Best true-crime podcast!
I started listening around February of 2019. I have listened to every episode and some more than once! I love to listen to it in the car, but also going to sleep. Turning the volume down low and hearing his voice is very soothing. He has a very good way of telling the stories of these victims. I love this podcast and look forward to it every week!
The best
Lots of casts about true crime but I’m just a fan of how these two break down all the cases. From backstories of all on involved to the final conclusions. Not just by them but what has been handed down to the accused. Can’t get enough!!! Every road trip my girlfriend and I take Gen Why is always taking us to the next episode!! Thanks, James
Liked it
Yerba Mate
But how many ads can you cram in? Losing interest fast
The best.
Yo this dude is really really good. Way in depth with every episode. Very entertaining and informing. Truly the best true crime podcast out there.
My favorite True Crime morning podcast.
This podcast gives the facts, straight forward and no nonsense. I’ve listened to all episodes. I look forward to the updates!
Narrator: Don’t quit your day job!
Never have I ever detested hearing an Australian accent before, but this podcast is read with all of the inflection and excitement of Kristen Stewart in Twilight. No music. No building a plot line. No sympathy for the victims. Just a monotonous monologue of facts delivered with no emotion. Found myself wishing someone would kill me just so it would end.
Best there is!
Best true crime podcast there is! Anonymous host has an incredible ability to tell a story with detail & sensitivity. I HATE the needless side chatter most hosts/co-hosts typically incorporate, this is a nice change of pace.
One of the best
Glad I found this , it’s straight forward and well researched. But why is the narrator anonymous?? Strange ... he’s awesome anyway . It’s truly sickening that someone can only receive 7 years with parole after 4 for murder and dumping a woman’s body . Shame on AU
Exceptional podcast
One of my favorite pod casts! Thoroughly researched and captivating presentations. Nicely done!
Less Ad Commercials In Between Please!!
Love this podcast so far. I liked the older episodes with no commercial ads right in the middle of a story. Actually the older ones have no ads at all which was wonderful. It ruins the momentum of the story and act as a interruption. Was best when it was just the story!! Narrator is great! Work on less commercial ads please!! 😫
Interesting content
The Half-Blooded Princess
I think the episodes themselves are interesting but the host’s monotonous droning has me falling asleep at my desk. I get that these are serious matters but it’s hard to pay attention to the robotic storytelling.
Best True Crime Podcast
I’ve listened to every episode and can’t get enough! I’ve been searching for another podcast to fill time between episodes being released but I can’t find one I think is nearly as good as this one! Definitely worth listening to!
Can listen for days
One of the most informative, compelling true crime podcasts out there. I love the male host’s mellow, intelligent voice. And as an American, the Australian accent is naturally quite appealing!!!
Love this podcast!
Sticks to the story. No irrelevant bantering. Love it
My favorite podcast
Crimes and History Podcast
This was the first true crime podcast I listened to and it’s still my favorite.
Simply the Best
Gabi D
Really, better than all the rest...
Hands down the best
Well done!
I love this podcast. The host is very professional and is respectful towards the victim and family. The cases are interesting and well-researched. Give it a listen!
Love this!
So much information and so soothing. My fav!
Favourite true crime podcast
I listen to almost every true crime podcast out there, and this is my FAVOURITE! It’s detailed and factual without being too gruesome, and he tells the stories as respectfully as possible.
noy-tee noyn (1999) ... will forever resonate in the catacomes in my american mind. Thank you for blessing us with your binge-worthy podcast. I love this show and have been listening to it for years. Great job, keep it up!
Love it
My favorite true crime podcast.
Good stories, guy talks only in monotone
I really enjoy this podcast, unfortunately however the guy talks in a dry, flat monotone despite having a pleasant voice.
best true crime podcast
I listen to about 13 or so true crime podcasts at a given time. Casefile has been one of my top two since day one. Storytelling is on point and his accent doesn’t hurt!
The Toy Box
Fur child 3
The stories are intense and interesting on how methodical the person(s) don’t feel they’re guilty.
Great podcast with a ton of research
Hate the new format!
We listen for Casey. Don’t screw it up now.
Simply the best!
Love the delivery. Truly the best podcast out there. Bravo!
Great 👍🏽
Gold Standard
It’s the best true crime podcast out there. Period.
