Missing Pieces
Missing Pieces
Missing Pieces is the life and LEGO podcast where Brickitect discusses his life, his LEGO collecting journey, being a LEGO Youtuber, raising a LEGO enthusiast son, and any other topics that are interesting to him or on his mind that week. Join him to share his successes, failures, stories while laughing and sometimes crying together. Missing Pieces is one of the realest and most personal LEGO podcasts available. Enjoy the podcast and remember, we will find you in the next Missing Pieces episode!
Are You Not Entertained? | Missing Pieces #58
I discuss a recent comment I received on a Friday Night Patron stream  that I shared with the public, a live streaming series I brought back  this week, my thoughts on LEGO Ideas Sesame Street, LEGO promos, our  Halloween experience and the movies we are making a Halloween tradition.
Nov 1
44 min
Education, Entertainment, & LEGO | Missing Pieces #57
I discuss our decision on Clark's schooling, a new game that we played,  and a new podcast I have been really enjoying along with my newest LEGO  build I am working on.  I also talk about our Patreon and something fun I  am now doing there and my desire to connect with other LEGO parents.
Oct 25
41 min
When Should Kids Get Phones? | Extra Pieces #1
In the first ever episode of Extra Pieces, I read your comments on kids and smart phones.  This episode features testimonials and advice from people of all ages on when and how children should have access to technology.
Oct 18
14 min
Prime Day, iPhone 12, & A New Top 5 LEGO Set | Missing Pieces #56
I discuss Amazon Prime Days (now in October?), why I want the new iPhone 12, finishing the LEGO 1989 Batmobile, my next build, and a show we just finished on Netflix: Cobra Kai.
Oct 18
46 min
An Unexpected Guest Joins Me | Missing Pieces #55
I discuss some health issues Roxy has been having and ponder on the prospect of our school and Clark returning to a 5 day in-person school week.  I also mention how our love of LEGO Super Mario continues on and how I've started building the LEGO Batmobile while Clark destroys the backlog.
Oct 11
36 min
It Wasn't Just Another Week | Missing Pieces #54
I discuss how I almost didn't make this episode because I didn't think I had anything to share. In my mind, this week was "just another week."  Then I reviewed all the footage I recorded of our daily activities and realized there was all kinds of things that happened...both good and bad.  I share those stories with you and bring your comments to life in viewer/listener feedback.
Oct 4
51 min
Kid Scammers, Bespin's New Home, Help From Viewers, & Preorder Madness | Missing Pieces #53
I discuss the "Dave Story", where one of my Bespin Duel sets are going, how a few viewers helped save my Nintendo set, and my attempts to preorder an Xbox Series X and the LEGO Adidas shoes.
Sep 27
40 min
Nostalgia & Having It All Figured Out | Missing Pieces #52
I discuss how I've been making this podcast for a year, talk about how a  a nice message can go a long way, express my gratitude for all the  positivity I've received recently, give a remote learning update,  explain how nostalgia plays a big role in my life, and last but not  least, share listener feedback from last week.
Sep 20
52 min
This Episode Is About You | Missing Pieces #51
I discuss week 2 of remote learning Kindergarten then jump into the massive amount of viewer feedback from last week where you guys discuss school, things that would make your life easier, your life goals and so much more!
Sep 13
1 hr 19 min
Remote Learning & LEGO Sets I'm Not Buying | Missing Pieces #50
I discuss Clark's first week of school as a remote student and LEGO sets  that have been revealed that I don't plan to buy.  I also review viewer  feedback and wins of the week.
Sep 6
47 min
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