time
I like the chemistry with Kap and JHood, but yelling all the time about the crappy state of Chicago sports, coupled with “let me be clear” sports-speaking down to the listener is insulting. More guests please, Kap poking fun at himself and taking calls from select listeners is a winning formula. Embrace it.
Great show!
Hoodie Yer killin me with the Silvi imitation 😆
Podcasts arriving much later
Idk why it is, it ever since Danny left the hourly podcasts (7AM, 8AM, 9 AM) are arriving much later in the day. When Danny was on the show, (not sure if he had anything to do with this) but that 7AM podcast would pop up at about 8:20 AM and the other would follow shortly after. Now these podcasts aren’t coming up until much later in the morning, even into the afternoon. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE KAP AND JHOOD. But I’d like to listen to the podcasts much closer to their original airing time.
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Explorer ~43
Worst of the espn 1000 shows
Kaplan is full of himself and I am not sure I believe half of what he is says. Hoods impersonations are awful.
Drizzle Dry
More Meller less Connor
Stop with Connor McKnight. Horrible. Use more Meller or even Fred to fill in when J or Kap are out.
Meller Fan
Best on podcast
This show is great on podcast , you can forward all the bad comedy , which is like half the show . J.hood isn’t funny at all, his under the hood podcast that’s attached to the show is such a badly produced show I could hear the static thru the whole show . I love the bears and that’s the only reason they get play for me .
Native son 81
Sports talk the way it was meant to be
Fun sports talk radio show that hits the topics but doesn’t bludgeon you with the preachy moral stance of the day. 3 fun hours the way sports talk used to sound like before taking it self way too seriously. Inform, entertain, and perhaps a Have a laugh or two along the way… seems to be a good motto sure worked for another show for 20 years prior
I would rather see 10 more years of Matt Nagy being the head coach of the Chicago Bears rather than listen to these scrubs for 3 hours
try something else
Hood does racist impressions all day and Kap does propaganda. My final straw was the repetitive healthcare propaganda. This is a show for freaks find something else until they rotate the lineup
Dr Monero
Agenda anyone 🤡🤡
Let’s spend a whole show vilifying someone for not getting a shot but let’s ignore the player that actually killed a lady and her dog drunk driving you guys are complete clowns keep pushing your agenda
Go go white sox
Kap is a bit of a liar
Full disclosure: I’m a dad of one of the kids on the BG team, but Kap (sorry I don’t know his real name) flat out lied about what happened last night. Probably why he wasn’t willing to say our coaches name. Our kids are 7 and 8. In fact, the kid that hit the homer is only 7. We tried to play up a level and the league wouldn’t let us. We also didn’t steal a base after we got up by 6 runs and we voluntarily ended our 3rd inning to move the game along so the Sock Puppets could get another at bat. Happy to discuss further and I don’t mind Kap being frustrated but he should have his facts right.
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Less about the personalities
I enjoy the sports part of the show. Regrettably at least a third of the time is about inane personal stuff. It would be better with more sports interviews and insight
I have tried to give this show a go over the last several months… but goodness is it bad. Between the constant misogyny, lack of content, and the inability to understand and convey bigger than sports issues, this show is is an absolute train wreck. Used to be a big Kap fan, but this show has gone off the rails. Won’t be listening anymore and would suggest all those who are, save hours of your time and tune out.
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Wilford Brimley30
Pretty freaking good!
Kap and J. definitely bring out the best in each other. These guys are bringing something else to the table besides just sports. Not always perfect, but I do find myself laughing a lot more than I do when I listen down the dial.
Joe West?
Why? He is an umpire who thinks he is “the show”
J Hood
The show became good when Hood joined. I’ve been listening to J for over 20 years and he’s been good on every show. Kap is only tolerable at times. He’s just a weird dude who needs attention always. I knew I was out on him when he started doing Twitter videos in the shower. Really? Come on, Kap. Regardless, J is this show’s engine. Kap is a major weirdo.
Bad Boy Phil
Kap and J Hood are a great team
Love the show.
White Sox 2020
Again with this crap? You guys are idiots. Who are you to question how he hurt his finger? So stupid!
Why does David Kaplan have a job?