Best Crime Pod in Existence
Casefile is the first true crime Pod I ever listened to. It’s now the standard I hold all others to, and very few come close to it. I love the anonymous host, the research and telling of the story is unmatched, and best of all, there’s no BS. There’s no shoutouts or other garbage before or after. It’s the case and that’s it. Dear anonymous host, I’ve never written a review for a pod before. I’ve never wanted to take the time. But the more I try out other crime pods and find that they are utter garbage, the more I appreciate you. I’ve been listening since you started, I’ve turned my bff into a major fan, and we adore you and your team. Please keep it going. Thank you. Thank you.
Great show
I love Casefile. Their series on the East Area Rapist was so good I listened to it twice. Very objective, well-researched podcast.
as good as true crime gets
i’ve listened to a lot of different true crime podcasts and casefile has the best stories and by far is the easiest to listen to
Love love LOVE this podcast
Casefile os the G.O.A.T Can’t get enough
Amazing Podcast
Math Student 2011
I love this podcast. I have binge listened to them all already while on my long commute to work. Love the anonymous narrators voice and it makes the rural PA roads so much more enjoyable to drive while I commute to work.
Love this podcast
Well-written stories, told by that amazing voice with care and compassion. I always look forward to the next episode. Well done, Casefile team!
I like this podcast a lot. I look forward to it every Saturday because the stories are always so well researched and told. However, I’ve heard Anonymous use the phrase, “fell pregnant” a couple of times and while I don’t think I he necessarily meant it to be negative, wouldn’t “became pregnant” be much better?????
Just the facts. No opinions or too much color.
Robin should be replaced
Well researched, but host is awful in every way.
Love the content, despise the ads
It’s just embarrassing when AH launches into a commercial—a real travesty for that mesmerizing voice to
Freeway Phantom
I’m a black woman in the US and I’ve never heard of this case. For a long time I thought black and Hispanic women just weren’t abducted or killed very often, that we were somehow immune to this, but I realized that isn’t the case; missing and murdered black and brown women just don’t get the attention given to white women by the media and the police. A heartfelt THANK YOU for bringing attention to this case.
Ruined me for other podcasts
This is such an amazing show. Well researched, and it holds the attention. The narration can not be compared to. I am having a difficult time listening to anything other than Casefile.
Love this pod!
Amazing journalism skills, extremely well made episodes. And enjoy this narrator too! Great true crime podcast, based on Highly sensitive true crime cases! Some are hard to listen, but the narrator keeps you listening. My sincerest condolences go out to all those victims, and victims families.
well composed
I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when I catch up on all the episodes. I’ve been listening randomly for the last few weeks. Starting to run low. Great story telling. Tried out a few other true crime pods and didn’t have the patience. Stories told with sensitivity yet enough perspective to understand. Paints a picture. Clarifies what happens to the victims, how lives of loved ones are shattered and broken. Doesn’t glamorize. Conveys clearly when justice isn’t done without overdoing the emotions. Love the way the geographical portraits are painted to set the scene, some historical context given.
My favorite True Crime podcast
Reviewer number 10001
If you haven’t listened yet, start with the episodes in 2017 as the production quality improves greatly that year, and the host gains confidence. Go back later and listen to the earlier ones if you get hooked. The Aussie accent may be hard to adjust to at first for an American audience (I found it off-putting initially), but as you listen, you get past the accent and realize he’s an ace storyteller, he cares a lot about the cases, his research is thorough, and the end result is a top notch podcast. Blows all the others out of the water. Lastly, if you’re looking for “Hahaha, isn’t murder hilarious?”, look elsewhere. I personally loathe MFM, so if that’s your thing, Casefile may not be for you.
I hate the one with no ending.
I absolutely hate the mystery ones with no ending. Absolutely hate them. Could you at least write that the mystery has not been solved so we can skip over them
Slow it down...
Love the attention to detail and story telling, but please talk a little slower. I've had to rewind multiple times during episodes because you talk to fast.
I’m hooked
I love the narrator. Good but sad stories.
He could read the want adds
abana a
I love his cadence and tone
I swear...when it comes to the freeway phantom ...a swift bullet to the head. Tax payers don’t need to pay for his disgusting existence. Even a bullet is too kind. Let him hang. *sigh* If only I ruled the world. Thanks for the great stories.
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