10,000 HOURS
10,000 HOURS
Grant Spanier & Vince Koci
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Excellent show about creative powerhouses
10,000 Hours does a fantastic job of showcasing creative leaders and diving deep into issues that affect us all as makers and creators. Awesome job, Grant and Vince!
Maurice Cherry
So much potential
The idea and format of this show is almost exactly what I want as a creative and graphic designer. But honestly, it is super frustrating how the hosts constantly talk over the guests. I appreciate their insight but I’m here for the wisdom of the people being interviewed. I thought that if I came back after a few months they would be a little more considerate of their guests and their listeners but I was wrong. I guess I will check back later. Seriously guys, just chill out a bit.
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I. Can’t. Stop. Listening.
Grant and Vince are so knowledgable and interesting. I love the Minneapolis creative scene, and it’s great to listen to two people who are so ingrained. Top notch guests, topics, and segues. You guys are awesome. Keep it up.
$cotty pimpin
Great topics and overal message
I love the message overall of putting your time in. And the guests along with Grant and Vince tackle that very well. Success doesn’t just happen - and success isn’t even the goal all the time. This podcast is fun, inspiring and the guests they have on are interesting and from a good variety of disciplines. Keep it up!
An incredible and inspiring show
Grant and Vince put together an incredible show. It’s entertaining and it’s genuine conversation. It’s not just about promoting the guest or the hosts, it’s about having deep conversations about serious struggles that creative’s go through. I highly recommend this show to any creative professional.
I listened to episode 40 with Jeff Sheldon but I didn't hear much from him. The interviewers did most of the talking and even interrupted Jeff a couple of times. The audio quality is also quite bad.
Seth then the rest of us
Heartfelt and transparent is my takeaway from this worthwhile and inspiring hour.
Wildlife Painter
Amazing new cast
Funny, informative, easy to listen to.
Great show!
One of my new favorite podcasts. Grant and Travis drop knowledge in an inspiring and engaging way. Thanks guys; I’m hooked!!
Nice work guys!!
Relevant, revealing interviews with a diverse population. Helpful insight for people of all professions and interests.
The best around
Both titillating and thought provoking. Grant and Vince inspire and inform you on how to succeed in any circumstance with plenty of witty banter at every turn.
So awesome!
Very insightful and awesome jewels being dropped on this podcast. Subscribe to it, you don't want to miss an episode of this!
Egypto Knuckles
Great Content
This stuff is money. Helpful, intriguing, and entertaining. Keep it up!
Jeremy Ginsburg, Da JewMaicon
Founder - sota clothing
Awesomeness all around!
Spencer R Johnson
Great job!
Probable Cauze
10,000 hrs
Lots of inspiration and clever topics -- something I find alluring and delightful. Keep it up, guys!
Brilliant, witty, inspiring! Please keep going, my smiles depend on it.
Entertaining advice for creatives
Interesting topics and well structured episodes. Informative and entertaining at the same time. Malcolm Gladwell would be proud. Nice job dudes!
Well done
Grant and Vince put together a great start to their series. I'm really excited to see where this goes!