DE48 Heather Ballentine from Toronto Canada is My Favorite Pin Up Girl, she's Got Christmas Kisses For You!
Published December 23, 2015
44 min
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    Welcome back to the dHarmic Evolution podcast with me James Kevin O’Connor, singer/songwriter and master storyteller. On today’s episode, I am joined by a pin-up girl! How fun! Not only is she a super talented singer and songwriter, she’s also a model, a dancer, and an entrepreneur too! I mean, what can this lady NOT do, huh? Ladies and gentlemen, I have Heather Ballentine for you all today!


    Heather is originally from California but moved to Canada after she got married; and incidentally, that’s where she met her dream producer, Pete Anderson! What really struck me about Heather is how unique she is - and it’s intentional. On this interview, she gives us pearl after pearl after pearl of wisdom on how to establish a personal brand, how to stand out, how to create an image and keep it for yourself. She’s just amazing, I tell you.


    Even when she’s busy with different fields, Heather tells me that music still remains to be her #1 love. You got to check out the show, it’s a good one - I assure you!

    On this episode:

    • Heather shares to me how she arrived in Canada and that fateful night she met her dream producer
    • She talks about branding and how being yourself can drive you to success
    • Heather also discusses about her other endeavors - which you should all totally check out too!
    • She tells me about the songs I featured on the show and the story behind each one! Great stories, I tell you!
    • Did you know she has a fashion line and TV show in development? This lady is on fire! Seriously!


    Heather Ballentine quotes:

    • “I think of myself as a brand.”
    • “Embrace the things that make you different.”
    • “Figure out exactly who you are, and  you need to make sure you like who that is.”
    • “When I go to write a song, the classic influences creep in.”
    • “Social media is crucial to get your brand out there.”


    Heather Ballentine Songs featured:

    • Kiss Me
    • Don’t Circle the Wagons
    • Drama Mama
    • Christmas Kisses

    Follow Heather:


    Instagram: @heather_ballentine

    Twitter: @HNBallentine



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