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Want to know what is the secret is to aging well? To live with quantity AND quality of life? To live independently, with vitality, vigour, energy, enthusiasm and complete love for your life? Well, there are hundreds of “secrets”, you can have both quantity and quality, and on 100 Not Out Dr Damian Kristof and wellness coach Marcus Pearce interview the people that are living their lives with all of the above.
100NO 488: Epic Stress Busting Solutions with Damian Kristof
This could be one of the most important episodes we’ve ever recorded! On the back of our Crack Your Stress Code series (eps 485 and 486) we’ve gone ahead and provided some incredible research-backed, highly effective suggestions for people experiencing stress. From anxiety and depression, to insomnia and overwhelm, Damian shares a range of steps Listen In
Jul 31
33 min
100NO 487: Damian joins us from ROME living the SLOW LIFE
Damo is in the beautiful Italian city of Rome and can’t help but marvel at the way the Romans live their lives. What has struck Damo is the pace … the walking cutlure … the history of the architecture, and of course the food! In our fast-paced throw-away society, reminders like Europe, Asia and other Listen In
Jul 24
17 min
100NO 486: Crack Your Stress Code – Insomnia & Melancholy – Special Edition Part 2 of 2
This is part two of our special edition on STRESS. If you missed part one please go back to last week’s episode. Today we continue on the phases of stress. From stress itself, to overhwhelm and anxiety, to insomnia and then to melancholy and depression. What are the causes and what do we do? Today Listen In
Jul 17
24 min
100NO 485: Crack Your Stress Code – Overwhelm, Anxiety & Depression – Special Edition Part 1 of 2
Welcome to an updated edition of our special Crack Your Stress Code special series on 100 Not Out. Over the next two episodes we’ll be cracking into Damian’s 5-pronged process to not only be aware of stress, but know how to reduce it and better deal with it. We uncover – What is stress? The Listen In
Jul 10
28 min
100NO 484: How To Make OUTSTANDING Decisions in Life
On the back of last week’s episode where Aussie music legend Normie Rowe joined us with his bride-to-be, wellness spa chef, Sam Gowing, we are talking the process required to make OUTSTANDING decisions in life. Now it might seem obvious – or not – that this is a VERY important topic, given that the consequences Listen In
Jul 3
22 min
100NO 483: Normie Rowe and Sam Gowing on Love, Positivity & Breaking Stereotypes
This could be the greatest love story we EVER tell on 100 Not Out.  Two of our 100 Not Out Alumni, Australia’s original King of Pop Normie Rowe … and the world’s number one Spa Chef Sammy Gowing, have been an item for many years … And just a few weeks ago, at the ripe Listen In
Jun 26
32 min
100NO 482: How Pets Improve Longevity with Emily Martin
More and more research today is showing just how effective having a pet is for a longer and healthier life. But at the same time, the longevity of pets themselves is under threat, as more and more pets are being euthanised each year for incontinence. Enter Emily Martin, Queensland’s young entrepreneur of the year and Listen In
Jun 19
19 min
100NO 481: Are we eating too much protein?
Marcus has been listening to a number of podcasts featuring Dr Zach Bush, and one in particular was around the consumption of protein. As a former vegan, the protein conversation has always been there. On this episode Marcus grills Damian (see the pun there?) on all things protein – do we eat too much of Listen In
Jun 12
25 min
100NO 480: Stress v The Perfect Diet & Longevity
We’re in an ongoing conversation and pondering the role good food and stress plays in our efforts to age gracefully. There’s no doubt that a great diet becomes even more important as we age, because a poor diet contributes so heavily to chronic disease. Over a third of all cancers and diabetes are a direct Listen In
Jun 5
28 min
100NO 479: Are you living your best life or dying slowly?
It’s another curly question on today’s podcast. Damo’s asked Marcus recently if he would live or die for his children. It may have been misinterpreted, but Marcus said he would absolutely die for his children! And then Damo said he would absolutely live for Jackson … and then the whole meaning of the question sunk Listen In
May 29
30 min
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