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Bad Show/Worse Podcast
Do yourself a flavor and stay clear from these self important idiots.
The Superb Owl
These podcasters age like fine wine
If this podcast was a wine flight...Roger would be a glass of something crisp and bubbly, with a flavor that is all too fleeting; Gene would be a glass of something mellow and full-bodied, with a quality you've come to expect from this brand; and lastly, you have something dry and bold with King B, that brings a refreshing tartness to round out the palate. On a more serious note, these guys constistently deliver top quality podcasts. They're funny and offbeat. The sound quality is spectacular. And there are no awkward silences or mumbling or talking over one another or excessive monologuing. Or farts. (P.S. I'm usually a fan of Big D but I think I actually prefer a comic bk nerd's take on this. But then again, I might be biased because I am also a comic bk nerd....)
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Sir Apricot
This group has gone to the trash leave now
I’d rather help you avoid wasting your time here with the new addition to the staff this is now garbage.
Really Enjoy The Deep Dive
Very Detailed and Very Analytical
This missed Big D
All I wanted to say was this podcast very much missed Big D. Not a fan of King B.
My first review I was wrong.
It was a good podcast even though I don’t agree with the cop hate and some of the other extracurricular discussion. Edited for accuracy.
It’s sad when the write in people like Ashley Sklaughly are better than the real hosts. Listen to the fan mail episodes only.
Best podcast
Just wanted to say how much I love this podcast and the work put in by its makers. To take time out of their lives to put out free content like this is amazing and truly something to be appreciated. I wanted to respond to the very few negative criticisms, but in the spirit of the holidays I only wish that the people that took time to write a negative review about a free podcast find the joy and happiness they are so desperately missing from their lives. Keep up the great work guys!!!
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Loved your analysis and perspective on a show I’m new to. I eagerly awaited for all three podcast related to each episode, it informed me so well and gave me the background I needed so I didn’t feel loss, given I didn’t read “the graphic comic book or see the movie. I came to know you guys via GOT, which you guys did a excellent job on, even the final episode, however the final deep dive of Watchmen really disappointed. That’s all I’ll say about that.. Of course I’ll rejoin you in 2020 for West World, a show I absolutely love. All the best to you all; Gene, King B and Roger. Happy holiday.
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I wish they had a contest
Where a winner could sit in and listen to these guys talk about any media and the winner can pepper in a chuckle or something. Listening to these guys while I’m studying, running errands, or neglecting my responsibilities as a human really gets me through the day. I always look forward to the days they drop their podcasts with their deep analysis and thought provoking conclusions as I live through the mundane and monotonous existence that I experience daily. Keep it up, guys.
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Why Jon gave his power to Angela
So they can still be together since she’ll now experience time like he did. Also Peteypedia this week verified Petey as Lubeman with the Canola Oil line in the memo along with the parallels with the fogdancing memo/summary last week
Not good
If you want to hear garbage predictions from the king b that make no sense then this is your show
Insightful, fun and tight
These guys obviously love the material. The production quality is great and the chemistry works. Very fun discussions!
King Bee Skews Reviews
I am a big fan of the production and organized approach this podcast offers. There is a mountain of interesting discussion about the relatively undiscovered comic series “Watchmen.” All of the Main hosts and write-in contributors offer great insight into this alternate universe built by Marvel studios. HBO’s adaptation of the graphic novel is a densely compacted series rife with analogies and draws on a unique history of pre-existing canon. Without this podcast’s dutiful asides and explanations, I would be at a loss for the visual masterpiece that Lindelhof has presented in late 2019. What is perhaps modern TV’s most poignant epic series available, Watchmen, uses a comic narrative adaption to comment on present day society and the dangers of inoculation and desensitization to violence perpetrated by an ambiguous race war in America. This podcast does so much that is right in highlighting nuance and criticism on Lindelhof’s all but perfect adaptation of a voluminous comic history. In the late half of this podcast, the hosts’ Watchmen discussions suffer when King Bee delivers rather shallow and unwarranted commentary that resides in disgust and malformed subjective terror defines his tone and resignation towards Lindelhof’s series. His discrediting tone lends the listener an unnecessarily curt and dishonest representation of the full context that HBO’s the Watchmen series can fulfill. The other main hosts of this show do well and good to move ahead throughout their podcasts/episodes despite unhelpful negativity coming from disaffected listeners. This rather democratic approach to podcast fan discussions has its merits, but I believe some of the inherent negative consequences of live feedback have drained commentator, King Bee of his effective resolve to deliver inspired commentary that supports the aims of this podcast. That being said, opinion is the essence of podcast history, and I will not cease to follow this team because of one or two miscalculated episodes. In fact the miscalculations make this podcast more enjoyable and reinforce my own self-critical writing process because the spirit of dynamic discussion owes nothing to objectivity, especially if we are all here to talk about the story of a comic book adaptation by HBO. I learned a lot and this podcast echoes my own emerging questions and assumptions to varying degrees of success, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I use this podcast against the official HBO podcast to explore the vast Watchmen universe without an HBO-curated lens.
