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The Den Podcast
The Den Podcast
Cognitive Dissonance
2 hour 48 minutes Posted Sep 28, 2020 at 11:16 am.
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Show notes
After the week Black Women have had? Aint no more "hiatus". . . Welcome back to The Den, niglets! Topics include: Breonna Taylor x Megan The Stallion & why "Protect Black Women" is nothing more than a performance piece, Hip-Hop's 'Me Too' Movement that never was and never will be, Florida attempts to simply ignore Covid away, Rihanna's Fenty man panties & PS5 season got these niggas ready to risk it all, TN Highway Patrol clocks almost 2 MILLION in overtime since June, Vladimir Putin & Donald Trump prove that anyone can get nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, and for whatever reason... Tiff gives a riveting lesson on the 4 different types/shapes of McDonald's nuggets as an ode to her former employer. Grab you a coffee and settle in. . . it's Black Girl Time!⁣
(Outro: Daisha McBride - Ballgame)