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Pure Propaganda
The purpose of Russiagate is to build up a perceived need for a national security state. Nothing from the Mueller Report resulted in legal consequences for Donald Trump. This certainly is no “spy thriller” as she puts it. Quite the contrary. I gave an extra star because I laughed out loud a couple times which is more than most “comedy” podcasts.
Velvet Jones81
Can’t listen to trump’s voice
I’m sure this is an excellent podcast but I can’t listen to trump’s voice so can’t listen to the podcast.
won't send with one star
Your Hatred for Trump is so obvious.
Maybe you would be more convincing with your arguments if you could hide or try to hide your contempt for Mr. Trump but your hatred runs so deep you can’t and it’s obvious. Let’s face it, you didn’t like that he didn’t follow the so called norms that the elite dictated.
Boiler 219
Proud of our Democratic Representatives
Incredible integrity and honesty. Standing up for a strong democratic republic. No hyperbole, just the facts and their seriousness. If we had removed the president based on this damning evidence, it’s possible we could have avoided the coronavirus mismanagement.
Great Listen
This podcast is really two in one. First, it was “The Report”, which was a detailed look at the Mueller Report with legal analysis. Truly an excellent listen. Second, they moved to “The Impeachment” and I found that less listenable, not because of any slippage in the quality of the work, but because I found myself getting infuriated at the Representatives whose questioning represented a large part of the episode I listened to. Great work, I just found myself with too emotional of a response.
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History Beautifully Distilled
Even though I failed to keep up as the trial wore on, I have nothing but respect for the work this team did to capture the key moments and essence of our nation’s third presidential impeachment trial. This is a tightly packed, earnest look at a voluminous moment in history.
Best way to keep up with Impeachment
Thank you for all the work you did to provide Americans with the ability to take in many hours of Impeachment hearings in a manageable way. I could not have watched or listened to it all. Your podcast allowed me to hear the most consequential moments. I also enjoyed your team’s post-mortem, featuring the voice of Robert Mueller. 😉
For anyone who wants to really understand the critical legal issues of the day, this podcast is essential listening. It is also fun.
susan hendrie-marais
I waited until The President counsel started before made my review of this podcast. I believe it’s well done and without bias. It takes out political noise and analysis from people Who are trying deliver their own opinions instead stead of facts allowing allowing the delivery of the facts for them selves. Yet, once the Q&A session started, some reason the Managers were played in full where the Presidents Council were cut short
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The Best podcast on the Mueller investigation
This podcast combines readings from the Mueller Report with a Narrator’s guide and contemporaneous news articles and brief interviews. It brings the information in the report to life and into context with events as they unfolded and continue to unfold. Very relevant to current news too. Worth a listen. Not boring !
Thank you
For this series of episodes
Ginagina Smith
Amazing job!
I’m so appreciative of your coverage. Thank you! I’m going to go back after this is over and finish The Report.
elly b444
THE Best Law Related Podcast
There’s nothing better in the podcast world than Lawfare, and its timely sub-podcast, The Impeachment in reporting, discussing and explaining the substantive and material law related angles of current events. If you’re tired of to short explanations of Big topics then Lawfare and it’s podcast partners are most certainly for you.
Skillfully condensed account of the day’s proceeding
Not easy to make a whole day of bloviating into a compelling hour
MC Silverback
Yay! As I was not able to read the entire Mueller Report, I SO loved listening to the podcast "The Report" and listened to it multiple times over! Every few weeks I would check back to see if they were going to add episodes covering the impeachment, as I feel the subjects are so interwoven/connected. Plus I love the way Susan Hennessy and Benjamin Wittes narrate :) And today it appeared like an early birthday present! Thank you to all who take the time to educate the public in a truly captivating way!!
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Season 2?!? Yeah!
Sooo excited about this!
Valuable service
I really appreciate Lawfare for doing the hard work to edit the audio recordings of each day's impeachment trial to skip all procedural matters and just present the most substantive 1-2 hours of argument presented by each side.
Great consolidation of trial!
For those of us who don’t have the ability or attention span to take in all of the speeches that are happening, I so appreciate this condensed impeachment listening experience!
