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It’s great
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Great development in storytelling
What a wonderful development in story telling. Not only will you become more invested in these characters than any other medium , as you will spend hundreds of hours with them, not to mention they are great actors, but the randomness of dice brings excitement and uncertainty that can be felt by the characters themselves. 6 out of 5 stars.
Like family
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll fall in love.
480 hours/20 days later
It’s okay.
CANT STOP LOVING IT. I can’t fall asleep with it it is to good. Jester is my fav player!!!!!!!!!!!(Can you guys do more one shots please) really in joy listening how creative the players are.
Love it
They make all the characters seem so really. It’s the greatest podcast
Love it!
Critical Role is widely considered the best and most prolific D&D play stream/podcast out there. That’s a matter of taste, but I personally love it! Production value has definitely gone up over the course of their show too! Don’t be disheartened that it picks up on the middle of campaign one. You pick it up quick enough, and otherwise campaign two is tons of fun still!
Amazing podcast
I’ve passed so much time in traffic and during work listening to these characters come to life. So glad I happened to hear their name at a Comicon!
Engaging and emotional!
You fall in love with the characters and feel what they are feeling as the actors journey through the realm. You get to know them, can sometimes anticipate what they are going to do next, and can feel yourself become immersed into the story. This truly is the next generation of storytelling and I can’t get enough.
Love y’all
The best. Makes me so happy.
This show’s a blast. The story is clever and engaging. The cast is so comfortable, intimate, and silly with each other, listening feels like relaxing with old friends. ❤️
Bob Lail
One of my favorites
I love the cast of this show as they deep dive into the characters and attempt to experience what they are experiencing. The game flow is organic rather than forced, which makes following the storyline very pleasurable. I love DnD, and this makes the experience very pleasurable. It’s a very in-depth TV show that you use your imagination to display. It’s a beautiful mix of creativity and practicality. Love. This. Show.
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Love it
I listen to this every da my and I love it. It makes me laugh and I feel like I’m actually in the story.
Hilarious and great way to learn the rules!
I absolutely love listening to these voice actors! They really bring the game to life and pull me into the adventure. But I’ve also gained a great understanding of how a lot of rules work just by listening. And I’m amazed at all the good critical role does on their communities. They stand for good principles and support people who need support. So many reasons I love this show and group of people!
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Mr. JGriffin
Best D&D Podcast Out There!!
So Great! I started listening to Campaign 2 first and caught up right before the pandemic hit and COVID-19 shut the world down. I then went back and watched campaign 1 and I am rewatching/listening to campaign 2. Love this option as well in conjunction with YouTube. The cast is AMAZING! The story is great and extremely compelling. I LOVE CRITICAL ROLE!!!
Critical role is amazing
I’ve followed these guys for a long time, what a wholesome wonderful group of fantastic people doing great dnd. I’ve recommended them to several of my friends, I look forward to every Thursday thanks to them!
My review is simple
Listen dnd is my favorite game and I’m a kid so listening to this gives me lots of inspiration for worlds and maps and backstory It really does deserve a five star even if you don’t enjoy it as much as I do.
Such good fun
Critical role is what got me back into D&D as an adult and has been such a delight. Perfect companion for distance running or hiking. Thanks for the years of fun and inspiration!
My constant companion
I found Critical Role about a year ago and have been listening at every spare moment. From the commute to the job site and on my weekends. I’ve never really had anyone to play D&D with, but this family of friends have welcomed me in with open arms and I don’t ever want to leave. Thank you for having me at your table Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein. May the Traveler watch over you.
Simply the Best
You guys are awesome! Keep doing what you’re doing.
Stanislav F
Great energy!
I found Critical role a year ago, and I am proud to say that I have listened to all the available episodes. It’s the best way to occupy me while I work! The stories they tell through the game that I love is incredible. I hope that this family continues to entertain for years to come!
Matt Mercer is the man
I love this podcast.
All the characters are superbly thought out, for the most part, and even the random bartenders and such each feel unique. It’s astounding how they’ve managed to make this into such a production. Now I just can’t let the D&D players I DM for see it, or they’ll expect me to do the same level of world building as Matt.😂
The best podcast ever.
I love this podcast. Prior to COVID it was my companion through the morning and afternoon work commute. Since I’ve been work from Home all this time it has become my any free time in between companion. It’s part of my morning and evening routine. I also try to squeeze it in wherever i can through out the day. Working 9+ hours a day as well as having two attention demanding sons means one episode can last me a few days but i like the slow burn effect of trickle feeding the story to myself. Awesome job guys!!!! You guys are awesome when in character and insanely hilarious when not!
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Entry point
It’s a great way for anyone who wants to get into D&D to see what it can be. You know, with production values through the roof. Matt Mercer is a master of improve and weaving narratives mostly seamlessly. What he does is NOT EASY. But he makes it sound easy. Excellent work. He’s with the 5 star by himself. The talented cast is just the delicious cherry on top.
Insurmountable joy
I’ve made it halfway through their second campaign and it’d basically be criminal not to leave a review after all the joy and laughter and comfort this has managed to bring into my life. The cast is incredible. The characters, the emotion, the voices oh my god the voices, and this incredible world that Matt Mercer has crafted— it’s all absolutely phenomenal. I cannot wait to loop back around and listen to Vox Machina after catching up to the Nein’s adventures. My only regret is not getting into it soon enough to donate to the kickstarter campaign, but I am eagerly awaiting the launch of the animated show and will absolutely show my support in other ways! Thank you so much to the cast and to each and every person who helps bring the show to life. Will inevitably end up with a new tattoo honoring the absolute joy this has brought into my life.
