The Den Podcast
The Den Podcast
The Den Podcast
The Den is a collective of 3 women based of out of Nashville, TN. . . brought together by our host, Zeryus Marie, we are simply here to give a more southern perspective on today's culture, introduce you guys to some of our country cousins and above all? Let niggas know, "SOUTHERN WOMEN GOT SOMETHING TO SAY!" Join Zee, Dyferent and Jes every Monday as they take you into parts of "Music City" you've never been to and keep it all the way 100 as only they know how to do.
The Shrooms Episode
Its the end of the year and The Ladies give you the best 2020 recap of the season! Topics include: Thot prevention hours, Drake and Adonnis’ durag, and... the rap girls have all lost their minds. Oh? We also have another round of ‘Superlatives’ to round out the decade. Tap in and come chill in The Den with us! (Outro: Kay Bay - Queen Shit)
Dec 21, 2020
1 hr 53 min
Rob Me A Nigga (feat. Reaux Marquez)
2020 is winding down and we personally cannot wait for this shit to be over. Until then? Come chill in The Den with The Ladies and their special guest... Reaux Marquez! This weeks topic includes: Belcalis’ bag sends the bird into an uproar, the Red Table of Redemption has now extended itself to privileged white girls and Gams is pissed!, We desperately want y’all to stop comparing the Tuskegee Experiment to the Covid Vaccine, and... Even Stevens done lost his entire white mind! We also delve into Reaux’s newest project “No Decoys”, his heavily anticipated 1st album, we talk health regimes, his fashion acumen and... he even teaches us the difference between an EP and an LP. Plus A LOT more! Outro: Reaux Marquez - Up!
Dec 14, 2020
2 hr 15 min
"Defund" All This Shit!
Zee is back from vacation and Tiff may or may not have alcohol poisoning... welcome back to The Den! This weeks topics include: Nigger establishments want to be white so bad they're willing to throw Black women under the bus to do so, Boosie doesn't understand terms and conditions, Funk Flex gets a boy BBL, and Chet Hanks' patois sparks a diaspora war that no one asked for. We also question Ms. Fenty's particular choice in men, praise Elliot Page for being the bad bitch that he is, and humbly ask that Obama shut the fuck up. And a word of advice? Quit telling on yourselves! Touring is obsolete, streaming doesn't pay and no one believes you're a millionaire at 22... find another way to clean your money, niglets. A wise woman once said, "If I can see it, I promise you the feds can see it too!" (Opening by @IndigoGloves // Outro: C-Really feat Lil Saint the Goat - The Prophecy Vol. 1)
Dec 7, 2020
2 hr 40 min
Bussin’ Back
Welcome back to the circus where clown niggas have been clowning all week and The Ladies have a little “bussin’ back” of their own to do! This weeks topics include: The broke bitch mountain that is Kelsey Nicole proves why our elders were correct in saying “everybody ain’t yo friend!, The Fresh Prince Reunion proves why Janet Hubert is still the greatest, Kevin Hart shows his ass in the Clubhouse, Dave Chappelle signed a bad deal and wants the world to feel bad for him... and somehow Sommore is still funnier than the both of those niggas put together! Buckle up, grab you some Hydrox’s and come chill in The Den with us! (Outro: Gee Slab feat. Petty - Embarrassing Us)
Nov 30, 2020
2 hr 48 min
The Satisfyer Pro
"Imagine niggas lying about shooting a real bitch...!" The Ladies are back for another installment of W.D.E.N and we brought along some good news. This weeks topics include: Meg's album is out and she wants all the smoke, Radric Davis and Jay Wayne Jenkins prove forgiveness is for pussies, Why hip-hop loves Mob movies but hates anything Tekashi 69 related?, Suki w/ the good coochie bids Only Fans adieu, and George Clooney is living proof that the rich can do SO much more. Also... we're not exactly sure who's engineering the sex toys these days, but yall are definitely showing out! (Outro: Bryantt Taylor feat. Tim Gent - SPACEBOOTS)
Nov 23, 2020
2 hr 31 min
Jesus is a Biscuit
The Ladies are back for another installment of W.D.E.N. This weeks topics include: The NBA and Ticketmaster have officially said "fuck covid", Britney Spears father still isn't shit, The death of Tumblr, Eva Longoria puts her foot in her mouth, Memphis and Lord Infamous' influence on hip-hop remains understated, what is a #Clubhouse?, and... Why are Black families so afraid of nepotism? We also introduce a new segment of "F*ck, Marry, Kill" and things get pretty funny. (Outro: Money Makin Nique - DDCC3)
Nov 16, 2020
2 hr 35 min
God Bless America
The lesser of two evils has finally won the Great Race and we can all get back to digesting our racism the way we're accustomed to! Yay! This week's topics include: Nayvadius continues to dodge his parental duties like the plague, Georgia is Nipsey Blue, and is gatekeeping in Hip-Hop even possible anymore? Pandora's Box includes: have you ever seen a dental dam?, is love a choice?, and . . . could you be friends with someone who sleeps with married men? (Outro: $avvy - Zoom)
Nov 9, 2020
2 hr 24 min
Hip-Hop Loves Trump
It's voting time down at The Pynk... stand up and stand by, niglets! This week is sure to be one for the history books so get your essentials, lock your door and come chill in The Den with us! This weeks topics include: Boosie lends Mike Tyson an ear, The Great Birkin Debate, Celebrities continue to host "super-spreader" events and Atlanta is pissed, Ice Cube and Lil Wayne battle for 'Raps Biggest Idiot', Why are stylists turning paying customers into unpaid models?, and a lot more! We also delve into sex cults and whether or not men should get credit for being monogamous. . . the answer is "no". (Outro: Brian Brown feat. Reaux Marquez - Runnin')
Nov 2, 2020
2 hr 32 min
One Long Ass Episode (feat. D'Llisha Davis of 2Ls On A Cloud)
It's been a long time coming & a lot of ____ running, but it's official - The Ladies of The Den Podcast have finally made it to episode 50! A few pods ago we told you that "you can't spell Nashville without 2Ls" & now it's time to prove it... say hello to our special guest: D'Llisha Davis as she IS this weeks topic! We sequestered Nashville's lady boss for almost four hours and the content surely does NOT disappoint. Tune in as we discuss 2L's conception, the notion that she doesn't "put on" for Nashville, The Mac Miller interview, dating in Nashville, what it feels like having her own Nike and A LOT more. This episode was brought to you by Irish Whiskey and big body Jeeps... so get comfortable and thank us later. (Outro: Chuck Indigo - Hoodrat Shit)
Oct 19, 2020
5 hr 4 min
Toys Before Boys
Welcome back to W.D.E.N.... it's definitely been a wild week, but if you came here to be nosy, this aint the episode for you. This weeks topics include: The White House is still crumbling at the seams, Rihanna continues to be a better human than the rest of us, Jeannie Mai wants to "submit" to her piece of dark meat, should DNA testing be mandatory at birth?, He who shall not be named has finally been charged with felonious assault and somehow the goalpost continues to shift, and? "Protect Black Women" continues to be nothing more than a performance piece... just ask the goofy bitches leading the all woman podcast for the Joe Budden Network. Also? Pandora's Box is filled with toys, toys, and more toys! Get comfy and tap in, niglets! (Outro: Kaby - Star)
Oct 12, 2020
2 hr 34 min
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