Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Out Loud
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Good content horrible audio quality
How can a podcast on media innovation have 1986 audio quality? It’s good content but the audio is too distracting. Buy a microphone.
Thats my MOM!
Go mom she is the best!
Vicki Lins Asks the Best Questions
This podcast series targets audiences in the cable, entertainment and media industries, but I highly recommend it any marketer who wants to sound like the smartest person in the company when it comes to emerging trends and the future of the media landscape. Interview-based podcasts often provide a rather superficial view of the topics they cover, but that isn’t the case with this series which provides just the right amount of depth without entering the realm of wonkiness. The success of this series begins with the quality of questions from Vicki Lins, the host. The questions she asks the experts are the same questions we should be asking ourselves as marketing professionals navigating the ever-changing media landscape. This is content is accessible, valuable and best of all, it’s free!
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Professor Petey
I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast. My only critique would be the length of the intro. I find it to be very distracting. Overall, great content & interviewees! I would love to hear an interview with someone on the streaming side- maybe Netflix or Hulu
Managing a Brand
Very interesting Interview, the influence that ESPN has on the sports world is unparalleled but to that’s only because of how they continue to cater to their brand on a daily basis.
VP Engineering
Took a little while to get through the intro and background parts before getting to TV Everywhere / wireless aspects. After that it was very interesting.
TV Eng