DE45 Jennifer Logue Teaches us How To 'Rock On Philly" Jenn Has A Heart & Voice of Gold!
Published December 13, 2015
48 min
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    Welcome back to the dHarmic Evolution podcast with me James Kevin O’Connor, singer/songwriter and master storyteller. On today’s episode, I have with me a lady who’s not only busy making music but is also concerned with connecting the people to the music, especially in the Philadelphia area. Ladies and gentlemen, Jennifer Logue.


    Jennifer is behind the awesome blog called Rock On Philly, which is a website dedicated to the Philadelphia music scene. Jen came about the blog when she moved from New York to Philly and realized that the music scene there definitely needed a boost. Of course, her first love is singing and songwriting but she has since gone out to help other artists reach their audience through the blog. She does have a heart of gold, doesn’t she?


    On this episode, we talk about the stories behind her songs. She also tells me a little bit about her childhood background, her early years, and what pushed her toward the direction of music. It’s quit inspiring! And she reminds us all to take care of our bodies, our health! Totally true!


    Check out Jennifer and her songs - listen to the full interview now!

    On this episode:

    • Jennifer tells me about her big move from NYC to Philly and how that changed her life
    • She talks about wake-up calls about her health, and how we should all take care of our bodies
    • You’ll get some really inspiring ideas because Jen just gives powerful insights about life and music!
    • Jennifer tells me about Rock On Philly and how you too can help spread the word.


    Jennifer Logue quotes:


    • “Songs are like your kids - you want them to grow up and that they’re taken care of.”


    • “It's not about how many people you touch, it's that you touch them.”
    • “The people that I'm most inspired by are also the most humble.”
    • “Music was my saving grace.”
    • “There’s so much power in a blank sheet of paper.”

    Jennifer Logue Songs featured:

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    Twitter: @jenniferlogue

    Instagram: @jenniferlogue




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