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Scotty T9895
Favorite Watchmen Podcast
This is my first show with you guys. I very much enjoyed your coverage throughout the season. Excellent presentation of the episodes and discussion of theories swirling around this amazing show. Even when I have disagreed with your take (Ep 7) I thought it was expertly presented and provided excellent discussion and thoughtful counterpoints to my thoughts and expectations for the show. Keep it up!
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My #1 companion podcast
My fav out of the lot! Well done
Great Podcast
This podcast and the HBO official podcast are the go to.
Naive misinformed commentary
I’m pretty positive White fans feel very differently than black fans, even if you control for the level of geek. You guys complain about weird things in the show and black geeks feel like this show is EVERYTHING! Your perspectives are just different and not giving it credit for the dopeness of this entire series. I think you may be ignorant of some important historical context that makes things you hate actually amazing!! Google or like an African American history class can help you with this. Some things you complain about actually have very deep meanings but you don’t seem to be aware of it and write it off as bad writing when it is in fact genius.
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Bald Move??
You guys are far better than Bald Move, you’re a fun team, you sound educated and eloquent and have great bantsd. You guys are my Go To Pod for Westworld and game of thrones (too bad that show sucked in the end) Here’s to another season of Watchmen!
Quick summary
Wanna listen to an hour of “This isn’t what I wanted to happen so here’s why it doesn’t make sense”, well this sure is the podcast for you. Over the top close-mindedness, sprinkled with subtle notes of prejudice; this podcast has a little bit of everything.
Episode 7
I didn’t appreciate the episode 7 deep dive. Im really disappointed by the language be used, not the vulgarity but the implication that the listener must be stupid to like the episode. The hosts also should not have tried to defend that they are not racist because they didn't like a certain character reveal. especially when it’s a show about race. I honestly. I would never go out of my way just to bash a podcast but the hosts seem so dead on what shouldn’t happen (flashbacks), flashbacks are a staple of Lindelof’s writing, so to say they the show doesn’t need have them is misunderstanding of his entire body of work. Some of us are not as smart as these hosts and they are very smart but the listener should not be left feeling dumb for liking certain plot reveals. I also think that hosts have great imaginations, their theories are fun to listen to but why be so dead set on certain situations happening and then ranting when it doesn’t meet the requirements. The hosts are die hard fans who know the original content very very well, what they don’t know is how toxic their angry fandom can reach. This podcast and all new podcasts about watchmen should definitely have people of color on or as special guest to discuss the things that they might not understand but I feel the hosts might think they are to smart for that. Maybe ask a person of color who watches the show if they liked the reveal and if they say yes because for first time in a long time they are represented on a great tv show, then it’s all worth it to keep pissing people off. I will continue to listen to the end because I think a huge lesson will be learned by all of us, just like me learning about the Tulsa massacre for the first time while watching the first episode.
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Racist fanboys.
That’s all
A new through N8
So as I was watching watchmen again from the beginning I saw something that was clear now seeing that cow is Dr. Manhattan one how she told him on Christmas she was teaching him things it always felt like it was off for me and to how when they had the conversation about Dr. Manhattan being at Mars they just looked at the clock and you didn’t see either of their faces for an expression, love the shell keep up the work
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xcxcxcxvxv not my name lol
Top 5
I am a watchmen superfan and subscribed to at least a dozen podcasts covering the show. Very smart and entertaining.
These yahoos are awesome!
