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The Den Podcast
The Den Podcast
You Can’t Spell Nashville w/o 2L’s
1 hour 57 minutes Posted Aug 10, 2020 at 1:53 pm.
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Show notes
Zee & Dyferent are back for another installment of W.D.E.N and the docket is filled to the brim w/ niggas who've lost their entire minds! Topics include: Nashville Fashion House & Lower Broadway are petri dishes for dat 'rone, The miseducation of Billy Porter, Cardi & Meg gave the whole world chubbies, Jaguar Wright lays everyone's shit bare, Celebs are caping for Ellen like she hands out their w-2's, Moesha wasn't shit, and... ? A lipless YT man spoke during Black girl time so we cursed him out for our much nicer friends... because you can't spell Nashville without 2L's, ya bitch!⁣
(Outro: The Shindella's - Fear Has No Place)