DE52 Susan Muranty, The Uncompromising Artistic Beauty From Sydney, Graces The Airwaves on Dharmic Evolution!
Published January 6, 2016
49 min
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    Welcome back to the dHarmic Evolution podcast with me James Kevin O’Connor, singer/songwriter, audio/video artist, and master storyteller. On today’s episode, we visit the Land Down Under once again via the talented artist, Susan Muranty!


    Susan is not only an amazing singer-songwriter, she also is a painter, and sculpter! Talk about a creative soul. Susan and I talk about her music, her passion, and how she loves to live her life in beauty. We delve into a creative talk about how a painting touched her life, opened her eyes as to the importance of injecting beauty in everything we do.


    During the interview, she told me about her experience in Nashville - comparing it to Narnia when she landed! It was completely covered in snow! Susan is a fantastic conversationalist and I had a great time talking with this Aussie lady! Go check her out.

    On this episode:

    • Susan takes us back to her arrival in Narnia (aka Nashville during a snow storm)
    • There’s something about islands that put music into people! That’s what Susan Muranty believes.
    • She discusses the story behind her songs and how she has a knack for beautiful lyrics - you can feel the love in her songs!
    • Blue makes everything more beautiful! Don’t you agree? Susan and I think so!
    • Hey! I might have proposed to Susan, and she agreed to buy a dress if I get her ethically sourced diamonds! What!
    • Of course, Susan talks about her influences, what helped her to become the poetic wonder she is today. You shouldn’t miss this!


    Susan Muranty songs featured:

    • Blue Is the Hottest Flame
    • Four Hands around One Heart
    • Bright Star
    • Stephen Hawking Wants You To

    Follow Susan Muranty:

    Susan Muranty’s website


    Twitter: @susanmuranty


    Instagram: @cybermermaid




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