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Want to know what is the secret is to aging well? To live with quantity AND quality of life? To live independently, with vitality, vigour, energy, enthusiasm and complete love for your life? Well, there are hundreds of “secrets”, you can have both quantity and quality, and on 100 Not Out Dr Damian Kristof and wellness coach Marcus Pearce interview the people that are living their lives with all of the above.
100NO 527: I Am Not A Runner with Anna Liptak
We’re going to be chatting with participants and leaders of this event over the coming months, and one of them is an inspiring woman by the name of Anna Liptak.  Anna is an fitness coach, award-winning documentary creator (with I’m Not A Runner) and has spent more than 20+ years in the fitness game, helping people achieve remarkable health and fitness.  Anna herself has run over 30 full marathons and more than 100 half marathons ... unbelievable!
May 7
26 min
100NO 526: Atomic Habits, Health & Longevity
On this episode we discuss our experiences reading Atomic Habits by James Clear.  Not only is it the best-selling book of 2022 (10 million copies to date), it prompts us to talk about the different ways we go about creating our habits.  Damo discusses the importance of healthy habits; Marcus loves the idea of 2-minute habits ... and together we discuss how we both go about creating Atomic Habits in our daily lives.
Apr 30
23 min
100NO 525: 7 Year Cycles, Crisis & Soul Searching
Marcus is a little obsessed with 7 year cycles and as Damo goes from 49 to 50 and Marcus approaches 42, the conversation turns to the changing nature of life views and behaviour as we get older.  Marcus loves this blog by Tom Monte which summarises the 7 year cycles, first created by Rudolf Steiner. 35 to 42 is characterised by Crisis and Questioning, whilst 42 to 49 is ”soul searching and wonder”. 49 to 56 is ”an ever-growing vision and understanding of life.” Take a listen; this is a great framework by which to reflect on your life, and also one to look at the future with wonderment and enthusiasm as you continue to create your 100 Not Out lifestyle.
Apr 23
23 min
100NO 524: Finding Belonging
This is one of those conversations that we weren’t planning for but turned into one of the more powerful chats we think we’ve ever had on 100 Not Out.  We are talking about belonging ... and how a lot of us don’t feel like we belong.  There are so many ways that belonging feels stronger - being appreciated, being acknowledged (I see you), being spoken about positively, being included, and more.  From having your name remembered to having little details about your life known about, this is SUCH an important conversation about a topic that doesn’t come up too much in conversation these days.
Apr 17
24 min
100NO 523: Don’t believe the longevity clickbait
”How long can humans live for?” says one editor. ”120 is too young. Can we find some research for 140? What about 180?” ... And yes, you’ll find ”research” talking up the future of our longevity,  But are we ready for it - and do we really want it?  Whilst most people aren’t getting to 100, nor getting to 100 in good health, there is an untold story of social, emotional and mental challenge that a wildly increased longevity is yet to address.
Apr 9
19 min
100NO 522: Cholesterol, wonder drugs & media manipulation
There’s movement at the station in the alternative medical solutions to statins for high cholesterol (which more than 1.5 million Aussies are diagnosed with).  Hailed as a game-changer, we discuss whether such ”medical breakthroughs” do anything to change our behaviour, or just give humanity another reason to believe in a ”magic pill”.  Do the true causes of high cholesterol ever get addressed, and how does the way we are ”educated” by the media about such issues impact our behaviour?
Apr 2
26 min
100NO 521: Does anyone care if you’re ill? Working through COVID and sickness
It seems that we have done a full 180 degree turn since the rise of COVID.  Where it once felt that people who had COVID were the sickest of the sick, many businesses are now expecting their team to work from home whilst they have COVID.  Where has our empathy for illness gone? Has the word convalescence been removed from our dictionary and our behaviour? Damo has COVID for the third time - and even though he has had plenty of support - we discuss how society’s behaviour has changed so much in a very short period of time.
Mar 26
25 min
100NO 520: How Bryan Johnson wants to be 18 again at a cost of only $2 million per year
Welcome to our 10th birthday episode of 100 Not Out! Whilst many of us would like to go back in time for a few moments, techpreneur Bryan Johnson wants his organs - all of them - to return to their 18yo selves.
Mar 19
35 min
100NO 519: Arthritis is not a normal part of ageing
Around 20% of the population live with or are impacted by arthritis. What is it, why does it occur and how do we go about improving the health of our joints? There are hundreds of arthritides (forms of arthritis), and today we focus on osteoarthritis (the most common form of arthritis). From ”wear and tear” to the undiagnosed and untreated incidents we’ve let develop over the years, we cover off all the major causes of osteoarthritis and discuss whether it’s genetic and so on.
Mar 12
28 min
100NO 518: Jane Woodlands-Thompson on defying stereotypes and the Australian Masters Games
Australian Masters Games General Manager Jane Woodlands-Thompson joins us on 100 Not Out as we discuss what it takes to defy the stereotype of ageing in Australia.  One of the biggest one-liners in society is around ”slowing down” as we get older, but for the 10,000 legends who compete at the Australian Masters Games, they have no intention of slowing down at all.
Mar 5
25 min
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