DE88 Taylor Henry | From Kentucky to Nashville, Still Rockin’!
Published May 11, 2016
43 min
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    He hates people.


    Not really. But you gotta listen to him sing that bubbly song - it’s featured on today’s episode!

    Ladies and gentlemen, let’s all fly to Nashville to chat with the talented Taylor Henry.


    During this interview, Taylor and I talk about music, production (we have the same awesome producer!), and performing. He’s got a lot to say about Nashville and how it has become his home away from home (Northern Kentucky!)


    Take a listen and enjoy a sneak peek into Taylor’s music!


    On this episode:

    • Taylor tells me about the really funny story behind the song “I Hate People.” I’m sure you’ll love it too!
    • He writes songs based on emotion. Nice!
    • He also talks about his album called The Attic - which includes 7 fantastic tracks!
    • Did you know he sat on a window sill designed by Michelangelo, while he was touring Europe!
    • And of course, stories of his stay in Europe - lots of art there, for sure!
    • He was stranded in London! Woah! Pitched this for another song in the future! Hah!
    • And yes, as always, I ask him about social media! You gotta listen to what he says about it.

    Taylor Henry songs featured:

    • I Hate People
    • The Fall
    • I Got You in the End
    • Who Are You


    Reach out to Taylor Henry


    Instagram: @itstaylorhenry

    Twitter: @itstaylorhenry




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