Call Her Daddy
Call Her Daddy
Alex Cooper
The most-listened to podcast by women. Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy has been creating conversation since 2018. Cooper cuts through the BS with topics and guests - asking the burning questions you want the answers to. There will be laughter, there will be tears. There will be everything in between. New episodes drop on Wednesday and Sunday. Want more? Join the Daddy Gang @callherdaddy
Confession: I Was The Other Woman [VIDEO]
Join Alex in the studio for a solo episode full of surprises. Alex shares a story from the vault about her worst Valentine’s Day disaster. This storytime is a wild ride involving a secret getaway with an ex where she discovers she was the “other woman” in his life. Alex ends up teaming up with the woman to destroy evidence and reclaim their dignity. Then, Harry Jowsey pops in for a fun catch-up. He and Alex talk about the state of his dating life, why he’s stopped eating ass, and they read/react to REAL LIFE Valentine’s Day horror stories from the Daddy Gang. This episode is truly so funny and chaotic. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 13
52 min
Friendship Boundaries 101 [VIDEO]
Join Father Cooper for a Sunday Session where she reveals that the secret to maintaining her adult friendships is by minding her own damn business. Alex reflects on her college years and the ways her friend group got way too entangled in each other’s decisions. She shares some stories of the lengths she would go to hide boys from her friends and gives insight into why she thinks we are all a little too invested in each other's personal lives. Alex breaks down how to create boundaries and have tough conversations with a friend you feel like is judging all your choices. She also flips it around and gives advice for how to be there for a friend without overly inserting yourself in their situation. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 11
31 min
Tish and Brandi Cyrus: Disney, Daughters & Divorce [VIDEO]
Join Alex in the studio for a sit-down interview with Tish and Brandi Cyrus. The two share some hilarious insight into their mother-daughter dynamic and reflect on the ways their relationship has evolved over the years. Tish shares the traumatic experience that led her to realize her own love of weed and tells Alex her initial reaction to the infamous bong photo of Miley. The two talk all about the Hannah Montana era, how the show catapulted everyone to global fame, and the effects it had on the family dynamic. The girls then play a chaotic game of rapid fire where Brandi reveals she and Miley used to sneak out to meet The Jonas Brothers and Tish gets excited about playing matchmaker (@John Mayer). Tish opens up about her recent divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus and gets real with the Daddy Gang about always choosing yourself and never settling. Finally, Tish shares some insight into her new relationship with her “yummy” husband, Dominic. Daddy Gang, this episode is hilarious, heartfelt, and one of our personal favorites. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 6
1 hr 20 min
I’m Not Depressed, Am I? [VIDEO]
Join Alex for a Sunday Session where she takes you through her hilariously chaotic recent travel disaster that involved her getting way too fucked up on the plane. She talks about meeting McSteamy from Grey’s Anatomy, gives her take on Taylor and Travis and provides an update on her “hot girl stomach problems”. She reveals that while Matt was away for work she didn’t leave her house for four weeks - is she depressed or does she truly just love being alone? Enjoy!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 4
31 min
Heidi Klum: Sorry He Didn’t Pick You [VIDEO]
Join Alex in the studio for a sit-down interview with supermodel Heidi Klum! Heidi reflects on her childhood growing up in Germany and the modeling competition that ultimately launched her career. She tells Alex what really goes on behind the scenes at a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and gets into her all time craziest fan interactions. Later, the two discuss Heidi’s love of Halloween, why she’s always naked, her $2 million legs, and the ballsiest move a date ever pulled on her. Heidi also dishes on her sex life, tries to sell Alex on a worm vibrator and sends a clear message to all the haters who have something to say about her age. Finally, Heidi gives the Daddy Gang some much needed advice about falling out of love, prioritizing yourself, and knowing when it’s time to walk away. If you want some fun girl talk vibes in your life, then this is the episode for you. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 30
1 hr 4 min
Dick Appointment Disasters (ft. Athletes & Handcuffs) [VIDEO]
Join Alex in the studio for a solo episode full of shocking story times and fatherly advice. As Alex prepares to head off to London this week for a dick appointment with her fiance, she was reminded of another time she hopped on a plane to go see a man. Big Al shares the hilarious story of when she caught her former situationship in a huge lie - thanks to his Netflix password - and how she played it off perfectly to her advantage by concocting an insane alibi. Alex then takes us back to one of the scariest moments of her life… when the police tried to arrest her in a foreign country and her and Matt’s relationship was put to the ultimate test…all thanks to an extremely dedicated group of Reddit trolls. This episode is full of twists, turns, and crazy surprises so buckle up and enjoy, Daddy Gang! Watch these other amazing episodes: My Wedding Planning Disaster Spencer Pratt: How to Be Famous (Summer Series) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 23
1 hr 8 min
Everyone’s Lying - Your 20’s Actually Suck [VIDEO]
Join Big Al for a Sunday Session where goes off the rails venting about people who snore and her absolute need not to be touched while sleeping. She breaks some hearts with the hard truth that she did not enjoy the season finale of Real Housewives Utah. Alex also hits us with the revelation that your 20’s actually suck - and she doesn’t care if you disagree she’s coming with the facts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 21
40 min
Trisha Paytas: Internet Trolls, Kidnapping & Nudes [VIDEO]
Join Alex in the studio for an absolutely insane and hilarious interview with Trisha Paytas. Trisha takes Alex back to where it all started and reflects on growing up dreaming of becoming famous, having no friends in high school, and desperately wanting to escape her small town. She gets real about her problematic early days on YouTube, what was really going on in her personal life behind the scenes, and reveals her eventual rock bottom moment. Trisha opens up about being addicted to the drama and why she’s totally over it now. Then, Alex and Trisha crack up discussing nudes, internet trolls, and butt plugs. The pair also read some of Daddy Gang’s DM’s and give their advice on everything from what to do when your BFF is secretly hooking up with your brother to when you get caught sending nasty messages from a burner account. This episode is so chaotic and fun… get ready to laugh your ass off. Watch these other amazing episodes: Harry Jowsey: From Fuckboy to Marriage Material Nessa Barrett: My Journey with Multiple Personality Disorder Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 16
1 hr 21 min
Wiz Khalifa: It’s Not Cute to Cry in a Threesome [VIDEO]
Join Alex in the studio for a hilarious interview as she gets high with Wiz Khalifa. Wiz takes us back to his high school days, reminiscing on his incredible success rate with the ladies and his three prom dates. He shares his inspiring “I made it moment” which included a crazy run-in with Jay-Z and talks about maintaining relevance in the industry. Wiz weighs in on going to stripclubs with your partner, having threesomes, the art of a gym selfie, camping, and being a member of the mile high club. He gives insight into his current relationship and how he navigates co-parenting and friendship with his ex wife, Amber Rose. This episode truly has it all and is so much fun. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 9
1 hr 7 min
My Best Friend’s Horrible Surprise (ft. Laren)
Join Big Al for a special Sunday Session as she sits down with her bff Laren for some fun girl talk and a much needed catch-up after the holiday season. The girls tell some hilarious stories and reminisce on the time Lauren tried to plan a surprise boat trip for Alex that went horribly wrong. Alex gives a highly-anticipated wedding update and Lauren reveals the great lengths she went to in order to win her boyfriend’s family talent show. Lauren talks about being totally off of social media for the past two years and how that’s impacted her life. Alex weighs in with the friendly reminder that social media isn’t necessarily real and not to believe everything you see online. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 7
41 min
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