DE37 Michael O'Neal, Podcaster, Race Car Driver, Drummer, and More!
Published November 15, 2015
52 min
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    Welcome back to the dHarmic Evolution podcast with me James Kevin O’Connor, singer/songwriter and master storyteller. On today’s episode, we visit an amazing entrepreneur and the host of the Solopreneur Hour podcast, the great Michael O’Neal.


    Michael is not only an established online entrepreneur but also a drummer, a car enthusiast, and an overall awesome person! It’s wonderful to hear that this powerhouse actually came from a family of musicians! Woah! Not only is Michael a talented musician, but he also is growing bigger and bigger in the online business space.


    For his business, he talks largely about he started out as someone who worked for big companies and helped them grow, but it just didn’t feel right for Michael. So he took his knowledge, skills, and experience and created his own business. He started out by doing social media live trainings and eventually started his podcast, which is booming right now.


    This is a great interview, and I’m grateful that Michael has been nothing but gracious toward me and the dHarmic Evolution community. 


    To know more about Michael and his story, listen to the full interview. You will love it!


    On this episode:

    • Michael tells me about his journey with music and what he did to transition from that to becoming an online ninja
    • He shares about his love for vintage cars and the upcoming event he’s going to attend! Check it out!
    • Michael tells me about all these cool people who are equally amazing as he is
    • He encourages everyone to just begin their journey; after all, you wouldn’t know how it will end up unless you start
    • He teaches me a strategy on how to actually attract a podcaster and get you on his show! Nice!
    • Of course, you’ll learn some tips from Michael O’Neal on how to get your online business started and how to make it survive
    • He calls himself “implorably unemployable.” What does that mean? Listen as Michael explains it
    • Michael tells us about a “poolcast.” Sounds cool, doesn’t it?


    Quotes from Michael O’Neal

    • “Everyone's get so concerned about how they’re gonna do something.”
    • “It’s going to reveal when it's going to start.”
    • “You open one door, and another three doors open.”
    • “If you wanna be successful, surround yourself with success.”



    Bill Ray - drummer 

    Integral Institute

    The Fourth Turning by Ken Wilber

    Stuart Davis

    The Kickass Life podcast with David Wood

    Podmastery with Jordan Harbinger and Michael O’Neal

    Mechanic to Millionaire podcast with Dave MacArthur


    Follow Michael:

    Solopreneur Hour podcast

    Facebook: The Solopreneur Hour Podcast

    Twitter: @solohour

    YouTube: Michael O’Neal

    iTunes: The Solopreneur Hour Podcast

    Stitcher: The Solopreneur Hour Podcast


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