Helpful clarity
It is great being able to listen to the report without distortion and additional depth provided. Much appreciation for great work being done by Lawfare.
no spin
great to hear the actual report with it being distorted
Full understanding of the Mueller report is essential to understanding what this nation is facing. (This review is written 12/8/2019, in midst of House impeachment hearings.) I could not read the 448-page Mueller report. This podcast, produced by the reputable Lawfare team, comprehensibly and compellingly lays out the substance and factual context of the report. 15 hour-long episodes (plus 2 Tangential-Wacky-but-True bonus chapters). Magnificent. I am so grateful.
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Compelling and Important work
The team brilliantly place the report within the context of contemporaneous news and current events, along with journalists and legal scholars whose commentary is really illuminating. Better investment of time than slogging through the report- if you are constrained for time but want to understand fully. It’s still very complex, so worth listening twice. I would so love to see a movie come of all this, like with Nixon, as I fear the general public will never receive the information otherwise. The legal scholars consulted were also excellent. I’m curious- were there “conservative” scholars who might have been consulted? I know Rosenzweig worked under Ken Starr but it would have been interesting to hear the whole right/left debate. I don’t know how these obstructive acts could be justified or construed differently but imagine someone has tried.
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The Report
This is an amazing podcast that explains the ins & outs of the Mueller Report. Along the way you are carried into the real happenings as they occurred along with the written report. Just like a mystery report. You will recognize the instances as they happened from news reports & other commentary. I recommend that everyone listen to this series in order to be able to grasp what is happening now in the Impeachment process. Thanks to all the donors & the Lawfare staff for producing this podcast. May you go down in history as one of the many who are fighting for America.
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A fascinating story so artfully crafted. Having read the actual Mueller report, this is an excellent audio abbreviation. Even people casually familiar with the Mueller investigation will enjoy, no need for a JD. As somebody said before, a great mix of recitation from the report, news clippings, expert analysis, and informal yet captivating narration. Bingeworthy for sure!!
Thank you
I read the report. Then I listened to the report via Audible. Then I turned to this podcast to help me understand what I'd read and heard. I'm thankful for the Lawfare team for putting this together because while I ultimately understood much of it, there were times when I was totally lost. This podcast helped me understand the legal jargon and the complicated web that is our justice system.
Vital context for impeachment hearings
I finished listening to this just as impeachment hearings began. Many concerns raised in the report are cropping up again in the hearings. Everyone should listen to this podcast in order to get a sense of how consistent and pervasive the corruption of this administration really is.
Thank you for making the Mueller report accessible.
The report makes critical threats to our country from Russian information warfare understandable. All Americans must become aware if we are to survive this ongoing attack. It also makes the cases for obstruction of justice that Mueller would have brought but for the OLC opinion that restrained him.
Captivating story telling
This report is so perfectly put together with audio from news stories, interviews, analysis, and the reading of the Mueller Report itself that I had to keep reminding myself this was real and not a political thriller novel. Bingeworhy from start to end.
Loved this so much. Shaping the story with facts and telling the story.
Peggy Slattery
The Report
The information is invaluable and so much better than reading. However, the ticking is driving me crazy! All in all, I soundly thank you for this podcast. Susie Buzan Bloomington, IN
This podcast is critical!
This podcast is a must for all American citizens, and for citizens of the world who are concerned about the survival of our democracy. It is invaluable and so important! All Americans need to listen to this podcast. But how do we get it, and the critical info contained in it, to those who have shut their ears? This must inform the impeachment articles. Congress, do your job.
Great and important
This is excellent, I highly recommend it
Everything you need to know about the Mueller Report
I read about half of the Mueller Report on my own. Then I started listening to The Report produced by the capable and articulate reporters/ lawyers from The Lawfare Blog. What a difference! As a non- lawyer but interested citizen, I encourage anyone who wants to understand the facts and context for the investigation to spend time listening to this podcast.The Report divides the Mueller Report into digestible portions using the text from the Report and explanatory journalism as it recreates the timeline of events and tweets that accompanied the investigation. The Report succeeds in making the narrative accessible to any citizen willing to spend the time. The Lawfare crew has performed a major public service and for that I thank them!
