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Leave The World Behind - Conspiracy Theories
Welcome back to a new episode. Today, we discussed the film "Leave the World Behind" and the conspiracies it unraveled all over social media. Whether the Obamas were involved for evil or if the movie was meant to be confusing and propaganda, we delved into the depths of these theories. --- Support this podcast:
Feb 1
17 min
Could AI be a danger to humanity?
In this episode, we discuss the potential dangers of artificial intelligence. We talk about how AI could be used to create autonomous weapons, how it could lead to job displacement, and how it could exacerbate inequality. We also discuss the potential for AI to become sentient and pose an existential risk to humanity. --- Support this podcast:
May 16, 2023
13 min
The Georgia Guidestones
In this episode, we talk about the Georgia Guidestones. Who put them there? What do they mean? Where does that leave us? --- Support this podcast:
Feb 5, 2020
24 min
Comments: Project MKUltra: Mind Control
Hello! I’m this small segment we listen to comments and add on to the last podcast. For comments, ideas, and suggestions email me at --- Support this podcast:
Aug 19, 2019
8 min
Malaysia Flight MH370: Different Dimensions?
In this episode we revisit the incident of the vanished plane from March 2014. Is there an explanation to it? For comments, ideas, and suggestions email me at --- Support this podcast:
Aug 19, 2019
22 min
Project MKUltra: Government Mind Control
In this episode I talk about project MKUltra, a mind control project that the U.S. government did in the 1950s. --- Support this podcast:
Apr 4, 2019
16 min
What is the Illuminati?
During this episode we go into the overview umbrella that the “Illuminati” happens to be in today’s popular culture. --- Support this podcast:
Jan 7, 2019
11 min
The Moon Landing Hoax
For the first ever podcast I went through the Moon Landing hoax. --- Support this podcast:
Jun 21, 2018
22 min