Mike Aarset
I Get It
I get that the fun of watching and reviewing shows to podcast about is to theorize about what MIGHT happen next, but I find you and a lot of podcasts I listen to tend to speculate wildly about what is going to happen and then when it doesn’t happen YOUR way, when you review the plot point or story line you seem unsatisfied and upset. Especially with Watchmen where we have definitely been getting answers every episode or every two episodes. I think this is one show where you have to relax and just watch the whole piece. I know watching tv week by week is so old school but it’s clear that time and care was taken into making this show and Lindelof promised answers, and we’ve been getting answers. Just chill out with the negativity and wild speculations. Let the show play out and enjoy the ride! It has been A+ so far, every episode. Unlike most shows. You have to admit. So keep the faith that this ONE TIME a show is actually gonna stick the landing. And not the landing YOU think it should stick. But one that actually right for the story the show has laid out.
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Mmichaels01 the rails.
Not sure if these guys are getting bitter as they get older, but I started following them with GOT and I was on page with about 80% of their analysis. With watchmen I’m only about 20%. They clearly love the show, but their understanding of how race relations forms your opinions and thoughts are limited. Sorry guys, but I had to pull the plug from you. My advice, stay off reddit.
Guys! Frick yeah!
My mom and I love the show watchmen and listen to the podcast to tide us over till the next show. My mom loves the podcast and you guys SO much! If there’s any chance that you guys could shout her out during the next podcast I would love to record her reaction and send it to you guys!
Entertaining and informative
Listening to the podcast after the show makes the experience of Watchmen even better. Love it!
Stefan Johnsson
Amazing show. Will subscribe to the others.
This show is even better than HBO’s “official” podcast companion to Watchmen. The hosts are funny and informative. Definitely subscribe.
In what way was Reagan Administration a disaster? Stick to the Hollyweird show because you’re clueless about actual history. Virtue Signal much?
Jordon Peterson
Solid as always
I have listened this crew from their movie podcast to game of thrones to American gods, and like the others this one is fantastic. They have a great dynamic and always make my commutes/days better. They make a great show even more enjoyable with their instant take, deep dives and mailbag episodes. They offer interesting views and ideas as well as incorporating what their listeners are thinking as well. I’d absolutely recommend this to others looking for a down to earth group of people just talking about solid tv shows. Keep up the good work boys!
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Mike Stallone (no relation)
Wouldn’t get through my long runs without you.
So interesting that the (many) miles fly by. Ok, that’s prob an exaggeration, they are still a lot of miles, but I’ve actually extended runs to listen to the end of a show. THANK YOU!
The Fastest Katie
The Best Podcast
You guys are sweet PB&J for my ears!
Dedicated and passionate—a joy to listen to.
lady pho
Best Watchmen podcast
Most insightful and intelligent Watchmen podcast. Only wish it was longer and came out sooner in the week.
Love it
Love it
Entertaining and informative
I listened to their Watchmen, WestWorld and Game of Thrones podcast. Love these podcasters!
These guys are thorough and dive deep.
For the fans by the fans
Just based off the first episode alone, I can tell this guys really enjoy diving deep on the subject matter. Anyone who’s a fan of Watchmen the series, give these dudes a listen!
Goes Above and beyond with deep dive content. Keep up the good work fellas.
Great podcast
I really enjoy watching an episode and getting the ShatOn teams take on it. Good stuff! Keep up the good work!
NE Portland Mike
Shatacular Show
These guys are what podcasting is supposed to be. Awesome podcast.
The best
Love these guys reviews want else is there to say
Bizzy bone3
A Watchmen Review Must
Roger, Gene and King B are the best reviewers for this ambitious television show adaptation of the comic. I love their knowledge and insights of the source material. 😘
Great show
Great show
nickname MaxPower
I got hooked on their GoT show & enjoyed it very much. The Watchmen podcast is also very entertaining with their “deep dives” & “tin foil hat” takes. Being well versed with the original comic adds to insight I would otherwise have missed. Great show.
Bruno Bleux
Great companion piece
As a viewer that has only seen the movie adaptation, this podcast is invaluable to having an in depth understanding of all the intricacies in the show. Highly recommended!
Listen to these guys for every show
I’ve listened to these guys for west world, GOT, taboo, watchmen, etc... got to get my fill!
anthony steven t
Well done
They do the research that the average listener doesn’t have the time to do and provide good insight and theories on all the podcasts they find
reviews from mars
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