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This show is amazing!
I accidentally stumbled onto this show on the first episode of campaign 1 while it was streaming and became addicted! Here I am multiple years later watching every episode the second it’s available. I’m sure you will love it too. The world is so enthralling and the characters growth and backstory is better then any movie or show
Papa Paradox
Great stories
I love the stories that they tell. Matt does a great job infusing everyone into his narrative. Making the over all story not just about what is happening in the world. It’s about the players and how they fit into it. Listening to both campaigns has changed the way I play the game. It has made me more excited to play and gets me through my week.
Nick namington
Just my opinion
I just discovered this 3 years into dnd and it’s a good show
OMG I can’t wait for the next episode!!
This is the best podcast ever if this wasn’t a podcast it would be a amazing book and I would want to read it! In this hard time you need something to distract yourself and this is the best way for someone to do that.
The best podcast.. ever
After being introduced to Critical Role a little over 2 years ago, I can confidently say I am Nott only hooked, but desperately craving more and more. I feel like a friend at the table, someone included with the inside jokes. The friendship is real and the story is amazing!
The Family Ive Never Met.
Throughout the many years and episodes, I think I have felt just about every emotion possible. I have shared this show with my loved ones and we have laughed, cried and LIVED these moments. I wish nothing but the best for the cast, it’s crew, their guests and friends and every single listener. Thank you all so much for bringing light to my world for so many years. I have no idea if any of us will get the chance to meet, but if not— thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much love to all of you, - Ryan
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DND like a book on tape!
Critical role is a bunch of voice actors using their talents in an amazing DND game. It’s like long form improv with DND. Better humor and action than some actual TV shows!
shopkeeper number 9
Matt Mercer?
Hardly know her.
Bet You Can’t Listen to Just One
Before COVID I didn’t even know I liked DND. Now I’ve listened to 200+ episodes of Critical Role. It’s amazing and DND is now a large part of my COVID social life. Turns out it’s a blast to play on Zoom with friends. Who would have thought... And that boon I owe to this show. Matt Mercer weaves the tale and these pros bring the characters to life. I love them and hope you will too! Bet you won’t list to just one. Listen to the campaigns in order or don’t. Campaign 1 is on the other channel if you’re new. Bon appetite.
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Jake Doucet
Rolls every natural 20!
If you love stories, if you enjoy watching or listening to people have sun, if you are enthralled with talented performers, artists and innovators, your path to this podcast led you right! Critical Role is such a joy to consume, but it’s also remarkable for what can generate or inspire in your own creativity. A perpetual natural 20!
Might Nein
You fall in love with these characters. During this absurd moment in time, listening to this group play is a bright spot in my day! Besides that, I get so much info for how to run a campaign 😁!
OG Duff
Good, wholesome* fun <3
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to play DND with your friends! Give in to all of those instincts! *wholesomeness includes a handful of dick jokes
This podcast transcends
Imagine the epic flavor of Lord if the Rings, with the level of humor you find with your best friends at 2 in the morning, with a cast you become so intimately familiar with, they are like family. Campaign 1 was my favorite podcast, but season two competes with my favorite shows, movies, and books. And because it needs to be said... this is the only thing in any medium where I not only do not skip the ads, but look forward to them every week.
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Got me through corona 🤩🤩
ghash sirraf
Every minute is entertaining
Awesome podcast! Super entertaining. I listen to it every moment that I can.
Started at campaign 2
My young adult children got me involved with this and it’s excellent on podcast. And occasionally YouTube. It’s been amazing. I highly recommend.
The podcast has been a lifesaver for more than a year now. The characters and story are the perfect escape from anything that’s going wrong in my life. I truly look forward to each new episode. ❤️
Amazing show
I started listening to this show after having it be recommended to me a couple years ago and have worked my way all the way up to the present. All of the characters have depth and complicated lives. Listening to the cast work through plans can be absolutely hilarious and Matthew always keeps me guessing. I’ve tried a few other DnD podcasts but kepo coming back to this one as the absolute best. Give it a try you will love the ride
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This podcast has gotten me through Quarantine and its incredible. Every moment is exciting!
Critical Role is Irredeemably Bad
This show is an insult to anyone who likes: RPGs, D&D, real play podcasts, podcasts of any type, audio recordings of any type, thinking about things, not thinking about things, sleeping, being awake, not dying, not being tortured... you get the idea. I have never negatively reviewed a podcast, because I assume it’s just not for me. I am compelled to make an exception because of how extraordinarily bad this one is. -42/10: even the Vogons couldn’t come up with something this bad.
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Absolutely Bingeable
Such a great show, I’m so glad it’s in podcast form so I can take it with me when I’m driving or when I’m at work
A form of story telling unlike any other
Storytelling is a quintessential human experience. So ingrained is it to our cultures, that we see evidence long before we coalesced into a global community. The storytellers at Critical Role are some of the absolute finest that may ever grace the entertainment industry. Their breadth of experience and acting range gives life not only to the characters they inhabit, but to the very world that has been created for them to explore. The stories told here are familiar, yet unique, written over hours of role playing and interaction with each other, the world, and themselves.
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Totally Addicted
Hilarious, serious, scary. This D
Ian Lurie
This podcast reignited my creativity, helped by inspiring me to finish creating my book. I can’t stop I have listened to 90 episodes in 3 months... it’s my addiction
US Soldier.
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