The All New Dennis Miller Option
The All New Dennis Miller Option
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Join Emmy Award-winning comedian Dennis Miller, his A-list friends, and his “Guy Friday" Christian Bladt each week for their uncensored take on current events, politics, pop culture, and anything else on their minds.
S2 E183: The Real-Life "Wolf of Wall Street" Jordan Belfort
Dennis chats with the real-life "Wolf of Wall Street" Jordan Belfort, who talks about how he was always a good salesman, hustling to make money as a kid. They talk about some of the greatest movies about the business world, including "Glengarry, Glen Ross", how television conveys what we all consider to be success and the evolution of online pornography. Jordan also talks about his family, his current business ventures, helping sales people be more effective, and explains why veterans are such tremendous contributors to the work force.   This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Skylight Frame (Code: Miller) Four Sigmatic
Nov 24
29 min
S2 E182: Rob Halford Of Judas Priest Confesses
Dennis is joined by Judas Priest lead singer Rob Halford to discuss his new autobiography "Confess", how he first got into the band, life on the road, being in the closet and coming out as a gay man in the world of heavy metal. He also discusses seeing David Bowie perform live, meeting Lady Gaga and Queen Elizabeth, Sean Connery, Elvis, recording at a home that was once owned by Paul McCartney and much more! He also talks to Christian, Lindsey and Stemper about the new season of The Crown on Netflix, Star Wars, a book he's reading about Julius Caesar, famous horn players and gives some insight as to the future of the podcast.  This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Magic Spoon Plexaderm Omax Health (Code: Miller) The Good Game Company
Nov 19
1 hr 2 min
S2 E181: Alan Zweibel on Norm Crosby & Colin Quinn on Norm MacDonald, Bombing At Robert DeNiro's 60th Birthday Party And More!
Dennis starts off the show talking to writer-producer Alan Zweibel about the recent passing of Norm Crosby, whom he created a show called "The Boys" for in the late 80's. They also discuss Crosby's malaprops and his co-hosting the Jerry Lewis telethon. Alan also gives an update on "Here Today" the movie he co-wrote with Billy Crystal, starring Billy and Tiffany Haddish. Then, comedian Colin Quinn talks about new special "Colin Quinn and Friends : A Parking Lot Comedy Show" on HBO Max, a new book "Overstated: A Coast-to-Coast Roast of the Fifty States" and an ongoing series on YouTube called "Cop Show". He also talks about his infamous performance bombing on stage at Robert DeNiro's 60th birthday party and Dennis talks about bombing at a Friar's roast. They also discuss Rodney Dangerfield, Norm MacDonald, Nick Dipaolo and much more.  This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Hydrant (Code: Dennis) Plexaderm SimpliSafe Blinkist
Nov 17
58 min
S2 E180: Talking Golf with Luke Reese, Octopus Teachers, Alex Trebek and more!
Dennis talks to golf writer Luke Reese about his new book "One From The Memory Banks", the highlights of his career on and off the golf course, and working on the book with his daughter. Then, Dennis talks to Christian, Lindsey and Stemper about Netflix's "My Octopus Teacher", a fantastic Dolly Parton documentary called "Here I Am", "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood" and Jackie Kennedy. Plus, a joke submission from a listener and memories of Alex Trebek. This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Plexaderm The Good Game Company
Nov 12
43 min
S2 E179: John “Chick” Donohue Discusses The Greatest Beer Run Ever
Dennis chats with Marine Corp veteran and author John “Chick” Donohue about his book “THE GREATEST BEER RUN EVER”, which tells the unbelievably true story about how Chick snuck into Vietnam during the war, tracked down his friends, and handed each of them a can of beer — a story that is being adapted into a major motion picture by Academy Award winning director Peter Farrelly.  This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Plexaderm SelectQuote
Nov 10
33 min
S2 E178: Talking Steve McQueen with Author Marshall Terrill
Dennis is joined by author Marshall Terrill, who talks about the access he had to research for his new book  "Steve McQueen: In His Own Words" will be released to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the actor's death and features 450 quotations from McQueen, accompanied by 500 photographs, many that will be seen for the first time. They talk about how McQueen did very few interviews, but the ones that he did were insightful. Marshall also talks about how much of a fan he is of Dennis's film "Bordello of Blood". Then, Dennis chats with Christian and Lindsey about the passing of Sean Connery. He also discusses meeting John Barry, re-watching "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood", Yul Brenner, Dick Cavett, and more!  This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Magic Spoon (Code: Miller) NHTSA Plexaderm The Good Game Company
Nov 5
56 min
S2 E177: Comedian Brian Regan Talks Vegas Reopening, Getting Back on the Road and More!
Dennis is joined by comedian Brian Regan who talks about Vegas re-opening slowly but surely and getting back on the road to play comedy clubs around the country, which he hasn't played in years. They also chat about starting out, comedy condos, inspiration for jokes, their kids being funny and Brian's ability to sleep for 27 hours straight.   Dennis also talks to Christian and Lindsey about sleeping all day in London, how this episode is posting on Election Day and his birthday. He also talks about Platypuses, Donald Duck, waiting in line at Starbucks, Gary Player and More! This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Blinkist National Traffic Highway Safety Administration Plexaderm Omax Health (Code: Miller)
Nov 3
49 min
S2 E176:  Mike Rowe’s Many (and Dirty) Jobs
Dennis is joined by Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” fame to discuss the state of the country, whether hard work will be worth it in the near future and the work he does with his foundation, Mike Rowe Works including a unique fundraiser involving a bath robe signed by President Trump. They also discuss how Mike’s podcast “The Way I Heard It” was inspired by the great Paul Harvey, a new show called Six Degrees and more !  Then, Dennis, Christian and Lindsey talk about the Dodgers World Series won, great baseball managers and the Houston Astros. Dennis also tries to come to terms with what the media is saying is the inevitable blue wave on Election Day, and how he can’t believe that Biden is even close to Trump, much less winning. This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Second Thoughts Game National Highway Traffic Safety Administration SimpliSafe Plexaderm
Oct 29
48 min
S2 E175: World Series talk with Marc Carig from The Athletic
Dennis talks about the World Series between the Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays with Marc Carig of The Athletic, which they see as an old-school series with stealing home, safety squeezes and back-and-forth lead changes throughout games. They analyze just how many things had to go wrong for the Dodgers to lose Game 4 in that classic ending. This leads to a conversation about some of the greatest walk-offs in World Series history. They also talk about some of the great players for both teams and how they think game six will unfold.  Dennis also talks to Christian and Lindsey about Joe Biden forgetting who he's running against, how long he's considered himself "the big man", the prospect of Kamala Harris as president, mispronouncing Jimmy Smits's character's name at a charity event, writing for Garry Shandling, great stories from Carol Burnett, memorable Minnesota Vikings and a great voicemail from a listener named JR. This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: SelectQuote Four Sigmatic NHTSA Plexaderm
Oct 27
1 hr 1 min
S2 E174: Fame and Politics Are Female Dogs With AJ Benza
Dennis talks to AJ Benza about CNN's Jeffrey Toobin's controversy and Hunter Biden's laptop scandal. AJ also talks about how long he's known Trump, his personal interaction with him, some of the reasons why he thinks he's going to win in a landslide, the impact COVID has had on him and much more! Dennis gives his assessment on the election and presidents in general and then listens to your voicemails for some joke submissions and Christian mentions his favorite joke of Dennis's.  This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Omax Health (Code: Miller) NHTSA Magic Spoon (Code: Miller)
Oct 22
46 min
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