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Important information
Not sure I could sit and read the report so this is perfect. Thank you. There is so much information that we all need to know.
A through review, explanation and summary of the report. Thank you.
Pulitzer Podcast?
Thank you so much for explaining so precisely, carefully, and poignantly this important event and process. What an achievement. I am intrigued and outraged, stimulated and entertained. This has and will continue to inform my conversations about this remarkable time in history as it’s happening. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for this masterpiece of investigative journalism. Well done.
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Brighty K
Listen to this
Outstanding podcast. I listened release by release. Now that all the episodes are out I think I will Listen AGAIN. It is a complex report and the Law Fare folks have done a great Job of unraveling and explaining the story without overtones of partisanship. A must listen for Americans who truly want to understand The Mueller Report!
The Best of the Best!
This has been the most important and informative source of information produced about the Mueller Report. It’s straight forward reporting should be mandatory listening for every citizen because it details the roadmap of extensive corruption by the Trump administration. Thanks to all involved with it.
Fascinating, thorough, and important
If you want to understand the Mueller report and its ramifications, this podcast is the source. The narrative style really helps to understand the events in the Russian election interference section, and the detailed legal analysis demystifies the question of obstruction. It’s accessible to an audience with no legal background, and makes a complicated but vitally important document much more approachable.
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La otra JB
Excellent review of the Mueller Report
I tried to read the Mueller Report, it was just so dense I didn’t get far. Lawfare’s “The Report” was a great way to get through it! It broke down the parts of the report, explained what was happening in the timeline, and explained the findings in an understandable way while also explaining legal jargon and precedence. Thank you for this, Lawfare. Now I know what is actually IN the Report and I don’t have to sort out truth from fiction on either side of the political divide.
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Although things have moved so fast since the Mueller report was released this is all still so relevant and important to know. This administration has shown a complete and total lack of respect for our country and our democracy. The continued corrupt behavior by this administration is dangerous to all of us and the well-being of our country. The damage already done, I’m hoping will be able to be repaired. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job with The Report
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Thank you!
Just finished all 15 episodes. You all presented the report and the context in a clear and concise manner that was understandable for a layperson. Great work!
Want to understand what happened? Listen Up!
This podcast concisely explains what Russia did to our country, as outlined in the dense Mueller Report. It’s mind boggling & must listen.
Peg Leg Sally
If you want to understand the Mueller Report, this is the podcast that will explain everything in clear detail. I am almost through Part 1 and Part 2 is waiting... It is just outstanding! Thanks Lawfare.
The Report
One of the finest podcasts ever. Concise and made easy to follow
It’s a good recap, but...
What this very good podcast makes clear is that the failures of our country go beyond electing Trump. Our laws and our federal law enforcement apparatus are simply unable to hold the powerful to account. I am not a ‘lol nothing matters’ nihilist but the Mueller Report made me want to be. It’s pathetic inability to tell a narrative, taking pages of interactions and boiling them down to a sentence that is so dense it must be read ten times. Ugh. This podcast helps but it too is still dense and only reinforces how frustrating the actual report was and, for me, begs the question: was the Report written to get the American people to move on and stop being preoccupied with how corrupt the President is? The Jason Leopold smackdown made me suspicious. But the mountains of evidence buried in very difficult prose that is excavated in this pod is damning not just for Trump but also for Rod, Bill and even our beloved RMiii. It was a bad document that gave a lot of benefits of doubt to very clear and obvious acts of blatant corruption. Okay maybe this pod convinced me to be a nihilist. But it’s still good.
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An important public service
Superbly conceived and produced. Thank you, Lawfare Blog!
I don’t think the general public is ACTUALLY reading this - and even if they did, they’d doubt any findings. PLEASE PLEASE someone make a movie or documentary of this!!!!!
Should be required listening for all Americans
This pod cast provides context and detail, along with expert and scholarly legal opinions to understand what is reasonably described as an obtuse report. Thank you, Lawfare!
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