I honestly don’t believe anyone at ESPN likes Kap, it’s just not possible. The guy hardly knows sports, is constantly wrong with player evaluation, flip flops on every take he’s ever had, disrespects his colleagues, only responds to a story with a story about him, bans audio that is evidence of how pathetic he is, loves to name drop, constantly makes up stories and then unknowingly contradicts those stories, is a fair weather fan, tries to dress like he’s 24, constantly mixes brand names (biggest fashion faux pas), is combative with listeners who don’t agree with whatever he says, and the guy lies about his height. If someone is willing to lie about their height then there’s no reason to believe anything they say. This guy is the definition of creepy. He pees on coworkers lawns and randomly shows up to coworkers houses during a pandemic. J Hood needs to stick to sports talk and leave the impressions alone. He’s knowledgeable but the constant yelling and doing impressions of only white people, making them sound dumb, is getting old. I can’t decide who the bigger egomaniac at ESPN is, Mike Greenberg or David Kaplan. The day Kap is fired will be the best day in Chicago radio history.
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Cavid Dhen
Kap Is Good When Talking Sports
I have enjoyed Kap’s take on sports since Chicago Tribune Live. Unfortunately, this show features mucho pop culture, nutrition, movies and weak Kap scenarios like thinking he found a dead body. Recently their non sports topic was about remaking some of their older favorite movies. Breaking Chicago Blackhawks news was reported but Kap and crew just argued about whether the sports news was important enough to disrupt their movie topic.
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indiana kj
Losing its luster
Show started out ok enough. Not enough sports, too much social justice talk and Kap trying to health shame people. Add in J-Hood making everything a race issue, but has no shame mocking people who “talk” different then him.
Kap stinks
This show is horrible
Keith Herb
Horrible impressions
They all sound the same, none are funny to anyone except Kap in the background
Not for me
Too many voices, non sports topics and pathetic voice imitations. Boring.
Pretty annoying
Arrogant fans that pretend to be analysts
Great show, but the artwork needs to be distinguished.
Listen to the show everyday and I love it! Guests and callers are great, but the image used is the same one as Carmen & Jurko and other ESPN Chicago shows. Makes it frustrating when trying to select shows. Even just an extra text line will be helpful.
Not Ryan Pace
Take that
Love the interaction between hosts and producers. I like how involved the producers are
Why not get Frank Caliendo
The show was better before. I wish they would tell J Hood to stick with sports talk. The impersonation for the entire show is horrible. Today was the owner of the White Sox, for THE ENTIRE SHOW. ESPN is better than this.
How is this windbag employed?
This Kap guy has that narcissistic Trump personality, where he is never wrong (but always wrong), can not be questioned, will scorch everyone, and go nuclear on anyone that does half the scorching he does... 🤮
J Hood Is My Mog 😌
Great show guys.
Westside SP
Sorry Jhood but you do not deserve to be with Kap & You guys together do not mix. Kap with Bleck and Zederman we’re 10x better. Jhood treats it as a laughing stock. Interprets guests, callers and even Kap. I am very disappointed in this.
xhaicbdu beux
Show has a new name: Kap & J Hood. IT CAN NOT BE FOUND ON APPLE PODCASTS.
Is There a communication problem between ESPN Chicago and Apple Podcasts ? There is a change in time and name from Kap and Co to the new name Kap & J Hood. There are no new pods since 9/3/3020 on the Kap & Co site. If you put in the new name - it denies the podcast exists. Can be found. Can’t be reviewed. Come on, the change makes a D podcast improve to at least a B. Help us out here.
missing pods
Much better show with just kap
J hood ehhh
Show was better without him
This podcast rocks!
I love this podcast and the topics being covered esp. Chicago sports I grew up watching and admiring! :) keep it up!
Kap is dope
Don’t always agree but Kap is entertaining love his passion and this podcast
Dustbins kskfhfn 213
Kap Is Awful Radio
Kap is the worst Chicago sports talking head in the city. He has meathead, blowhard takes and ideas. The best part of the show is when he has intelligent, thoughtful guests come on and completely put him in his place.
David Chicagooo
Great show
Kap is reliably entertaining and insightful. Some co-hosts better than others but Pat Boyle is always a quality match.
Quinn grf 5689
Awesome Show ... Needs less Shae
This show is terrific. I skip the episodes with Shae Peppler. She has HORRIBLE commentary and says some of the most ignorant things. I actually delete the episodes without even listening to it, if her name is in the title or description.
Good show
Much better with just Kap. Kelly and Shea are good too.
future mrs sam woolf
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